50 Cent: If It Walks Like a Duck

By Robert Ecksel on March 1, 2013
50 Cent: If It Walks Like a Duck
Boxing's yellow brick road is dotted with clunkers that never reached the Promised Land.

50 Cent continues to make waves. Not only is he rewriting the rules about how much press a boxing promoter deserves. He is also skewering perceptions about some of our favorite fighters.

When I first saw 50 Cent’s autobiographical “Get Rich or Die Tryin’,” I remember being blown away by his charisma. I can take or leave Jay-Z (I know, shoot me), but 50 Cent, whose raps and profile are less iconic than his Brooklyn brother in rhymes, has something indefinably but distinctly his own.

At the time, I no more knew than 50 knew that he would become a promoter. That it has happened and is happening is welcome news. We could do worse, and in many instances have done worse. Boxing’s yellow brick road is dotted with clunkers that left the station but never reached the Promised Land. But with Lou DiBella as a mentor, 50 Cent is taking this business seriously, as befits a business as serious as boxing itself.

The latest bombshell from 50 Cent concerns Floyd Mayweather. The hip hop artist and pound-for-pounder were once best of friends. But while Money was cooling his jets in lockup, 50 was making moves, and one of his moves was to disentangle himself from TMT Promotions, his business partnership with Money May, so that SMS Promotions could be born.

50 Cent recently appeared on ESPN’s First Take. The host, Skip Bayless, can best be described as a white guy. I have nothing against white guys. Some of my best friends are white guys. But he lost me when he said, a little too glibly, a little too cheerily, a little too cheekily, “I have a question. Before we get started, I have a question. Should we call you 50 or Fitty or Curtis?” There’s nothing worse than a square attempting to act cool. It’s as gratifying as watching someone with two left feet dance. But 50 just laughed it off. He could have cared less. He was charming to the max.

Although 50 and the white guy talked about this and that, this and that were of less interest than what he had to say about Money May. Describing their relationship as “fuzzy,” 50 said, “It’s just who Floyd is. Like he’ll just flip-flop from time to time, it’s who he is. His father was like around me, he was like the house trainer in the actual gym we had. Roger trained him for about 17 years, and then he decided he wanted his father to train him. So Roger was around. And then he decided he wanted Roger back. So Roger’s there and his father’s back around. It’s just who he is.”

The confusion 50 described is echoed somewhat by his confused timeline.

“He’s got a lot going on emotionally,” continued 50 Cent, “coming from being incarcerated for him. Sixty days wouldn’t be a lot to someone who’s been in the environment to experience those type of things before. But for him it was a traumatic experience, and I can’t wait to see how he performs following that.”

The white guy asked 50 if he thought Floyd ducked Manny Pacquiao.

“Yes,” said 50 Cent. “That’s a hundred million dollars and he just left it…He’s not afraid of any fighter. It’s more him saying who do I have to fight? At this point it’s more him sorting out who’s the perfect opponent than him fighting the toughest fighter to fight.”

According to 50 Cent, when Floyd “ducked” Manny, “he started jogging and stopped running.”

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50 Cent Says Mayweather Ducked Pacquiao

50 Cent: Floyd Mayweather Ducked Pacquiao

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  1. Pete The Sneak 05:38am, 03/01/2013

    Nice insight there, Mr. Editor. But having Skip Bayless discuss boxing is akin to hearing Dan Rafael tell you he’s proof that Nutra-System works. Still, some pretty poignant comments from ‘Mr. Cent’ (as I prefer to call him). Wonder how Floyd reacted to Mr Cent’s take on Floyd ducking Manny? I’m thinking it may not have gone over too well. Stay tuned…Peace.

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