50 Cent: King of the Jungle

By Robert Ecksel on December 7, 2012
50 Cent: King of the Jungle
Not long ago 50 Cent tweeted, “I know Manny Pacquiao punk ass could take a blood test.”

Who better to lionize than the king of the jungle?

50 Cent, who is making his first formal foray into the fight game, is already being treated like boxing royalty. He is written about admiringly, in glowing terms, in the fawning fan boy style to which we’ve grown accustomed. The rapper/hip hop artist turned promoter is now embraced, both literally and figuratively, by white men who not long ago would have run for cover at the mere mention of his name.

If cool could be bottled and sold, there would be a lot of drunks, no matter the nectar’s proof, stumbling around Las Vegas this weekend.

Some of this is nothing more than jumping on the bandwagon and is to be expected. Today’s news is all that matters. No one knows what tomorrow brings. And what happened yesterday, while there for all to see, and actually there for all to ignore.

Although 50 is now Manny Pacquiao’s best friend, having recently jettisoned former best friend Floyd Mayweather, it wasn’t long ago that 50 Cent, aka Curtis James Jackson III, was trashing Pacquiao as he is now trashing Mayweather.

The Grammy Award-winning entrepreneur, who is no stranger to Twitter, a little more than a year ago tweeted, “There is 3 ways to beat Steroid Pacquiao he has been knocked out twice and lost a decision I stand behind my country USA all day.”

I’m not sure what to make to 50’s flag-waving, but when Mayweather, Richard Schaefer and Oscar De La Hoya made similar allegations about “Steroid Pacquiao,” it ended up in court where it cost them a pretty penny. It was bad form. It was bad P.R. It was also bad business. But 50, perhaps because of his history, perhaps because of the promise he represents for boxing’s future, is being handled with kid gloves.

“If Charlie Scheen can take a test,” 50 tweeted, “I know Manny Pacquiao punk ass could take a blood test.”

I don’t know how many drug tests Charlie Sheen has taken, or how many he has failed. Nor do I know how comparing Manny to Charlie Sheen successfully paved the way to a great friendship.

“If anybody that’s following me think that Steroid Pacquiao with 3 losses can beat are 41-0 American champ @FloydMayweather stop following me.”

No one has stopped following 50 Cent. He is smart and charismatic and has millions of followers on Twitter that hang on his every word. And his followers in boxing, while not so numerous but growing by the day, have expanded his demographic and seem, oddly enough, no less entranced by his audacity than those who know no better.

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  1. Eric 07:12pm, 12/08/2012

    And we wonder why this great sport has gone from a top draw to a third tier sport now?  Of course can he really be much worse than those two sewer rats Don King and Bob Arum?

  2. Mike Schmidt 11:08am, 12/07/2012

    PS—Curtis the 50 cent says he wants to put best against best and that is a problem with the sport etc etc—we shall see what muscle he has and talk the talk—brutally obvious one here—Gamboa vs Comb yer Hair Broner—call him out Gamboa, tell the public what $$$$$$ offered to Broner etc etc—we shall see if the twitter tunes change on all of this.

  3. Mike Schmidt 07:57am, 12/07/2012

    Whole different type of Jungle he is now entering—only rules are no rules—your buddy today is not your buddy the next—and as Carl Froch and his lovely quote goes, “Boxing is the last vestige of the wild west of business.” Nice article.

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