Son of a Gun: Chavez Decisions Vera

By Robert Ecksel on September 28, 2013
Son of a Gun: Chavez Decisions Vera
Perhaps the judges were swayed by power instead of work rate. (Chris Farina/Top Rank)

Former WBC middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. was gifted a unanimous decision over Brian Vera by scores of 96-94, 97-93, and 98-92…

Being the Son of a Legend has its advantages.

Saturday night at the StubHub Center in Carson, California, former WBC middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (47-1-1, 32 KOs) was gifted a unanimous decision over NABO middleweight champion Brian Vera (23-7, 14 KOs) by scores of 96-94, 97-93, and 98-92.

Fighting out of the red corner in black trunks with green trim, this fight was Chavez’s long awaited return after his boxing year from hell. His loss to Sergio Martinez in his last fight was followed by a failed drug test and suspension, so there was much was on the line in this bout coming in.

Vera, fighting out of the blue corner in black trunks trimmed with gold, was the designated safe opponent. A bonafide tough guy with limited power and mobility, he was selected in order to make Chavez look good. Vera, however, refused to cooperate, while Chavez simply couldn’t.

Looking soft and unprepared may be attributed to the pre-fight nightmare connected with weight. But once the opening bell rang, it was clear that Vera had come to fight. He had no intention of rolling over and playing dead, not for Chavez or anyone else. This was the opportunity he had been waiting for his whole career and Vera decided to make the most of it.

Vera dictated the pace. Vera was the busier fighter. Chavez was for the most part throwing one punch at a time, but they were bombs which, when they landed, elicited oohs and ahs from the crowd. But Vera shook off those punches the way a dog shakes off fleas and kept coming forward to hammer away.

Chavez’s thudding punches were impressive, if not especially effective, but he didn’t jab his way in, didn’t throw combinations, and has no defense to speak of. Perhaps the judges were swayed by power instead of work rate. Stranger things have happened. Still, the fact that Vera landed 176 of 734 punches to Chavez’s 125 of 328 was impossible to ignore.

While the final scorecards were being tallied, Chavez was screaming at the referee Lou Moret. That pretty much sums up the night.

After the fight, Chavez’s frustration, denial, and sense of entitlement was palpable.

“I worked the ten rounds,” he said, with the crowd booing in the background, “but in about the fifth round I fractured my right hand. But I connected with the best punches and I hurt him more. And he was very dirty. He hit me with about twenty headbutts and kept hitting me low, but the referee didn’t do anything so he kept on doing it. I won the fight. I hurt him quite a bit. Maybe he connected with a few punches, but sooner or later I would have knocked him out. In the 10th round he was done.”

Brian Vera, a working-class hero if there ever was one, was unhappy with the decision.

“I thought I did enough to win,” he said, as the crowd cheered his every word. “I came into this fight—I never fought above 170 in my life. He was supposed to be the guy who pushed me back. I pushed his ass the whole time. I did what I had to do. I outworked him. He had me dazed a couple times, but he never really hurt me. I feel I could have done better, but I feel like I did enough to win the fight. You can hear everybody yelling out. Everybody knows I won the fight. It makes me sick to my stomach that it happened this way. But I’ll be back. I hope he gives me another chance to do this again…and he does it the right way.”

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  1. Tex Hassler 03:07pm, 10/02/2013

    The fight was rigged by the WBC. Vera fought a winning fight but was robbed by the judges and the WBC. THIS IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH BOXING.

  2. Ted 05:52am, 10/02/2013

    Am I the only on who likes Junior?

  3. Joe 10:24am, 09/30/2013

    A draw would have been acceptable; I can see that.

  4. kid vegas 09:11am, 09/30/2013

    I had it a draw based on quality vs. quantity.

  5. Joe 07:48am, 09/30/2013

    I think Vera won the fight but I’m not surprised he didn’t get the decision.  As avid fight fans we understand these things happen.  The only way to avoid these type issues fighters have to knock the other guy out and Vera didn’t do that against JCCjr.  Knowing he’s fighting the Bobfather’s guy coupled with all the foolishness leading up to the match; I don’t think Vera or Ronnie Shields were surprised either; it’s boxing.

  6. Pete The Sneak 05:07am, 09/30/2013

    @ Yorch…Dude, have to say. I admire your honesty in regards to your thoughts on Chavez, Jr & Canelo…While I’m in 100% agreement as to your take on Junior, I do have to wonder what your take on Canelo would have been if he somehow would have won a decision against FMJ. That’s not to say that I’m doubting your word, or that you still would not have felt the same, but I think putting Canelo in the same category as Junior is kind of unfair at this point. Heck, all things considered, Canelo actually fought a halfway decent fight against FMJ (although not 114-114 decent, but he had a couple of moments there). Canelo, at least at this point, doesn’t appear to be the crybaby, spoiled Brat/everything has to go my way, always out of shape kind of person that Junior is. I still think Canelo will be something special as he continues to progress. But again, I respect your honesty, as most folks are usually blinded by nationalistic pride and fail to see the real truth (or are in denial) in regards to their fellow countrymen as long as they keep on winning…Peace.

  7. Yorch 07:21pm, 09/29/2013

    I AM MEXICAN AND I AM TOTALLY ASHAMED OF CHAVEZ JR. HE IS A DISGRACE TO BOTH MEXICO AND MEXICAN BOXING. Even his own fans booed him loudly after his lousy and embarrassing performance and the corrupt decision. Let me elaborate: 1) He is a coward, a sissy boy who ALWAYS NEEDS TO FIGHT PEOPLE 15-25 POUNDS LIGHTER THAN HIM ON FIGHT DAY, in order to be able to punch harder than his rival, simply because he lacks the necessary skills and the guts and courage to be disciplined and work hard to be better than guys his own size.  If the fight is at 160 pounds, his rival is 160-162 on fight night but he is 180-182. Last night, the fight was at 173, due to an abusive and corrupt agreement after it was originally agreed at 168, yet his rival looked 170 pounds tops whereas Junior was huge, he was easily 190 pounds. 2) In addition to fighting way lighter and smaller than him, he now needs CORRUPTION to “win” his fights. I was rooting for him coming into this fight—I will NEVER root for this bum anymore BTW—but then I saw the ridiculous size/weight advantage Jr. had, and what A COWARD AND A WUSS he is, running away from a tiny opponent all fight, whining and crying to the referee instead of being a man and fighting back, using his huge size advantage. That decision was utterly outrageous. I’ve been watching boxing for several years now and I can easily see when somebody is robbed, and Vera certainly was last night. How can someone outbox, out-punch, outperform another all night and yet get to lose by unanimous decision? The answer is simple: DADDY’S $$$. Chavez senior should be ashamed of himself, promoting this punk of a son he has,  paying corrupt judges to score decisions blatantly wrong. AS A MEXICAN, I WISH THIS COWARD PUNK DISAPPEARS FOREVER FROM BOXING, and only the true Mexican elite fighters such as JMM, MARES, “GALLITO” ESTRADA represent our country. I don’t include “Canelo” because although to a much lesser degree than JCC Junior, he is also a hype job who got a fake curriculum fighting bums or has-beens, and once he had to fight an elite fighter, he was put in his place, and he happens to also be a coward like JCC Junior, in that he only fights smaller guys, as a rule, the only exception being the fight with Trout. So Junior and Canelo are both NOTHING compared to the three guys mentioned before, along with many prospects, mostly in the lighter divisions, who are just arising into stardom by their own dedication and hard work, instead of being hype jobs like the other two. Make no mistake: most Mexican people know which guys are a fraud in boxing, a hype job, like JCC Jr and Canelo and which fighters are for real.

  8. NYIrish 05:34pm, 09/29/2013

    Three things on the level; Roller Derby, Midget Wrestling and Pro Boxing.

  9. Your Name 04:51pm, 09/29/2013

    Many judges alternate as referees. Dick Flaherty is a great judge who was a referee for many years,  Same for the Ritter brothers in Oklahoma.

    Also, judges attend seminars on a regular basis in those states with decent commissions.

    That should mean that they have a semblance of technical experience.

    I saw this fight as draw.

  10. Matt McGrain 01:30pm, 09/29/2013

    It was a very bad fight, but i found the rounds hard to score.  I don’t see it the same way as the majority, I don’t think it was the type of fight anybody really wins.  Vera was just sort of following a rather woeful Chavez around, got hit hard occasionally, missed a lot and out-worked his guy.  I’ll be interested to see what Scorecard Collector produces.

  11. nicolas 11:38am, 09/29/2013

    RICK: I think what MMA has to do with this is something that I commented on in an article about boxing purity vs purists or something like that. You don’t hear from what I have seen and read about bad decisions in MMA. Boxng sadly seems to have too many, and because of that, younger fans are really not interested in following the sport as they may MMA. This is not to say that boxing in the past did not have a lot of bad decisions, but with television, people are more able to see those decisions. Another problem has has been alluded to is the television announcers like perhaps Jim Lampley. HBO has a vested interest in Chavez Jr. winning such a fight, which was not the case when we had ABC, NBC, or CBS covering all these fights. Therefore we can’t even trust the people covering the fight.

  12. Stephen Rosenberg 11:17am, 09/29/2013

    One of the most outrageous of a long list of terrible decisions in boxing over the past several years. Speaking of elbows, take a close look at the 8th and 9th rounds, won by Vera, to see Chavez repeatedly hit Vera with his elbows trying to keep him on the ropes.

    Chavez is a punk with an attitude of entitlement being carried by his daddy.

  13. jack 10:52am, 09/29/2013

    Thanx Pete, I see your comments on a number of boxing websites, we are normally on the same page and I enjoy your insight and perspective on different issues.

  14. Pete The Sneak 10:46am, 09/29/2013

    “A prerequisite is you have experience and knowledge in the science of boxing from a technical standpoint, otherwise you are not qualified to judge a fight, other than a casual fan.”...Jack, regardless of what system you use to score a fight, you hit on the head with your above quote. Nuff said…Peace.

  15. Jack 09:44am, 09/29/2013

    Victor, You either didn’t read both of my posts or your understanding of what I said is sorely lacking. You may need to take an English as a second language course!!!!!

  16. victor 09:16am, 09/29/2013

    TO jack

    Chavez ran away the whole fight and was crying the whole time to ref.. He Looked like shit in the ring.. B vera landed more punches and came there to fight..
    Chavez’s name won him the fight so can go back to judging school

  17. jofre 08:49am, 09/29/2013

    Why don’t the judges turn in their scores before the fight to eliminate the suspense, and then let them fight. :) Bring back the no decision era.

  18. Jack 08:42am, 09/29/2013

    This is how I score a fight: I have a lined sheet of paper, that I draw 4 verticle lines an 1 1/2” apart ( top to bottom ), that creates 5 columns. Column 1 is the round #, column 2 is the 1st minute, column 3 is the 2nd minute column 4 is the 3rd minute and column 5 is the total for that round. As each minute goes by you place an initial in the corresponding column for the fighter that won that minute, ( you can use a plus or minus symbol with the initial to indicate a different degree of winning ). At the end of 3 minutes you have a winner of that round and run the totals at the end of the fight, you should have a definitive “winner of the fight”!!!!!!! It is a very simple system that will produce an accurate assessment of a fight. You will very rarely have an even round and score the fight accurately because you are not influenced by one big shot (unless it is a knockdown) or a flurry at the end of a round. Try it and see if your judging doesn’t improve!!!!! A prerequisite is you have experience and knowledge in the science of boxing from a technical standpoint, otherwise you are not qualified to judge a fight, other than a casual fan.

  19. Pete The Sneak 08:13am, 09/29/2013

    I for sure thought Vera won the fight, but this doesn’t surprise me. The only way Vera would have won that fight was to put Jr. down…I also see Jr.  is becoming more and more of a crybaby very reminiscent of his father when things didn’t go his way. Even the ref had to tell him to shut up and fight. As for that ridiculous 98-92 score by one judge, well what do you expect .It’s boxing…Peace.

  20. Joseph Fletcher 07:51am, 09/29/2013

    The boos from the crowd when Vera headed to the ring.
    The cheers from the crowd when Chavez jr entered the ring.
    The judges heard that and decided on the the fight from the beginning.
    Watch the two guy judges they were not watching the whole time.
    Paying attention to the crowds. I’m done with boxing!

  21. Rick 07:33am, 09/29/2013

    I’ve seen much worse decisions than this one. I’m no big fan of either and have no problem with either guy winning. Vera threw more and Junior landed more bombs. I do have a problem with Jim Lampley’s obvious favoritism in his calling fights and interviews. And not just from this fight. The guy acts like he speaks for everybody. Junior didn’t score the fight so why is he giving him shit about the scorecards. And I don’t recall anyone being so indignant when Floyd doesn’t make weight and pays the opponent for an advantage. This was not a completely lopsided fight as some would make it seem. And what does MMA have to do with this?

  22. Thresher 07:29am, 09/29/2013

    Tom Riddle, another problem is that judges are inclined to go with the home boxer (Chavez in this case) if they want to keep on getting work.

  23. johnny yuma 07:27am, 09/29/2013

    IM glad UFC IS GETTING younger crowd.Decsion was terrible. Ive followed fight game since Ingo/Floyd 2.Even RING magazine has gone down hill 70%. You can play on words travesty ,robbery ,VERA won. AS fight fan ,let Julio (having weight problem) fight Andre Ward(in MEXICO) LIKE to see decsion

  24. FrankinDallas 07:06am, 09/29/2013

    First off, let me say that I thought Vera won the fight, but I don’t think it was a “robbery”. A travesty yes, but not a robbery. The 98-92 score (by a judge with 40 yrs experience!) was a joke. I don’t sit and score rounds because 1) I’m not gettting paid to do so 2) I have no training in the profession and 3) it’s hard to hold a beer and a scorecard at the same time. I did
    think that round round where Vera did a chicken dance after a big punch by Jr could have been scored 10-8. Otherwise,
    I got the feeling that Jr won 3 other rounds. That would have been a 95-94 Vera win, so a point either way makes it a draw. That’s the best you could have scored for Junior.

  25. victor 06:32am, 09/29/2013

    Not watching boxing anymore or betting ever again on boxing. Its all bullshit and rigged.
    Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Brian Vera
    Brian vera clearly won the fight.. Boxing is wondering why its going down hill and UfC is taking over..

  26. Tom Riddle 06:22am, 09/29/2013

    The biggest problem with judges that nobody seems to talk about is the fact that very few have actually ever fought before. How could somebody who never stepped into a ring become a judge - no the matter how much training they receive?  There are so many judges out there anyway its ridiculous. They might as well just choose out of the pool that have either amateur or professional boxing experience.

  27. sonny bales 04:56am, 09/29/2013

    this is really nothing new. The Chavez Family has always been like this.
    JCC the first was arguably the most overrated “great” fighter in the past few decades. If anyone has forgotten the latter part of his career foreshadows Junior’s disagreeable personna. Remember the outrageous “draw” in the Pernell fight and the Frankie Randall fights? The elder Chavez, clearly beaten, whined, cajoaled and generally showed a complete lack of sportsmanship. I mean how messed up is this: a fighter picks his opponent, screws around with the weights, loses the fight, gets the decision (predictably), and then complains about how unfairly the world is treating him. Almost sounds as bad electoral politics.

  28. Clarence George 03:02am, 09/29/2013

    I’d predicted that Chavez Jr. would eke out a win by split decision.  I didn’t see the fight, but there appears to be a consensus that it’s Vera who should have won that way, or by close unanimous decision, or that it should have been a draw.

    A serious Chavez would be a formidable opponent for anyone, including the superb and perhaps unbeatable Gennady Golovkin.  As it is, the only reason charmless and downright obnoxious Junior should again enter the ring is to receive the ass whuppin’ he so richly deserves…and needs.

  29. Jack 02:46am, 09/29/2013

    Well, I am curious to see what knowledgeable boxing fans that watched the fight in HD think of that decision. I saw rounds 6-10 on a standard def link, but I can tell you this: Before the decision was announced, Chavez’s corner thought he lost the fight! What I saw of the fight he also lost. Vera’s corner thought they had won and rightfully so from what I saw. Just another black eye for the sport. Either corrupt or unqualified idiots judging most fights and boxing fans shouldn’t be surprised when MMA “buries” boxing. I’m a guy that has been involved in the sport since I watched Sugar Rays comeback fight against Ralph “Tiger” Jones. There was a time I taped every fight that was broadcast and could tell you the top 10-20 guys in every weight division, i wouldn’t waste my time anymore. It is not the fighters, it is the powers that be that have destroyed boxing. Just a note, my predication for Floyd vs Canelo was: Canelo will be lucky to hit Floyd with a handful of rice!!!! The only chance he has of winning is the “proverbial punchers chance”. That was Floyd’s best fight in 10 years!!!!

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