A Coronation for Canelo?

By Johnathan Lee Iverson on September 14, 2017
A Coronation for Canelo?
On paper this contest is in fact a legitimate toss-up. But fights don’t happen on paper.

It only takes that one guy who is capable enough to stand in the eye of the storm to deconstruct and render it mortal…

I should be a lot more eager than I am for this weekend’s supposed super bout between Gennady “GGG” Golovkin vs. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. Often fights of this magnitude are the ones that stir me and have me locked onto and into any media I can set my eyes upon regarding the fight, but alas, I got nothing. Make no mistake, I will tune in, but not for what is being deemed a contest between equals, rather the coronation of the new face of boxing, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.

I just don’t see two equals in the ring. I know this is blasphemy in most circles. Most would-be boxing experts, be they fighters or talking heads, have not been able to pick a clear-cut victor. It’s understandable, I suppose. Their records are stellar. They are both exciting and dominate fighters, with high knockout ratios. On paper this contest is in fact a legitimate toss-up. Fortunately, fights don’t happen on paper. If they did we’d miss all the intangibles that distinguish a victor from the conquered.

This bout, of much pomp and circumstance, in many respects, is well warranted and will be determined by two things—level of experience and one’s ability to shift gears. On these two factors is when what looks like a “toss-up” on paper becomes a foregone conclusion in reality. Alvarez’s level of competition is simply superior and has more than prepared him for whatever Golovkin will present, which is what gives him a very big edge in experience. It is also why there are far more facets to Alvarez’s skill set than there are Gennady Golovkin’s. Thus, it is Canelo who has the ability to shift gears quite fluently during the fight, because he’s simple well practiced at doing so. This is not to delegitimize Golovkin as to having merely a puncher’s chance, but essentially there isn’t much he brings into this bout versus Canelo, save for his very heavy hands. Yet, what happens when fists that are just as debilitating are coming back at him and much faster I might add? What happens when he’s forced to take a step back? What happens when he finds himself contending with an opponent who is as adept at boxing as he is slugging?

Sixteen years ago in September I had a similar premonition about another major contest—Felix “Tito” Trinidad vs. Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins. Mind you, very few people, including myself foresaw this matchup as the lopsided bout it turned out to be. Most, experts included, deemed it as Trinidad’s middleweight coronation. They overlooked the data for the hype. It made sense. Trinidad was just a lot more popular. Trinidad, like Golovkin, was also a legitimate monster, but, in the case of both fighters, you always knew what was coming. As Larry Merchant once quipped regarding Trinidad’s monotonous style, “it’s one thing to know what’s coming, but what are you going to do about it?” Many a talented fighter stood before Tito, but could simply do nothing about the indomitable force coming at them. So it has been with the man they call GGG. But, it only takes that one guy who is capable enough to stand in the eye of the storm and deconstruct it and render it mortal. This Saturday, September 16, I foresee the Mexican superstar as that man, in his finest hour in the ring yet.

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  1. bikermike 09:56pm, 09/16/2017

    Canelo was VERY FORTUNATE to get a draw…...‘nuff said

  2. victor 12:15am, 09/15/2017

    If it actually does go as one-sided as the writer sees it,i will be amazed and he gains much respect from me.The writer seems to know his boxing but I lean towards a back and forth, competitive affair.That said,if Canelo’s chin holds up-thats a big IF-GGG may be in a world of trouble.

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