A King Will Rise

By Johnathan Lee Iverson on March 4, 2018
A King Will Rise
It might not be pretty, but a win is a win is a win. (Ryan Hafey/Premier Boxing Champions)

Expectations of a new era should be on the forefront of everyone’s mind. We deserve this. Boxing deserves this…

“Beware the Ides of March,” thus spake the soothsayer to the proud Julius Caesar, warning the great general that his life was in peril. Obviously, Caesar did not take heed and the rest is history and a riveting Shakespearean play. However, the aftermath was far more significant, Rome transitioned from a republic to an empire.

This Saturday, 3 March, in emphatic fashion versus the highly skilled and dangerous, Luis Ortiz, Deontay Wilder took one-step closer to unifying the multiplicity of belts scattered throughout the heavyweight republic en route to standing atop a unified heavyweight empire. It was the kind of fight boxing fans have been craving from the heavyweight division; and it was befitting of the caliber of combatants who are making their bid to be king of the boxing world. While critics have made much ado about Deontay Wilder and his technical abilities or lack thereof, I humbly remind such critics and purists alike that their ilk said much of the same things about The Greatest, Muhammad Ali. While boxing is a sweet science, it is in no way an exact science. It might not be pretty or orthodox, but a win is a win is a win.

In the most literal sense, this is a true world championship affair. Deontay Wilder of the United States faced off with Luis Ortiz of Cuba. Later this month, Anthony Joshua of Great Britain will contend with New Zealand’s Joseph Parker. Boxing could not ask for a greater and grander moment than this and all those who call themselves fans or aficionados of the sport ought to be brimming with anticipation and excitement. Expectations of a new era should be on the forefront of everyone’s mind. We deserve this. Boxing deserves this. The heavyweight division has been in a virtual comatose state for at least the past 15 years. I dare not dismiss the very legitimate legacy of Wladimir Klitschko, however, despite his historic run and great talent, for whatever reason, the relevance and stature that deemed the heavyweight crown the most coveted in all of sports eluded the division.

This month, a new hope arises. These are terrifically large, talented, and powerful champions each with high knockout ratios between them. They are the very best in their division and by year’s end, we hope, there will be one true king of the ring. However, as boxing is the theater of the unexpected, particularly outside the ropes and behind the scenes, one never knows. While the charismatic Deontay Wilder and budding superstar Anthony Joshua are projected to be the combatants who will determine boxing’s new king, it is in no way a foregone conclusion. As Luis Ortiz displayed this Saturday, he and Joseph Parker might be lesser known, but the prospect of them upsetting expectations is dangerously legitimate. No one should be surprised if the coronation match sees Deontay Wilder grappling for the crown versus Joseph Parker. These fighters are the crème del la crème of the heavyweight ranks, thus, the kingship for the heavyweight empire will be well earned for the victor.

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  1. Your Name 11:16am, 03/07/2018

    You get hit and go down from power. Doesn’t matter if it’s on the moon, in sparring or fight night. For a second, forget technique and skill - what we have focused on in the brief encounters we’ve had on here are quality of the chin and the power packed in punches.

  2. PunchOut 01:50pm, 03/06/2018

    I’m always mystified by fight fans who actually think sparring means more than what it is. It’s practice, not the real dance.

  3. The Barker 01:34pm, 03/06/2018

    Larry Holmes habitually got spanked by Ali in sparring, as did Riddick Bowe by Holyfield and De la Hoya by Chavez. Sparring isn’t a fight.

  4. Your Name 01:20pm, 03/06/2018

    @punch out - thanks for buttressing my point. Wilder got taken out with much puffier sparring gloves by an over-the-hill fighter. AJ’s does all of a sudden look like more if an accomplishment, doesn’t it?

    I needn’t say more.

  5. don from prov 12:04pm, 03/06/2018

    “A King Will Rise”

    Well, there are kings and then there are Kings
    Wilder showed some grit and chin so there is that

  6. PunchOut 09:21am, 03/06/2018

    @YourName - you’re not seriously comparing a sparring match to an actual fight are you?

  7. Your Name 08:48am, 03/06/2018

    Looks like AJ and Wilder have more in common than we first thought then. They both got knocked down by an ‘over-the-hill’ boxer in Klitschko.  Would that be why Wilder never even whispered Klitschkos name? Not once. Not ever lol

    It’s not getting knocked that matters - it’s how you get up. * take note

  8. The Barker 08:01am, 03/06/2018

    I fail to understand why Joshua gets credit for beating an over the hill, semi retired Klitschko who came off a loss to Tyson Fury? Wilder was right, Klitschko lost that fight Joshua didn’t win it.

  9. PunchOut 06:58pm, 03/05/2018

    @YourName and why shouldn’t he? Wilder just beat the most avoided man in the division. Wilder showed his grit against the most technically sound boxer in the division. You all praise AJ for toppling an over the hill Klitschko and he almost got KO’d.

  10. YourName 06:49pm, 03/05/2018

    Phxdrknsxymn - you really hold a lot of belief in Wilder so much so you hope he doesn’t have to face Anthony Joshua lol. At least one can tell you know boxing ;-)

  11. Koolz 05:21pm, 03/05/2018

    sounds good keep watching.

  12. Phxdrknsxymn 11:58am, 03/05/2018

    @Koolz… you have the BIGGEST HATER I have ever encounter.  Wilder/Ortiz fight was a battle!  The first couple of rounds were standoffish due to each other respecting each others power.  Then once the feel you out moment was over, it turned into a slug fest with Wilder showing the heart of a Lion in round 7.  Round 10 Wilder showed why he is the “BRONZE BOMBER!”  Wilder/Parker fight is going to be epic and I cannot wait for it.  It’s been so long since I have been excited for a fight.

    @Koolz… slow your roll and stop drinking the haterade because you wouldn’t last 30 seconds in the ring with Wilder.

  13. The Barker 02:39am, 03/05/2018

    Tyson Fury is a cartoon.

  14. Koolz 06:19pm, 03/04/2018

    no not really.  I mean watch that fight.  what happens a guy sits back does nothing and counters trying to get the knock out.  He can’t box. 
    The other guy tries to close the distance get’s caught.  Then get’s caught again that’s the whole fight.

    That’s boxing one wins one doesn’t but damn I can’t stand Wilder!!!!!
    I need FURY ROAD!

  15. PunchOut 05:43pm, 03/04/2018

    Why can’t people give Wilder any credit?

  16. The Barker 05:29pm, 03/04/2018


    Embittered much?:)

  17. Koolz 05:18pm, 03/04/2018


    Taylor vsCampos

  18. Koolz 04:59pm, 03/04/2018


    Brook vs Rabchenko

  19. Koolz 04:48pm, 03/04/2018


    fine if you missed the boring fight…
    Wilder vs Ortiz try to stay awake.

  20. Koolz 04:33pm, 03/04/2018


    Kovalev vs Mikhalkin

    Kovalev lunges and I wonder if someone would catch him with that.

  21. Koolz 04:32pm, 03/04/2018


    Now that’s a boxing Match!!

    Bivol vs Barrera

    look at the concentration on Bivol’s face it never wavers once through the whole fight.

    Oritz and Wilder was well pathetic.

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