A Training Seminar for Referees

By Ted Sares on March 8, 2015
A Training Seminar for Referees
He is “always control the bout with the highest degree of fairness, firmness, and accuracy."

In this fight Bayless was everything Robert Byrd was not. He was totally invisible and let the fighters fight. He was superb…

Adrien Broner vs. John Molina Jr. (Referee Robert Byrd)

Usually Las Vegas referees are as good as it gets. Tony Weeks may be the very best of a solid pool. That said, referee Robert Byrd had an off night and went against the grain during this fight as he was too verbal, too visible, overly intrusive, restrictive and clearly interfered with the flow of the fight.

The fight itself was no spine-tingler but Byrd added to the tedium with his frequent warnings for “offenses” that were difficult to detect.

Byrd is a retiree from the California Highway Patrol and moved to Nevada. He had fought as an amateur during his military service in the Marines. Inducted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame in 2006 in the “Expanded Category,” Byrd is the husband of well-known boxing judge Adelaide Byrd. Recent big fights for Byrd have included Pacquiao-Bradley, Vazquez-Gesta, and Huck-Afolabi II in Germany.

Hopefully, this was a “one time” thing for Robert.

Robert Guerrero vs. Keith Thurman (Referee Kenny Bayless)

Kenny Bayless is an American professional boxing referee from Nevada best known for having refereed several super fights. His catchphrase is “what I say you must obey.” Boxingconfidential com claims: “There’s only one referee that should be utilized in Las Vegas super-bouts and his name is Kenny Bayless. Every time I’ve seen Mr. Bayless referee a fight, I’ve seen him always control the bout with the highest degree of fairness, firmness, and accuracy.”

In this fight Bayless was everything Robert Byrd was not. He was totally invisible and let the fighters fight. In short, he was superb.

If and when someone needs a film for training seminar on how to referee, the contrast reflected in these two fights wouldn’t be a bad choice.

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  1. Kid Blast 07:01am, 03/11/2015

    Bill, I would love to have been a financial advisor for boxers. Did a little of it with one well-known fighter with limited success. The advise I gave was to buy a home with his earnings and he did and he still has it, but he doesn’t have his health.

    I would use Mark Breeland as the poster boy on how to plan your financial career. I have written on this subject. Would have been fun and would have been before its time in boxing which has lagged way behind those sports that are unionized.

    Could well have used you in this endeavor.

  2. Kid Blast 06:57am, 03/11/2015

    Fair points Jim and taken in good spirit. I like Reese, but Russell has had his issues. Kin and Moret are fine but Caiz is….

  3. Jim Crue 05:58pm, 03/10/2015

    Sorry to disagree with Ted. I believe most Las vegas ref’s besides Jay Nady and Vic Drakulich, sometimes, to be biased if not occasionally incompetent. Tony Weeks is getting too fat to move around. I think California has the best Refs. Jack Reese is usually excellent as is Pat Russell and Dr James Jen Kin and Lou Moret. I actually don’t trust anything that happens in LV. I wish I could go into more detail but it would not be prudent. But that’s boxing.

  4. Dollarbond 08:40am, 03/10/2015

    Another informative article, Ted.  You would have made a great boxing adviser.  Never too late to consider.

  5. Kid Blast 06:39pm, 03/09/2015

    Yes, he does not accept friendship requests on Facebook. lol

  6. LaRue 05:29pm, 03/09/2015

    I like Kenny. I’ve seen him around town and he seems like a decent type. A bit of a boxing snob but that’s his issue not mine.

  7. AKT 05:01pm, 03/09/2015

    @Brainless - Maidana was committing fouls that would have horrified the dirtiest of bare knuckle fighters 200 years ago. Hence, Kenny Bayless had to make sure that it was free and fair. If anyone hit me in the balls, personally I might bite their head off in retaliation. It takes a good referee to ensure things like that don’t happen.

    Got it?

  8. Kid Blast 01:05pm, 03/09/2015

    Re Hauser, he says that to every one but now that he is a “consultant” to HBO, he has stepped down to the Auxiliary Membership List. I shall try not to mention his name again as it produces the tastes of foul bile in my throat.

    Correct, LL,  I respect many but answer only to my conscience and my God.

  9. John aka L.L. Cool John 12:32pm, 03/09/2015

    When I was writing boxing several years ago, I submitted my dossier for consideration into the BWAA. I was denied membership by Thomas Hauser. His suggested to me was to continue writing and apply once again in a year. I kept writing, but expanded my horizons and stopped writing boxing entirely. Personally, in hindsight, I think it’s better to write independently and not be affiliated with an organization that might push a political agenda. Congratulations on having a Hall of Fame vote. Like your articles and books, I’m confident your choices are well thought out and researched. You’ve never been one to answer to anyone. That’s the way it should be.

  10. Kid Blast 12:01pm, 03/09/2015

    Farhood is a good scorer

  11. Kid Blast 11:59am, 03/09/2015

    LL. I knew Farhood back when he was a partner of Nick Charles. He was always polite with me, but the thing I don’t care about him is that he is a core member of that part of the BWAA that used to control who got in and who was not allowed in. His reasoning back then was not to my liking.

    As for the BWAA, I was accepted to the Auxiliary List last year and promptly told them no thanks. I have pretty much given up on them as I think the membership process is totally prejudiced and cliqued up, but that’s just my opinion and may reflect some sour grapes. At any rate, I am very happy to be an Elector to Hall of Fame Candidates and that really was the only reason I wanted to be a Full Member.

  12. John aka L.L. Cool John 10:17am, 03/09/2015

    Ref Kenny BrainLess: Re your post. FYI: I’m 100-percent in agreement with you.

  13. John aka L.L. Cool John 10:04am, 03/09/2015

    Those are some impressive numbers, Ted. Thank you for sharing that info. Did you know Steve Farhood from the BWAA? Although it was an easy fight to score, Farhood was right on. I’ve asked his opinion on boxing in the past. He’s always been kind and prompt to answer.

  14. Kid Blast 09:43am, 03/09/2015

    Steve Farhood = hmmmmm

  15. Kid Blast 09:42am, 03/09/2015

    Here you go LL:

    “According to preliminary TV ratings issued by TV blog TV by the Numbers, NBC’s debut presentation of Premier Boxing Champions finished third in its time slot with a total average viewership of 3.13 million.

    “PBC on NBC was the highest rated sports program in the nation in that time slot and, most importantly, was number one in delivering the key 18-49 male demographic.

    “These numbers are very preliminary, but the overnights (as they are called) are often good indications of how well a program will perform when the final ratings are issued.”

  16. John aka L.L. Cool John 09:35am, 03/09/2015

    All due respect, Ted, but I believe you might be a bit critical of Byrd. The head of Molina, and the constant chatter of Broner warranted some intervention. Also, the display of Broner with that little jig he pulled somewhere in the middle rounds wasn’t going to be tolerated by Bryd. In my opinion, a show of control was needed. As far as over officiating, I used to think Richard Steele was the world’s worse. He was always in the picture. Nice article, Ted. It’s nice to see boxing return to network TV. NBC had a good line-up of announcers, fights, etc. SRL did a good job of color commentary. He’s very articulate. I liked the scoring by Steve Farhood. Overall, a good night for boxing. I’d like to see the ratings as to how many viewed the event.

  17. Kid Blast 09:26am, 03/09/2015

    Irish, diarrhea and Broner resonates

  18. Kid Blast 07:29am, 03/09/2015

    @Irish. Absolutely

  19. bikermike 05:25am, 03/09/2015

    Irish Frankie makes a good point.

    An overzealous/or hesitant referee can make a difference ..perhaps not to alter the outcome…..but it would make the fight different.

    Every dog should get one bite…..but that’s all. First bite, back of the line….next one, gone!!

  20. bikermike 05:20am, 03/09/2015

    Thanks Ted. This is a much needed article, and it comes from an informed author.

    Thanks again.

    .....guess ‘brainless’ has a different view, and he’s entitled to it.

  21. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:35pm, 03/08/2015

    Ted Sares-Do you feel that we would have seen two different fights if Bayless had the first fight and Byrd the second? Not with different outcomes….but different just the same?

  22. Kid Blast 06:15pm, 03/08/2015


  23. Ref. Kenny BrainLess 06:11pm, 03/08/2015

    I don’t get it.
    Ref. Kenny BrainLess yelled NO HOLDING at the instant he saw a slight form of clinching….
    Not once did BrainLess say NO HOLDING.
    Not once did he warn ScumWeather…...
    If he refs the May vs. Pac fight then it’ll be 2 vs. 1

  24. Kid Blast 04:27pm, 03/08/2015

    Yes, the fighters can often make a ref’s job messy and Broner didn’t help. I do agree with that.

    And speaking of Broner, he is one very ugly dude but I’m glad he dispensed with the hair combing routine and other such garbage. It’s good for his image.

  25. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 03:46pm, 03/08/2015

    Ted Sares-Broner had diarrhea of the mouth all night long and and a good part of that waste involved giving prompts and guidance to a very receptive Byrd to the effect that Molina was using his head…..when in fact it was Broner pulling Molina’s head in and down to prevent any chance of an outbreak of in-fighting….it worked quite nicely, thank you because Molina’s chances rapidly dropped from slim to none.

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