Advertising on is a website whose time has come. No sport in history has ever attracted the great writers boxing has. Boxing’s raw competition is “The sport to which all other aspire,” according to George Foreman. It’s what separates the men from the boys, the exciting websites from those that are dull as dishwater.’s unique prospective on the “manly art” has turned it into the world’s fastest growing boxing website.
The superb writers at are continuing a long tradition by literary lions like Norman Mailer, Joyce Carol Oates, and George Plimpton, going all the way back to Homer and Virgil.
Readers who aren’t afraid to think for themselves and outside the box are our rapidly expanding audience. We make and break news with insight, intelligence and an unabashed love of the sport.

What the Pros Say

“I love Very informative, good news, good history, good writing, I always look forward to it.” —Harold Lederman, HBO’s Unofficial Scorer
“Robert Ecksel and his team remind us why boxing still intrigues.”—Teddy Atlas, ESPN Friday Night Fights 
“No doubt you are running the most astute and interesting website on boxing.”—Mike Silver, Author of Arc of Boxing: Rise and Decline of the Sweet Science
Robert Ecksel and—one of the best boxing websites there is.”—Steve Farhood, Showtime’s ShoBox: The Next Generation 
“, with its own unique approach, adds to the pleasure of boxing fans everywhere.” —Dan Cuoco, Director/IBRO 
“ is one of the websites that’s fulfilling an important void in boxing.”—Lou DiBella, Founder and CEO of DiBella Entertainment 
Thank goodness for Robert Ecksel and Bravo.”—Jill Diamond/World Boxing Council/North American Boxing Federation

What Our Readers Say

“This site looks to have really fine technology and I think it's much different from what you are used to. Let’s rock."— Pugknows
Man oh man, this site is the place for really top-notch boxing writing. Nicely researched, well put together work. Thanks. And great footage, too.”—Don from Prov
" really and truly can learn a lot on”—Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo
"I really enjoy this site. Glad I found it. I am completely convinced."— Jim Crue
“Whatever is doing, please, keep doing it because it's working, at least for me."— Carl Jackson
“I love the way this site links the fight videos. It's great that you don’t have to go looking further than down the page."—raxman, Australia
"I love this website—for real fight fans!!!”—Joe, Circle City

And the Hits Just Keep on Coming

This is awesome I found a site where boxing views can be shared.”—Angelo Lefty, Dallas
 “I'm not a writer but I enjoy you guys! I just about live on this site hungry for more updates and boxing news. Keep writing!”—Steve, Los Angeles“
Congratulations to for having a monster amount of traffic and new posters. is the future of on-line boxing!!!"— The Thresher
"Way to go. My boxing nous has gone quite a way up since I started visiting this site. Keep 'em coming – I'm hooked!”—Gajjers
“From what I’ve read, has developed a good model for websites to follow.”—Dave Wilcox, Southern California
“I see as a real forum to give the likes of ESPN a run for their money.”—AKT, London
“Got to love this site. A mind tonic served in the clearing of a back-woods Appalachian still.”—Old Yank" Schneider

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