Adam Cope interview

By Cain Bradley on June 25, 2017
Adam Cope interview
“I remember watching The Contender when I was a kid and wanted to box from then.”

“I wish boxers would show more courage but at the same time, I understand the business part of the sport…”

Can you tell us about yourself?

I’m Adam Cope, I’m 21 years old from Hartlepool in the north east and box out of Gus Robinson’s.

How did you get into boxing?

I got into boxing from my brother Peter (14-4), I followed him into it a few months after he started. I also remember watching The Contender series when I was a kid with Sugar Ray Leonard in it and wanted to box from then.

What are you interests outside of boxing?

I don’t have many interests outside of boxing! I enjoy listening to music and I’m trying to learn the guitar at the minute but I’m finding it much harder to pick up than boxing haha!

What achievements have you had in the boxing ring?

I had 70 amateur fights and my most proudest achievement was becoming GB champion when beating some good lads on the way.

Has the experience of boxing top opponents helped your boxing?

It was good to mix it with lots of good lads in the amateurs I think it was stand my in good stead for the future

How would you describe your style? 

I think my style is best described as an aggressive counterpuncher although I do think I just adapt when I get in there. I’ve won many fights in different ways depending on the opponent. 

What is coming up next for you?

At the minute I’m just training and getting fit and strong ready to turn professional.

Is there a guideline for how you would like you professional career to go?

I’d like to win every fight that gets put in front of me and let my manager guide me from there. I’ll fight whoever I get told to!

Give us five bouts you would like to see made (amateur or pro)?

I don’t really have five fights to make. I just wish boxers would really try and fight the best and show more courage but at the same time, I understand the business part of the sport.

Who do you think is the best amateur in the world?

I don’t follow the amateur game at the top level but I like Galal Yafai. I think he’s quality and think he has a massive future, amateur and professional!

Who gave you your toughest fight?

My toughest fight so far was probably against a lad from Scotland called Stephen Boyle (Lost 21-15 as a 15-year-old). At the time I didn’t use my brain enough! I used to try and get stuck in and have a fight because I knew I was really fit and strong but he taught me a lesson in using your feet, using angles and being clever in a fight.

Can you give us an under the radar boxer we should keep an eye on?

A boxer who is under the radar that I rate is my brother Peter. He’s been improving massively over the last year and I think he’s ready to burst on the scene, he just needs a good break. He was really unlucky last time out against an unbeaten Paul Hyland Jr. (16-0). Everyone who I spoke to about the fight thought he won comfortably.

You boxed Luke McCormack who has been impressive as a GB representative, when you fought him, was it clear just how good he was?

Luke McCormack was really sharp on the day and as good as he was I didn’t feel out of my depth I feel as though I got the tactics wrong and forced the fight too much, this played into his hands because he picked me off on the way in I was much more confident of fighting him a second time although sadly I was forced to pull out.

Why have you chosen to turn professional?

I’ve chosen to turn professional because I don’t think there is anything else for me in the amateurs. I’ve been on the wrong end of some shocking results in the Championships which have left me disheartened.

Any idea when we will first see you as a professional?

I’m hoping to have my debut in September. I’ve been training for a while now so by the time it comes around I will be well prepared.

Does the idea of boxing GB Olympian Joe Cordina appeal to you?

‘ll fight any man who I get offered to me! He is a class act and I’m sure we will fight one day when we both get to a good level.

You seem to be a critic of amateur boxing, why?

I criticize the amateur game because of the way the results go. It has gotten a lot worse over the years, the right man doesn’t always get the decision.

Why do you think you never got the England call up?

I’m never sure why I never got on the England squad it still confuses I always boxed well when I was assessments and I always felt like I was the best at the weight in assessments but certain lads from certain gym get picked.

You have beaten a host of good names as a senior including Jack Wood, Jake Clarke and Cory O’Reagan, did you ever feel you were slightly underrated?

I’ve beaten a lot of good kids over the years. I don’t feel as though I was underrated, lots of people knew that I was at a good level. I do feel as though I didn’t get the chances to box for England. I was always holding my own with top class lads and there was people who I’ve beaten comfortably who have found themselves on the squads.

Is there anyone else you would like to thank or give credit to?

I’d like to give thanks to Neil Fannon training me I’ve learned so much already and I’m excited to keep training and improving all the time. Can I also put a thanks in for Tony Martin and other coaches over the years who have helped me through my boxing.

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