Adonis Retains Title via Majority Draw

By Robert Ecksel on May 19, 2018
Adonis Retains Title via Majority Draw
The final scores after 12 rounds were 114-114 twice and 115-113. (Esther Lin/Showtime)

WBC light heavyweight champion Adonis Stevenson retained his title via majority draw against two-division champion Badou Jack…

Saturday night at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Quebec, Canada, WBC light heavyweight champion Adonis Stevenson (29-1-2, 24 KOs) from Blainville, Quebec, Canada, by way of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, retained his title via majority draw against two-division champion Badou Jack (22-1-3, 13 KOs) from Las Vegas by way of Stockholm, Sweden.

The final scores after 12 competitive rounds were 114-114 twice (Guido Cavalleri and Eric Marlinski) and 115-113 (Jesse Reyes for Badou Jack).

If the fight was 15 instead of 12 rounds, Badou would have won. He also would have won had the fight been in Las Vegas.

Fighting out of the blue corner in gold trunks and coming off a long layoff, Stevenson fought as he always fought. Relying more on power than strategy, he threw everything at the challenger but the kitchen sink in the first half of the fight and it looked like a romp. But the man opposite him was never hurt and didn’t fade. Instead, he came on strong in the second half of the fight, putting the result in the hands of the judges, who this time didn’t disappoint.

Badou, fighting out of the red corner in purple trunks with gold trim, had a game plan coming in. The idea was to survive the initial onslaught and take the 40-year-old Stevenson into the later rounds when his energy would flag and the challenger could make his move. That was beautifully executed, but Jack and his team cut it too close, helped in large part by a Stevenson body shot in round 10 that let the champion retain his title by default.

Both fighters believe they won the fight.

“I went to the body and saw that he was fatigued,” said Stevenson after the bout. “I had to keep the pressure on him. He’s a slick fighter, a two-time world champion but I felt I won the fight.

“I used both hands. I touched him a lot with the right hand on the body and slowed him down. He tried to come and attack me. I feel like I won the fight but I’ll give him a rematch if he wants it.”

Jack knows he did enough to deserve the nod.

“I thought I definitely won the fight,” he said. “No judge had him winning. I have no idea why I can’t get a decision. It could be that they’re jealous of Floyd and don’t like him. I’m one of his top fighters. I can’t do anything about it. I’m not the judge. I have to respect their decision.

“Maybe I started the fight too slow. I gave away those rounds. He didn’t really hit me. I can’t do anything about it, let’s do a rematch in Las Vegas. I came to his backyard, it’s time he comes out to Vegas.

“He (Stevenson) said it takes only one punch,” added Jack. “What happened?”

What happened is Jack fought a better fight, a smarter fight than Stevenson, but got stuck with the short end of the stick.

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  1. JP 04:19pm, 05/29/2018

    Stevenson clearly won the fight with Jack giving away the first six rounds and also losing rounds 10 and 11 after taking that big body shot. Now having said that Jack won four rounds real big, Boxingnews24 had it right seeing the fight 115-113 for Stevenson as they pointed out the first six rounds were not even remotely close as Jack was hardly throwing any punches. Frankly Jack was just trying to avoid getting knocked out for the first six rounds. I hope they will fight again and that Jack will fight starting from round 1 instead of basically just covering up for six rounds.

  2. Ralph Fight Fan 08:21pm, 05/22/2018

    Getting back to boxing: Ring Magazine currently has Kovalev, who is the WBO champ, ranked No. 1 among light-heavyweights, with Stevenson No. 2 and Jack No. 8. That sounds about right to me given Stevenson’s avoidance of real competition before this last fight with Jack. Stevenson only has the WBC belt, so the WBC should designate Jack or Krusher the mandatory for Stevenson’s next fight to keep him from backing out of the re-match. If he beats Jack in the re-match, the WBC should make Kovalev the next mandatory or strip Stevenson. Stevenson told the Montreal Gazette on Sunday that he wants to do the re-match in December, but that’s just talk. He’s also saying Jack has to come to his house since he’s the “champ” but his manager says the fight site should be where the most money is, which is Vegas without a doubt. Knowing Stevenson’s track record, he may try to back out of the re-match if Jack insists on the fight happening in Vegas, so the WBC should strip Stevenson’s title and give Kovalev a title fight with Jack if Stevenson doesn’t sign a contract for a re-match within a reasonable period of time. A “champion” who doesn’t defend his title by fighting the best out there, like Kovelev did with Andre Ward, that “champion” is champ in name only and the sanctioning body should strip him. He’s been getting away with not truly defending the title for way too long. By the way, none of them want to fight Dmitry Bivol, 13-0, 11 KO’s, who has knockout power in both gloves.

  3. Ralph Fight Fan 06:54pm, 05/22/2018

    Those who criticize me for the political comments I’ve made should just take a look back at my comment string: this all started with the condemnation of Stevenson in the present, by many of you, for Stevenson’s pimping in the past, casting him as a pimp today-I happen to disagree. If Stevenson was still selling women on the corner he would’ve been popped again a long time ago. And I said “let’s get back to boxing . . .” but True Believer Ollie just couldn’t let it go. In that vein, a pimp is a hustler of sex, #45 is a political hustler of the nation-it’s called a “con”-this is just one big business deal for the Trump and Kushner families. And Ollie, yo’ boy is a sexual predator-once a sexual predator, always a sexual predator - there is no cure. So like Stevenson is made by some of you a pimp for life, #45 is an SP for life and there are at least 20 women suing him for assaulting their bodies NOT in a strip club. Ollie, you seem to want to make excuses for criminal sexual misconduct on the part of yo’ boy, who is not qualified to be POTUS for a huge number of reasons, not the least of which is lack of character and telling lies like most people breathe oxygen; you didn’t answer my questions of his non-loyalty to you, his base and anyone not named Donald Trump either. He damn sure wasn’t being loyal to you when he gloatingly told his rich buddies after the legal robbery tax bill passed that “Fellow rich men, I’ve made you richer . . ” at the party at Mar-A-Lago that you weren’t invited to and never would have been, celebrating the biggest money transfer from the government to the super rich in the history of the US, that all us taxpayers will be paying for, keeping the rich richer thanks to yo’ boy, by his own admission! A rich man gives less than a damn about you! Watch what he does, question everything he says, and put some common sense I’m sure you have to his con job on you. The same MO was run on a con job called Trump U. Those victims believed, like you and got screwed for it. And he didn’t write “The Art of the Deal” either. Ask Tony Schwartz, the ghost writer who wrote every word. It’s all a huge con by a lifetime international hustler who has close ties to both the American and Russian mobs. This if the first Gangster Presidency. God Bless America, we Americans need Divine Providence to rid us of this stain. To your latest point, there’s a difference between putting oneself in a paid sexual environment like a strip club where there’s all kind of freakin’ going on, and being in society, as a man being respectful to women not strippers, porn stars and hookers. As I said, let’s get back to boxing: I totally agree with Koolz that Stevenson should have fought the Krusher. You can’t BE the best in the fight game unless you fight the best. If Stevenson drops that hammer left on Badou and beats Jack in the re-match, the alphabet soup sanctioning bodies, WBA, IBF etc. all those fools should make Stevenson fight the Krusher as a mandatory or take his belts!

  4. Ollie Downtown Brown 08:40pm, 05/21/2018

    Just a slight detour away from the fight and addressing something that was brought up earlier. Maybe touch on the double standards of sexual misconduct. Anyone who ever entered a strip club that performed lap dances can attest that they were routinely grabbed in the biscuits by the girls who performed there. One particularly club that has a relatively well known reputation or at least it used to back in the day was Mons Venus located in Tampa. It is near the football stadium so quite often it can get packed. You would no sooner walk in and some girl would grab your junk and squeeze whether you wanted your package squeezed or not made little difference. Now just imagine if the roles were reversed for the crotch grabbing. And some of the language those girls would use, embarrassed the hell out of me. Anyone worked with women that talked more about sex than guys? I have on more than one occasion. So lets not think the ladies out there are above reproach when it comes to vulgar language, groping, etc. You might want to check out Debra Lafave, a teacher who was doing the horizontal rumba with her 14 year old male student. Lafave was a looker and it was argued she might be too pretty to send to jail.  I think she finally received house arrest. Now reverse this case with a grown man and a 14 year old girl. Does the man receive house arrest?

  5. Balaamsass 05:10pm, 05/21/2018

    @Ms nonperson-Not to worry the Pope says God made you that way! If you leftist fux didn’t have your hate you would have nothing….nothing but your lies and your name calling….and it’s proven every time you show up on this site! On those rare occasions when you feign sanity and post about boxing your comments are predictable, unoriginal, obvious and boring as fuk!

  6. Koolz 02:49pm, 05/21/2018

    Gvozdyk is wanting to fight Stevenson next.
    that is the end of Superman!  There is no way he survives a fight with Gvozdyk.
    By by Superman your time has come.

  7. Koolz 02:38pm, 05/21/2018

    Stevenson should have fought Kovalev when they had the chance.  Now he wouldn’t last six rounds with the Krusher.

    Can’t say that Stevenson is really in the mix anymore at Light Heavy. 
    Balaamsass seeing Don King is still around cracks me up I swear the guy even looks the same same damn coat and everything.
    Mafia in boxing rears it’s ugly head.

  8. Spell Check 02:03pm, 05/21/2018

    nonentity aka “nonprophet”... Might be wise to proof read your posts before hitting the send button. hahaha.

  9. nonprophet 01:44pm, 05/21/2018

    Ralph Semen is ON-POINT!!!  Ate Ollie for lunch and left him in the crapper. 

    As for “baboon-ass” (aka Balaasass) he’s been eaten by wolves and shit off a cliff on many occasions.  His mind’s fuked….sure he’s playing with a full six pack of Budweiser’s, but he lacks the plastic piece that holds all the cans together. 

    He’s interesting, but only in an “ignorant as fuk” way.


  10. Your Name 01:10pm, 05/21/2018

    RALPH SEMEN, What wound you up? This is boxing, not politics. The Pimp has shown little, if any remorse. If he did, people would have warmed up to him by now. Even Don King cannot completely shed his historic pimpitry let alone his murder 2 and manslaughter convictions. As for your “experience in Cali,” I don’t care if you are Elliot Spitzer. And please, no more Trump puke.

    Stay focused mate and give the pimp his due as he showed enough in the 11th to pull out a fair draw and keep his crown.

  11. Balaamsass 11:30am, 05/21/2018

    Koolz-Zounds! Man! That was beautiful the way you got Marilyn Monroe into the mix! In both of the fights in question the refs were acting like homers jabbering away at both visitors! In the early days of Sumo the Gyogi served as both ref and judge….if he made a bad call he was mandated to perform Seppeku…not sure if he had to disembowel himself on the spot or at some later date to be determined!

  12. Balaamsass 11:16am, 05/21/2018

    Bernard Hopkins did hard time without much ado from boxing fans….the only real notice came when Keith Holmes called him a “purse snatcher”! Posters here need to get in and get the fuk out! If you can’t hit it in a few pithy sentences you need to quit it! Brevity is the soul of wit and that goes for comments on a boxing site too!

  13. Koolz 11:04am, 05/21/2018

    come on guys all of it is a scam everything.
    just see McCarthy and how he revealed all the scams here.
    jar2. com
    as for JFK the guy was used by CIA through the Honey Pot MK Ultra Victim Marilyn Monroe.

    you can’t elect anyone you can select someone but you never ever actually elect someone that never happens never will happen.

    Have you seen the Suits involved in the latest bust of a secret sex cult in hollyweird.  Since it’s all Maritime law I will just say it’s “Water Under the Bridge.”

    as for Stevenson well I was impressed with his come back.  I thought if he couldn’t stop Jack by the fifth or sixth then it’s over for him but some how he found a way even in the 10th!

    Jack beat the hell out Degale that should never have been a draw.

  14. Ollie Downtown Brown 10:54am, 05/21/2018

    Ralph… Looks like you were the one that was triggered. LMAO. Damn, son, did you plan on writing a book. Still LMAO at the triggered guy.

  15. RALPH SEMIEN 10:30am, 05/21/2018

    To “Downtown Ollie Brown’: one more thing, Ollie, honorable men and boys, sons of their mothers, fathers of their daughters and sons, husbands of their wives and brothers of their sisters, in locker rooms all over America and the world, don’t talk about taking advantage of women the way Trump did on the Access Hollywood tape. I was taught better than that and I hope you were too. Now, Ollie, as I said, let’s get back to boxing.

  16. RALPH SEMIEN 10:13am, 05/21/2018

    To Ollie “Downtown” Brown: I don’t want to get too far afield from boxing, but since you are so offended about my comment concerning punishment of your guy Trump for sexual misconduct, you ought to check out the facts. The record shows at least 20 women at this point have come forward accusing #45 of sexual assault per the Guardian, 17 per ABC News (I won’t call him the President-he is unworthy of the title – he drags the office of the President in the gutter, setting new lows on a daily basis). I’ve worked in the criminal justice system and know a little bit about the law, which apparently you don’t.  That wasn’t “locker room talk”. That was an admission of felony criminal sexual misconduct. Trump openly bragged of grabbing women in their vaginas. If you didn’t know it, grabbing women in their vaginas, of which your guy Trump bragged, is criminal sexual assault in every state in the Union! Your boy says the 20 women accusers are all lying, but his bragging of criminal sexual assault certainly fits the M.O. such as accusations of groping one of the accusers on a plane, feeling women on their breasts, unconsented forcible kissing and other forms of near rape. So are accusations by a 1997 Miss Teen USA pageant participant of Trump walking into the dressing room unannounced while teen beauty queens aged 15 to 19 were naked. Source: BuzzFeed I have a daughter and granddaughters-I’d be looking for your boy if he did that to any of mine. Trump’s statements to Billy Bush would be used against him in a court of law if criminal sexual assault charges were filed against him, which should be. By the way, Billy Bush said in a recent interview on HBO’s Bill Maher show that your guy also told him that you can lie anytime you want to, people will always believe you. What makes you think he’s ever telling YOU the truth when he’s told over 3,000 provable lies since taking office? And he’s never been loyal to any of his wives, has thrown his boy Michael Cohen under the bus totally, so what makes you think he is loyal and truthful to you? He is such a disgusting freak that he has said he would have sex with Ivanka if she wasn’t his daughter, which I find as slimy as his support of child molester Roy Moore for Senator from Alabama, something even Red-state Alabama conservatives who have reliably voted Republican for over two decades couldn’t stomach. “Locker room talk” my ass! Stop making excuses for a sexual criminal! Now, let’s get back to boxing.

  17. Ollie Downtown Brown 09:21am, 05/21/2018

    @ Ralph Semien.. And what exactly has President Trump done that he has to be “punished” for? Talking about “grabbing women by the pucci” isn’t exactly the crime of the century, last time I checked, locker room talk is legal in all 50 states at least for now.  I think it would be more helpful to focus on what New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, has been accused of before we look at President Trump.  For the record, I voted for Trump, for my money, he hasn’t delivered on a lot of his promises, but for someone to compare Trump to Bill Cosby or Harvey Weinstein is beyond the pale and ridiculous. Speaking of foul mouthed and skirt chasing Presidents, do they get much worse than JFK or Lyndon Johnson? I think those two make Trump look like a boy scout.

  18. RALPH SEMIEN 09:07am, 05/21/2018

    Kid Blast, I can dig where you are coming from, but Weinstein, like Bill Cosby and #45 in the White House, have not yet been punished. Pimpin’ is a despicable trade, but home boy got caught, was punished and paid his dues. Is it about “once a criminal, always a criminal”? There are no ‘Scarlet Letters’ here - I’ve worked in the criminal justice system out here in Cali and once a person gets a jacket it’s very difficult, even after they’ve paid their due to society, for them to even get a job. Stevenson has his flaws but I’d prefer to judge him as a boxer than as an ex-pimp. Back in the day, Mr. Soul James Brown, whose music will get any party started, supported Richard Nixon for President and was an A-hole to his band. But I prefer to judge JB on his music. So I prefer to judge Stevenson on what he brings to the ring and not on his past. I look forward to the re-match with Badou. I’ll start talking about his ass real bad if he ducks the rematch. LOL.

  19. Kid Blast 08:52am, 05/21/2018

    Fe’Roz has the beat. Once a pimp, always a pimp—-and Ralph, if he showed some remorse, maybe the pimp handle would go away so please, give me a break. This guy did terrible things pre-Harvey Weinstein!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Balaamsass 06:33pm, 05/20/2018

    All things considered….Jack just doesn’t hit hard enough and that more than anything else is the reason for the four Draws on his record.

  21. Ralph Fight Fan 06:03pm, 05/20/2018

    Koolz’ comment about Stevenson/Jack to the point:“That was one hell of a fight!” applies equally to Gary Russell Jr./Joseph Diaz, which was an excellent exciting battle royal, bell-to-bell every round, as well. As Ring Magazine pointed out:  “It was certainly a lot closer than what some of the judges saw. The wet, hard slaps to Gary Russell Jr.’s sides were proof of that. Joseph Diaz Junior kept coming forward, stalking, dipping, then ripping another body shot.” Diaz, the young championship “prospect” kept coming for the Champ, gave the Champ all he could handle, never backed up, and touched up Russell, the old veteran champion, a lot more than Russell thought he was going to get hit - Diaz hit Russell with some excellent humongous body shots up to mid-fight when Russell started some outstanding stick and move and gave Diaz angles he hadn’t seen before, causing Diaz to hit at air at the place Russell had vacated by moving real smooth and not being a stationary target-that’s excellent footwork and reflexes. I think we fight fans were treated to a real show last night, something we don’t always get in the same fight card, with two excellent highly competitive fights where in each fight neither fighter called for quarter nor gave any-either one of the four warriors could easily have been carried out on his shield. I like that kinda’ party!!!!!!!!!

  22. Ralph Fight Fan 05:49pm, 05/20/2018

    Why ya’all calling the man a pimp when he hasn’t been in trouble with the law for, according to Stevenson, 14 years? If you’ve paid your dues, you are not the same person you were that got yourself in trouble in the first place. Let’s have some class, like the classiness of Badou Jack who said in a pre-fight interview that he wasn’t going to judge Stevenson about the pimp thing (“Only God can judge him, that’s on him . . . “) despite the fact that Badou says he was approached and told by many Canadians that they didn’t like Stevenson “because he was a former pimp . . . He’s not a likable guy.” I think it says in the Bible, “Judge not lest ye be judged!” Seriously, on a boxing tip, I wouldn’t say that Stevenson is all the way washed up and if Jack isn’t as careful to avoid that big left in the re-match as he was last night. Regardless of his age, any light heavy with a record 29-1 with 24 KO’s (mostly with the left glove) is not to be underestimated. And home-boy is not just a puncher, like Sonny Liston, as Stevenson demonstrated last night, he can box-as you fight fans should all know, a hard punch to the liver can result in a knockout-we knew in round 10 when he landed that heavy punch to Badou’s midsection and Badou’s legs got rubbery as he immediately backed up, that Stevenson hurt Badou. Badou got even in the 12th where he won the draw. But Badou should start faster and back him up pop him in the face and head, bust up that mid-section, way earlier in the re-match. Me, I agree with Koolz “That was one hell of a fight!”

  23. Kid Blast 05:23pm, 05/20/2018

    Pimp is done. Time to retire. Though I would not mind watching Joe Smith knock him into retirement like he did Hopkins.

  24. Koolz 11:37am, 05/20/2018

    That was one hell of a fight!  guess Stevenson is getting old.
    Can’t see Stevenson surviving a rematch with Jack.

    All Jack has to do is turn it up from the beginning and keep at it.

  25. Kid Blast 10:50am, 05/20/2018

    Jack wins rematch. Pimp is now too old and the blueprint is clear. Key point is that his left hood loses power as he tires, and he will tire much faster next time out.

    If Jack had planted a few more body shots, he would have taken him out, but ironically it was a Pimp body shot that allowed Adonis to retain his crown. Left hook never played a role.

    The ref did Jack no favors, either.

  26. don from prov 09:31am, 05/20/2018

    If there is a rematch, Jack needs to fight a little more early on—

    but I guess that is already the consensus

  27. Kid Blast 06:39am, 05/20/2018

    Ralphfightfan has the beat

  28. Kid Blast 06:38am, 05/20/2018

    He has grown old overnight though he did do enough in the 11th to earn a draw IMO. The fight went according to plan except that the Pimp got a second wind but then gassed again in the 12th. He’s done.

    As for the referee, he needs to review the rules on “holding.”

  29. Ralph Fight Fan 10:50pm, 05/19/2018

    It could’ve been a draw. Over-all close fight, lots of give and take, spurts of energy, followed by a lot of clenching, Stevenson clenhing and holding way more-so than Badou Jack with totally no comment about his holding by the ref who only warned Jack for holding when both fighters resorted to the clench throughout. One of the talking heads pointed out that all three judges gave Jack the 12th round, thus giving him the draw. But it could also be said that Stevenson won the draw when, trailing in the 10th round, well beat-up by Jack to that point and gassed, he landed the big body shot that obviously hurt Jack, backed him up and the effect carried over into round eleven. Jack could be blamed for being too cautious in the early rounds, giving up way too many from trying to stay away from the big left hand. Conversely, Jack moved to Stevenson’s right effectively, as one must with a heavy hitting southpaw, and Jack kept the big left KO shot from happening. A re-match is certainly in order. It was a really entertaining competitive fight. Badou exposed some weaknesses and lack of stamina on Stevenson’s part that Badou should do a better job of exploiting next go-round. Obviously Jack showed that Stevenson is no “Superman” and is getting old.

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