Adonis Stevenson Flattens “Top Dog”

By Robert Ecksel on July 30, 2016
Adonis Stevenson Flattens “Top Dog”
When Williams recovered—Stevenson was on him like he was prey. (Dave Nadkarni/PBC)

The end came, as ends often come, with reassuring familiarity. The favorite won in dramatic fashion. The loser lay sprawled face down on the canvas…

Friday night at the Centre Videotron in Quebec City, Montreal, Canada, in a fight televised live by PBC on Spike, WBC light heavyweight champion Adonis “Superman” Stevenson (28-1, 23 KOs), from Blainville, Quebec, Canada, by way of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, successfully defended his title by knocking out Thomas “Top Dog” Williams Jr. (20-2, 14 KOs), the underdog from Ft. Washington, Maryland, at 2:54 of round four.

Both men are southpaws which made for fine viewing. Wearing Kronk gold, Adonis Stevenson—Emanuel Steward called him the strongest man he ever trained—brought the fight to Williams at the opening bell.

Thomas Williams Jr., in purple and white trunks, had a serious rep coming into the fight. The odds were stacked against him and he was in there with a monster, but he redeemed himself and then some.

The end came, as ends often come, with reassuring familiarity. The favorite won in dramatic fashion. The loser lay sprawled face down on the canvas.

The challenger had a shaky first round. Stevenson dropped him with a left to the side of the head. Williams wasn’t hurt. He made it to his feet and through the round.

Williams pulled himself together in the second. He started catching the champ with sneaky uppercuts. They traded. They went toe-to-toe. Stevenson was teeing off, when he wasn’t getting hit in the face, and it felt like Williams had turned the tide. But Stevenson is unrelenting. He eats shots, at an alarming rate, but looked unstoppable Friday night against a very tough opponent.

Stevenson won round two by a hair. Williams was wild but came to fight.

The challenger landed two lefts to Stevenson’s face to start round three. The fighters traded uppercuts. They went to the body. Williams put some hurt on the champion and vice-versa. He not only won the round. He revived questions about Stevenson’s defense and ring IQ. But if one fighter was in effect born to knock the other fighter out, defense and ring IQ just don’t cut it.

Stevenson had a fight on his hands and he knew it. He let round three get away from him. He needed to buy time. Ten seconds into the fourth, Stevenson resourcefully landed a low blow. When Williams recovered—Stevenson was on him like he was prey. Lefts, rights, uppercuts, body shots, it was a veritable smorgasbord of punishing punches. Williams still occasionally nailed the champ, with diminishing returns and dwindling hopes, but he was a man in a lifejacket in the middle of a raging sea.

The end may have been a foregone conclusion, but the end justified the means. The fight was not boring. The fight was not one-sided. The fight was not routine. The hometown fighter won by knockout and the loser went out on his shield.  Everyone went home happy.

Stevenson was exuberant after the fight.

“It was a firefight,” he said. “He put pressure on me so I decided to put pressure on him too. It was a fight with two guys who could punch and it was spectacular.”

Stevenson got that right. It was spectacular. But it won’t be as spectacular as the fight between Stevenson and Kovalev.

Sergey Kovalev isn’t going way. Stevenson isn’t ducking Kovalev. He ducks no man and fears even fewer. If and when they fight, and the sooner the better, they will be tested. Comparable knockout power but stylistically distinct, Stevenson is unbridled id, a force of nature, a machine bent on destruction. Kovalev is a thinking fighter. He considers what he is doing. But if Adonis Stevenson’s going down, and there’s no guarantee that Adonis Stevenson is going down, you can bet that it won’t be without a fight.

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Stevenson vs Williams HIGHLIGHTS: July 29, 2016 - PBC on Spike

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  1. No10Count 11:20am, 08/01/2016

    I am unsure how much more cleaner cut a fighter ducking another fighter
    can be with Stevenson Vs Kovalev.

    We all want the fight.
    I boycott all of Stevenson’s fights to try and pressure the fight but unless the majority do this the fight will never happen.  Stevenson can continue fighting 2nd tier fighters.

  2. Eric 06:53am, 07/31/2016

    Yeah, but has the Krusher ever fought someone that can punch like Superman? I’d favor the Krusher at about 9-5 odds, but both guys are capable of ending the fight early. Boxing history has proven that a puncher always stands a chance.

  3. Steven Stahler 06:47pm, 07/30/2016

    Adonis is so badly flawed as far as being a technical boxer that Kovalev beats him with just the jab and Os him

  4. Eric 11:05am, 07/30/2016

    Irish….I was wondering if there was something physically wrong with Bill Clinton. Honestly, the guy gets thinner and thinner and just stands there with that goofy grin on his red face all the time. Bill must be on the Al Sharpton crash diet, and that beet red nose of his is like an advertisement for Johnnie Walker. I could think of a lot of better candidates than Trump, but beggars can’t be choosy and Rome wasn’t built in a day. BUILD THAT WALL! MAGA!

  5. Eric 10:58am, 07/30/2016

    I think a Stevenson-Kovalev fight should be in order. Take the light heavy division back to the days of Spinks vs. Qawi. Imagine a double-header featuring Golovkin vs. Canelo/Ward & Stevenson vs. Kovalev. Tank of the money that would generate in PPV sales. I might even break out and buy a PPV boxing event for the first time since ‘91.

  6. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 10:43am, 07/30/2016

    That left was to the back of the head…..big difference….Williams turned his head and the punch landed on the back of his head. Williams should have taken the full five minutes after that “resourceful” low blow. Junior was talking and gesturing to no one in particular in the crowd when he was on the canvas, kinda’ like Hillary when she points to the crowd and pretends that she recognizes someone there.

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