Adonis Stevenson: The Sound of Silence

By Robert Ecksel on December 14, 2018
Adonis Stevenson: The Sound of Silence
Prior to looking at the comatose boxer, the WBC President spoke about what occurred.

Does the WBC intend to cover Stevenson’s medical expenses, which could be exorbitant and last many years?

Mauricio Sulaiman, President of the World Boxing Counsel, paid a visit to former WBC light heavyweight champion Adonis Stevenson in Quebec City earlier this week. Under normal circumstances there might have been much to discuss, like possible maneuvers for Stevenson to retain his title. But conversation was nonexistent.

In defense of boxing, Sulaiman, prior to looking at the comatose boxer at the Enfant-Jésus Hospital, spoke with the press about what occurred.

“It was an accident,” he said, failing to acknowledge the essential nature of the sport. “It was a very unfortunate situation and in general terms the referee of Montreal Michael Griffin had a good performance.”

Praising a referee has its place, but it might be inappropriate while visiting an unconscious boxer the ref was paid to protect.

“The WBC has worked constantly to make boxing safer for boxers in recent years, including modifications to the rules,” continued Sulaiman. “Boxing is dangerous, but there are other more dangerous sports.”

Saying boxing is dangerous is like saying sugar it sweet. The obviousness boggles the mind. As far as the “other more dangerous sports,” Sulaiman gave no examples. Perhaps none came to mind.

“Adonis is a very special champion and friend,” Sulaiman added. “We have to support him in this moment that he is fighting for his life. The WBC cares about all our fighters and it is a legacy that my father left to watch over each one of them.”

Does that mean the WBC intends to cover his medical expenses, which could be exorbitant and last many years?

That was not addressed.

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  1. Maurice 09:23pm, 12/15/2018


  2. Kid Blast 04:19pm, 12/15/2018

    Here is what we know for sure as of December 5:

    “Adonis Stevenson’s doctors have given an in-depth update. He’s suffered a severe traumatic brain injury and underwent surgery. Remains in induced coma, condition is “stable, but critical.” Doctor told press he has a good chance of survival, but long-term consequences are likely.”

  3. Kid Blast 04:16pm, 12/15/2018

    What makes this one especially horrific is that the damage was done by one blow—the neck/head snapper at the very end. Maybe I’m being unfair, but I think Referee Griffin could have stepped in sooner.

    We can only hope for Adonis. The silence about his condition has become ominous. It’s my understanding that he was operated on but I’m not sure for what reason. If it was to remove a blood clot, that can not be a good thing. If it was to release pressure, then that can lead to a much better outcome. Either way,  brain injuries are terrible dangerous.

  4. don from prov 07:03am, 12/15/2018

    “straight right that snapped his head violently back reminded of when Griffith was snapping Paret’s head back when Emile had Benny trapped in that corner all those years ago” —That is an image, for all those who saw the fight, that will never leave the mind.  Steveson too went down in an unnerving manner.

  5. Kid Blast 01:51pm, 12/14/2018

    WBC = We Be Crooks?

  6. Buster 01:39pm, 12/14/2018

    What an awful maudlin response from Sulaiman Jr. Of course he won’t cover the medical expenses. His dad was a corrupt bum who passed the “President for Life” baton to his incompetent son. The fact that this character and the WBC is still around speaks volumes about the disgusting organization of this so called “sport”.

  7. Kid Blast 08:54am, 12/14/2018

    Let’s hope that this does not end up like Roc Nation Sports failure to help Daniel Franco with his medical bills.

  8. Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers 08:38am, 12/14/2018

    Erect On Demand… As for the “beer goggles,” I, too, am guilty as charged. But then again, most guys, at least when they are young whether sober or hammered, will do almost anything when given the opportunity.

  9. Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers 08:34am, 12/14/2018

    Erect On Demand… haha. The poor guy that was KTFO from a slap would have to move a couple of towns away to live that one down. Hopefully he was the one that started it. That would be quite a lesson for a bully. As for the guy doing the slapping, he probably wouldn’t face as stiff of a charge seeing as how he struck the guy with an open hand. Of course back in the day, often bar fights ended up with no one being arrested if no one was seriously injured, at least it was that way in America, not sure about Europe.

  10. Erect On Demand 08:27am, 12/14/2018

    @MMTFC-Some guys seem to grow beer muscles when they drink….I never had that problem….the way I saw it fighting would interfere with my drinking….now…you take beer goggles….I"m guilty as hell there!

  11. Erect On Demand 08:16am, 12/14/2018

    @MMTFC-Speaking of bar fights way back in the early sixties in a Munich gasthaus I saw a wannabe tuff guy get KOd with an open handed slap! Still can’t figure out if it was the shock effect or if the bugger was just that chinny!

  12. Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers 08:04am, 12/14/2018

    The Cooney vs Norton fight was a case where the referee should have stepped in sooner. Norton could have been decapitated. And then you had Joe Louis looking clueless while Frazier was pounding Quarry all over the ring. Lost some respect for Gil Clancy in that fight. He must not have given two sh*ts about Quarry to allow that beating to continue. Boxing might want to find a way to discourage forty somethings from competing as well. The George Foremans, Bernard Hopkins, and Archie Moores are the exceptions and not the rule. A 40 plus guy has no business in a boxing ring especially at that level of competition. Used to be a forty something athlete competing in any sport was extremely rare, and in boxing it was almost non-existent.

  13. Erect On Demand 07:50am, 12/14/2018

    Even though Adonis receipted for sharp, crisp right hands throughout, the very last straight right that snapped his head violently back reminded of when Griffith was snapping Paret’s head back when Emile had Benny trapped in that corner all those years ago.

  14. Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers 07:21am, 12/14/2018

    The only way to prevent things like this from happening in a violent sport like boxing is to ban the sport. Only been one death that occurred from being beaned in the head or face in MLB, however, outside of the big leagues, there have been other deaths due to being struck by line drives, as well as being hit by a pitch. Even bat boys and fans have either died or were seriously injured by foul balls. So even non-contact sports have risks. It is a helluva lot of responsibility to put on the man officiating. He is often condemned for stopping a fight too soon. Look at how many people die in bar fights where two untrained individuals punch each other. Sometimes people walk away from a fight only to die from complications later.  When you have two strong, physically fit, trained fighters punching each other, even with a referee, rules, and gloves, things are going to happen no matter how many precautions are taken.

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