Adrien Broner Busted

By Robert Ecksel on March 24, 2016
Adrien Broner Busted
Broner “allegedly beat the crap out of a guy outside a Cincinnati bowling alley with a gun.”

“Broner had lost thousands of dollars in bowling bets and was pissed when the alleged victim decided to call it a night…”

And the hits just keep on coming…

Adrien “The Problem” Broner (31-2, 23 KOs), the mercurial multidivisional champion from Cincinnati, Ohio, is “a wanted man,” according TMZ Sports, for “allegedly beating the crap out of a guy outside a Cincinnati bowling alley in a violent robbery with a gun.”

Maybe it was case of mistaken identity. Maybe it was a misunderstanding.

Maybe Broner lost his cool.

TMZ Sports reports that “Multiple sources connected to the case tell us the incident in question went down around 3:30 AM on January 21st—after Broner and another man had been making high stakes bets with each other at the lanes.

“The alleged victim told police ... Broner had lost thousands of dollars in bowling bets and was pissed when the alleged victim decided to call it a night and go home with his winnings.

“Our sources say ... the man claims Broner waited for him outside of the alley and punched him in the face and neck—nearly knocking the man out cold.”

That might have been enough for one night, but Broner wasn’t finished.

According to court documents, Broner “then retrieved a handgun from his vehicle, approached the victim, demanded money, then struck [the victim] in the face with a closed fist a second time, this time causing the victim to be rendered unconscious.”

Broner hadn’t knocked anyone out cold in five years, not since he KO’d Vicente Martin Rodriguez in 2011. That’s the good news. The bad news is that “Broner was then observed taking money out of the victim’s pockets while he was unconscious before fleeing the scene.”

Broner has been charged with felonious assault and aggravated robbery. The cops are looking for him. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

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  1. procopy 05:49pm, 03/28/2016

    Maybe it is time he dig out all the cash that he flushed in his toilet some time back. He has to cover himself with shit now.

  2. Lyin' Ted 09:36am, 03/26/2016

    It all depends on what is is

  3. AkT 01:56pm, 03/25/2016

    How to sell a fight 101

    Ultimate gimmick! Why does the story only come out after 2 months?

  4. Pete The Sneak 08:36am, 03/25/2016

    Agree with Jan Swart…How come he hasn’t been picked up yet after 2 months (if this is true)?...I mean, this would be a serious charge, menacing someone with a gun to try and get something back (ask OJ)... Also, it’s not like he’s a total unknown who can easily blend in anywhere. Perhaps the cops haven’t checked the local strip clubs yet? This story sounds Cod like (Fishy)...Peace.

  5. Jan Swart 11:52pm, 03/24/2016

    On second thoughts: He has NOT actually been busted, as the headline suggests. That will only happen when the cops come knocking.

  6. Jan Swart 11:47pm, 03/24/2016

    Hard to believe that, two months on, he has not yet been arrested.

  7. No10Count 09:48pm, 03/24/2016

    Roid rage!


    This is not unexpected is it?

  8. peter 05:52pm, 03/24/2016

    There is something wrong with this man—I mean, boy.

  9. Sean Matheny 04:45pm, 03/24/2016

    Typical thug behavior for this troubled young man who thinks too much of his own ability.  Hope he can get his head on straight.

  10. Eric 02:46pm, 03/24/2016

    He dindu nuffin.

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