Adrien Broner Isn’t Gay

By Robert Ecksel on March 20, 2019
Adrien Broner Isn’t Gay
TMZ Sports jumped on it and had a gay old time writing it up. (Steve Marcus/Getty Images)

The self-proclaimed successor to Floyd Mayweather still puts fannies in seats, and nothing else matters…

One of the most pressing issues of our time—Would he or wouldn’t he?—Does he or doesn’t he?—can finally be put to bed. For all his human failings, he is adept at self-promotion, a social media sensation, and an object of fascination and subject of scorn at the same time.

The three-division champion from Cincinnati, Ohio, aptly nicknamed “The Problem,” has won only three of his last seven fights dating back to his 2015 loss to Shawn Porter. But the self-proclaimed successor to Floyd Mayweather still puts fannies in seats, and nothing else matters.

We’ve grown accustomed to Broner’s antics. His ability to shock has worn thin over time. But one can’t fault the man for trying; if only he put forth that much effort in the ring.

The latest if not necessarily greatest involves Broner defending his heterosexuality on a video he posted on his social media account Tuesday night. TMZ Sports jumped on it…and had a gay old time writing it up.

“If any f*cking, punk ass n*gga come run up on me, trying to touch me on all that gay sh*t, I’m letting you know right now—if I ain’t got my gun on me, I’m knocking you the f*ck out.”

Threatening to shoot people, even gay people, is never a good idea. But until the State is compelled to bring down the hammer, Adrien Broner remains his own worst enemy.

“If I got my gun on me, I’m shooting you in the f*cking face, and that’s on God and them. I’m not playing with none of these n*ggas. I don’t like gay sh*t.”

It pays to be aware of Broner’s predilections. It establishes what red lines not to cross. But there has apparently been some back-and-forth with the butt of Broner’s aggression, another “social media star Andrew C. Caldwell—the famous ‘I’m Delivert’ guy.”

I never heard of Andrew C. Caldwell. I did some research and it didn’t help. I feel no more well-informed as a result.

“Caldwell has accused Broner of flirting with him. Broner claims Caldwell is lying ... and claims it’s Caldwell who’s been shooting his shot in Broner’s DMs.”

“Get out my inbox,” Broner wrote, “before I punch the testosterone out yo GAY ASS.”

There must be some confusion. Maybe no one is to blame. Or maybe the “famous ‘I’m Delivert’ guy” misconstrued Broner’s assertion, repeated ad nauseum, that he’s “the can man.”

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  1. Bruce 05:24pm, 03/22/2019

    Can’t we just let this guy Broner disappear?  He is as relevant as last week’s newspaper and maybe less.

  2. Booty Bandit 08:25am, 03/21/2019

    Oh sheeit, I just hit the link, “it didn’t help” and just about pissed myself while spitting out my drank while laughing out loud. Good stuff.

  3. Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers 07:25am, 03/21/2019

    The picture below the headline of this article =  hilarious. lolololol

  4. Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers 06:58am, 03/21/2019

    Broner keepin’ it a hunnert. Taint no heterosexual male want to play any of that “gay shit.” And with so many dudes on the DL these days, you have to guard your manhood. No gay for the stay or gay fo’  pay goin’ on with AB. hehe.  However, I think AB, especially given his criminal record, might better watch talking about shooting people. TMZ is nothing but TRASH. If you think Adrien Broner is a low life, then what do you think of the people who put this sort of garbage on the television?

  5. Your Name 06:08am, 03/21/2019

    Broner’s diatribe is standard talk in the hood. No big deal. Plus he procreates like a rabbit.

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