Adrien Broner Meets the Press

By Robert Ecksel on December 10, 2013
Adrien Broner Meets the Press
The known knowns conflict with the known unknowns where Adrien Broner is concerned.

“It comes with the territory of being an African-American, and they’re never going to give me my full respect…”

In anticipation of Saturday’s fight between unbeaten WBA welterweight champion Adrien “The Problem” Broner (27-0, 22 KOs) and former WBA light welterweight champion Marcos “El Chino” Maidana (34-3, 31 KOs) at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, The Problem met with the press via teleconference call. He is outspoken. He is talented. He is a cutup. But the known knowns conflict with the known unknowns where Broner is concerned.

After a laudatory introduction by Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer, Broner got down to business.

“Hey,” he said, “what’s going on, everybody? I really don’t have to say too much. He already told you all what I’ve been doing to these boxers in my past few years, and it’s been devastating. I took this fight because a lot of people were saying that I was picking my opponents and I haven’t fought any legitimate fighters, but I was just blessed with the talent. I make good fighters look basic. Now, I take on El Chino Maidana, the hard-hitting, the body-bruising, the bone-cracking puncher. He’s a hell of a fighter, knockout artist, Argentine superstar, pretty face, what can I say? It’s going to be a hell of a fight.”

The knock on Broner is as he described. He continues to step it up, however incrementally, and Maidana, while slow, hits hard when he lands.

“I really can’t trash talk with someone who don’t speak English,” said Broner, “so I will not be the villain like everybody try to make me out to be. What I want to say to El Chino and Team Maidana is I hope he is 100 percent ready. I hope he’s 110 percent ready. I hope he doesn’t have any colds the week of the fight. I hope his team trains to the best of his ability. He has a great coach (Robert Garcia). I respect his coach. I want to come prepared because come December 14th, Saturday night, I will be victorious, man, and I just don’t want no excuses.”

Garcia is a great coach, but there have been setbacks. For example, watching Bam Bam Rios walk into Manny Pacquiao’s punches was a reminder that Garcia, while successful and celebrated, may not be all he’s cracked up to be.

“It doesn’t matter what I do,” Broner continued. “I just feel like I never get the credit that I deserve. So even when I win this fight, and I’m going to win this fight in a spectacular fashion, I’m going to keep it professional. I wish him and his camp the best and I hope nobody gets brutally hurt, but I’m coming in for the kill and I put my heart on the line and he’s really going to have to make me respect his boxing skills.”

After Paulie Malignaggi’s performance against Zab Judah at the Barclays Center last week, the Magic Man’s performance against Broner is on everyone’s mind. But Malignaggi is a pure boxer, whereas Maidana is a pure puncher.

“One thing that people don’t understand is the guys he (Maidana) knocked out he was able to hit. He’s got to hit me first. He has to hit me first, and he’s never been hit by me. But I always say, I don’t fight anybody the same. Maidana has to show me. He has to make me respect his power and his boxing skills. You never know. When I make my adjustments inside the ring December 14th, then I’ll do what I have to do to get my victory, but until then, we just staying sharp.”

Turning to Malignaggi, who may have beaten Broner on a round-to-round basis according to number of punches landed, The Problem said, “Paulie’s a hell of a fighter. He’s more difficult than any opponent I ever fought. But he couldn’t hit me. He couldn’t hit me with nothing flush. So with Maidana, he’s definitely a proven hard-hitting puncher, but he’s got to hit me. It’s not like I’m going to let him hit me. He’s got to hit me.”

Broner was asked about his motivation and not getting the respect he feels he deserves.

“I’m a self motivator, so I’m always motivated,” he said, “but it comes with the territory of being an African-American that’s on top, and like I always say, man, they’re never going to give me my full respect. They’re never going to do it no matter if I go in there and knock Maidana out in the first round. They’re going to find some way to criticize me. I just do me. I just get my victories and keep moving on with my career, because at the end of the day, some of you reporters never threw a punch and none of these writers never threw a punch, so I really can’t read or think or take what some of you guys say and take it to the heart because it means nothing to me sometimes.”

Having placed the race card, which I’m not convinced has anything to do with anything in this instance, a softball question was in order. Broner was asked where he would place himself among the top pound-for-pound fighters in boxing today.

“Honestly, on a pound-for-pound list? I’ll say I’m top five. Easy. I’ll even name them. You’ve got number one is—I’ve got to pay homage to my big brother Floyd Mayweather, because he’s still in the game. But, number two, I’ve got to give honestly and I’ve sat and thought about this, but I honestly got to give it to Andre Ward for the simple fact of what he’s done in boxing and a lot of guys, they don’t give them no credit. But as number three, I have to say Adrien Broner. As number four, I have to say Adrien Broner. And number five, I have to say Adrien Broner. That’s how I see it.”

It sounds like someone else thinks Rigondeaux is boring.

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  1. nicolas 07:54pm, 12/15/2013

    Just the day after the Broner loss, I would like to suggest to Rob that Broner in the ring was never considered boring. As far as his accomplishments, I would suggest his only great wins are over Demarco and Litzau. I felt his win over Ponce De Leon was a gift decision, there was also a fight earlier against an unbeaten Mexican fighter, who I believe has not fought since that might have been a gift. As I have written earlier, I do think that some black fighters have not been given the accolades, becase there have been so many black champions. I was not aware of Malignaggi’s comments though. Malignaggi did once make an interesting observation when he commented that some said to him that it would be nice if he would become a world champ, when in fact, he officially was a world champ. It would have been interesting if Broner, were white and acting the same way, if he would also be criticized, but doesn’t the media criticize Justin Bieber?

  2. Rick 11:31am, 12/14/2013

    Rob- what in the world are you talking about? Saying something and acting out for attention are a little different buddy. I guarantee if Paulie did half the stupid shit Broner did he would be sitting at home just like Tarver. And meanwhile AB says he gets no respect cause he’s black but what exactly had he done to deserve it. He’s had a couple decent wins but come on, nothing other boxers haven’t surpassed recently. So I guess Adonis Stevenson isn’t getting respect? Respect is earned regardless of color. I think its pretty trashy he keeps mentioning the whole race issue. He’s making millions of dollars but still being discriminated against right? GTFO.

  3. Darrell 10:06pm, 12/13/2013

    Broner by ko about rnd 9…....after which he could just about make the top 10 p4p discussion, just the discussion mind you.  Any talk of cracking it could still be premature, especially if he just squeaks by the overrated Argie…

  4. ROB 09:05am, 12/13/2013

    So Nicolas, you call it the race card and Broners actions that get his accomplishments ignored? Then tell me this, How is it that Malanaggi can get away with referring to ladies as “weekend pussy” and “side pieces” and not catch any flack keeping his cushy sportscaster job and why he’s never called “boring” even though he has no power, moves and has 7 ko’s?
    Tell me that has nothing to do with race

  5. nicolas 11:00pm, 12/12/2013

    In answer to Rob, I agree with some of what you say regarding African American fighters, or even black fighters in general. I think part of the issue is that so many of them are champions, and legitimate ones at that, that they become a dime a dozen. However, in this case, Broner is playing the race card, suggesting that he does not get the respect that he deserves because he is African American. I would suggest to you that part of his not getting the respect he deserves is because of certain behaviors he has had in the past on display. When you act a certain way, one should not say that you don’t get the respect because of the color of your skin, that is playing the race card. Kudo’s to him though for taking on a very hard hitting opponent, and in only his second fight as a welterweight, having skipped the junior welter weight.

  6. ROB 09:57pm, 12/12/2013

    Ecksel, you are a true hater. You claim he “placed” the race card but you ignore the facts! AA fighters are usually called cowards and their victories are often diminished by many. just look at any youtube post when an AA fighter is fighting a fighter of another ethnicity. Take your freaking blinders off seabiscuit! And did u say that Malanaggi beat him with that awesome display of pillow punching? At every turn you instinctively did just what he was talking about dissing Broner at every turn. You white guys don’t even know you’re doing it! Incredible!

  7. NYIrish 03:45am, 12/12/2013

    Boner is headed for a picture with numbers under it.

  8. Mike Schmidt 12:11pm, 12/11/2013

    Ring Mag, in their annual top 100 have him NUMBER TWO just in front of… just kidding. They have 17 just behind B-Hop. Adios

  9. Mike Schmidt 09:58am, 12/11/2013

    Agreed Sneak—Chino slow of foot and very reliant on the right side which allows Mr Broner to cheat (a little) in terms of left hooks etc—Chino is a big strong dude though and it would be interesting to see some whiskers tested—what I would like to see is Thurman vs Broner after this weekend if both guys make it thru their opponents. Adios

  10. Pete The Sneak 05:36am, 12/11/2013

    “but it comes with the territory of being an African-American that’s on top, and like I always say, man, they’re never going to give me my full respect.”...Maybe if you didn’t release videos of sitting in the crapper flushing down $100.00 bills and boning strippers on stage for the world to see, perhaps then you’ll “get your respect.”...I still don’t see what ‘Boner’ has done to even be mentioned in the pound for pound list..Please….If Chino lands on Boner as much as Malignaggi did, this fight might be interesting. But all in all, this will be very similar to Pac/Rios where you have a plodding hard puncher trying to chase and connect on a guy whos going to be moving and sticking all night. Boner by UD…Peace.

  11. Gajjers 01:22am, 12/11/2013

    Well, if Broner thinks he’s numbers 3, 4 & 5 all rolled into one, he sure is in the right weight range to back it up. There’re some stern tests coming his way, should he be willing to accept them. Interesting couple of years ahead…

  12. Mike Schmidt 07:27pm, 12/10/2013

    Hmmmm 1) Floyd May 2) Ward 3) Manny 4) Bradley 5) Sergio, 6) Wlad Klitschko 7) JMM 8) Danny Garcia 9) Roman Gonzalez 10) Adonis Stevenson (look at the names he took down this year alone comparative to where they were ranked 11) Hopkins 12) Mike Garcia 13) Mares ( despite to loosing to my man Nacho’s man, look at the resume of who he has beat) 14) tied GGG and Broner- thought he lost to Ponce and was in a close fight with Paulli Mag, the same Mag that got destroyed by Khan a few years back, as per Cotto as well…. Broner had a great win against Demarco at a decided weight advantage. If he wins emphatically then he should move up the ladder some but not past 12.

  13. Mike Schmidt 06:14pm, 12/10/2013

    Robert it should be fun to do a direct view comparison of Broner, the WBA champ at this weight, and Thurman, the Interim WBA champ at this weight. They should be good book odds to win but are both fighting tough guys. Would they fight each other- Thurman brings it with power!!!

  14. procopy 04:50pm, 12/10/2013

    hahah. poor Rigo. he may have to fight Broner now? :)

  15. Ted 04:29pm, 12/10/2013

    “Turning to Malignaggi, who may have beaten Broner on a round-to-round basis according to number of punches landed,”  Say what?

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