Adrien Broner: Sweet Smell of Success

By Robert Ecksel on June 24, 2017
Adrien Broner: Sweet Smell of Success
Adrien Broner has two losses, but it feels like more. Another loss would surprise no one.

“Mikey isn’t a sloppy fighter, he isn’t an awkward fighter. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a Mexican, but he boxes like an African American…”

On Saturday, July 29, at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, in a fight televised live on Showtime Championship Boxing, Adrien Broner (33-2, 24 KOs), “The Problem”  from Cincinnati, Ohio, faces former three-weight champion Mikey Garcia (36-0, 30 KOs), the nascent superstar fighting out of Oxnard, California.

Broner and Garcia met the press at Manhattan’s Dream Hotel Downtown this week to discuss the fight. Broner is a 5:1 underdog, a role he relishes, but thinks the demotion is excessive.

“I don’t be gettin’ into this, the media and stuff like that,” Broner said. “But I heard Mikey is a big favorite, that like they got Mikey like 5-to-1. They don’t give me no chance. I just feel like you got some serious bettors out there, looking at that like, ‘5-to-1?’ I hope no one puts their house against me on this fight, because it won’t work out well for you. But y’all can sit up and say McGregor gonna beat Floyd. Man, this boxing game crazy! You know what I’m saying? So after this fight, I just feel like if I come out untouched, you know, I feel like I’m gonna be victorious.”

Mayweather may “come out untouched” when he fights Conor McGregor, but Broner will have his hands full with Garcia. Mikey is moving up from 135 to 140, Broner’s ideal weight, so the fight will likely be competitive while it lasts.

“You know, it’s gonna be a hell of a fight,” Broner said. “I know Robert Garcia, he’s training his little brother to death, like always. He’s 36-0. He’s undefeated at [140] and under. And if people don’t know, I’m really undefeated at [140] and under, also. And, you know, somebody 0 gotta go, even though mine already left. [At 140] and under, somebody 0 gotta go. You know what I’m saying?”

Broner is still a main event fighter. He’s the A-side of the promotion. But another loss would surprise no one.

“I’ve been in some crazy situations and I’m blessed to be here,” said Broner. “To get a fight like this is huge. Boxing is going back to the old days where the best fight the best. Mikey is definitely one of the best out there today. Mikey isn’t a sloppy fighter, he isn’t an awkward fighter. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a Mexican, but he boxes like an African American. We’re going to have a nice fight. I can’t wait to put on a show. This will take me to the superstar level where I need to be.”

That superstar level is the exact same place Garcia wants to be.

“I can’t stress the importance of this fight enough,” Mikey said. “It’s the biggest fight that I could have. There are other names that are out there, but nothing made more sense than facing Adrien Broner.

“Adrien has accomplished a lot and when he’s at his best, he’s really great. That’s what I expect on July 29. I see that he’s taking this seriously by moving camp to Colorado. I expect him to bring the best out of me and give the fans the best fight possible.”

Broner can shine in the ring. But he can also be indifferent. No one knows which Broner will show on any given night.

“I think he is motivated because it’s a big fight,” Garcia said, “one where he can try to get his career back on track and try to be a superstar like he has been in past big fights. He didn’t perform so well in his past fight against Granados and this is an opportunity for him to jump back and be a superstar again. And I think that’s what’s motivating him for this fight.”

The pressure is on, but it’s not on Garcia.

“Adrien is going to come to beat me and I’m coming 100 percent to beat him. The fans will be the winner on fight night, but my hand will be raised.”

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  1. Your Name 07:37am, 06/29/2017

    “I have a decent knowledge of boxing and a very deep knowledge of social issues.  When I want to discuss social issues, I go to sites that have been established for that purpose.When I want to talk boxing, I do the same.  And that’s one of the reasons why I come here.”


    “Pete The Sneak

    It shall be as you say.”  DOUBLE AMEN!!!

  2. nonprophet 06:30am, 06/29/2017

    Pete The Sneak:  Thank you for your sanity (seriously). 

    I concur with your points about sticking to boxing.  I stumbled across this site about a year ago and was flabbergasted by the knowledgeable and insightful writing by most, if not all of the excellent boxing writers who post columns.

    But as you point out, some of the comments, many by folks who clearly do know their boxing, are simply beyond the pale.

    We have individuals who I will name:  Alt Knight; MAGA; Irish Frankie (who is clearly demented), and Koolz, for example, who insist upon injecting what I consider to be racial aspects into their comments pretty much at every turn.  They post comments on this great boxing site that more suited to white supremacy sites for dickheads…sites like Stormfront, Breitbart, and that cesspool of racism known as FOX Nation…than on a boxing site.

    I have a decent knowledge of boxing and a very deep knowledge of social issues.  When I want to discuss social issues, I go to sites that have been established for that purpose.

    When I want to talk boxing, I do the same.  And that’s one of the reasons why I come here.

    So, you can perhaps imagine how frustrating it can be to hear people ignore a boxer’s innate boxing ability and instead focus on non-boxing issues related to one’s race.

    Andre Ward is an American boxer who happens to be the son of a white father and a black mother.  What does his mixed heritage have to do with he (then) upcoming rematch with Sergey Kovalev?  To guys like Alt Right and Irish Frankie…it has to do with everything.  For these small-minded individuals, race is the basic foundation that underlies virtually every comment they make.

    If I were to come on here and focus on Kovalev’s heritage as a white Russian, instead of his boxing pedigree, I would be on the wrong website.  My comments regarding Kovalev and any boxer for that matter, will always focus on his pluses and minuses as a boxer.  And, regardless of my assessment as to who I think is better, my basic thought regarding Kovalev (along with other non-American boxers) has always been along the lines of “I’m rooting for the American.” 

    Yet in response, I end up reading some ignorant jackass named Alt Knight write that I am rooting for Ward because he is black. 
    Apparently, he is too stupid to figure out through my comment that if Krusher was the American, that’s the man I’d be pulling for.

    In regard to Kovalev, we have a guy (who has killed a man in the ring) who exhibited an on-going stream of classless, racist and unprofessional behavior throughout the run up to both fights with Ward, which was in stark contrast to Ward’s behavior which was entirely professional.

    But despite that, we have Koolz ignoring such behavior in Kovalev to instead (putting Ward aside for now) turn around and criticize Adrian Broner for being a poor role model!?!?  While at the same time mention not a single word related to his skill or lack thereof as a boxer. I think we know from whence such dichotomy stems.

    It’s truly sickening to come onto a boxing site, read a great article, then scroll down to a litany of blistering racial remarks and political crap that are TOTALLY unrelated to boxing in the comments section.

    But when it does occur here, it is at that point where I move away from my own discussion about BOXING, over to a discussion centering on racial politics.

    Bottom line for me is this:  I have no concerns about verbally addressing ignorant racists in what will always be a one-sided argument in my favor.  One cannot argue based on racial generalities and stereotypes and expect to win such an argument. 

    So for me, debating someone ignorant enough to actually believe that one race is superior to another, is like arguing with a mental retard.

    And anyone who has read enough comments by the usual suspects here, know fully well who the mental retards are.

    Right, Alt Knight?
    Right Irish Frankiewhateverthefuk…?
    Right MAGA?

  3. Koolz 04:23am, 06/29/2017

    Pete The Sneak

    It shall be as you say. 

  4. Pete The Sneak 04:17am, 06/29/2017

    Gents, with all due respect, when you guys talk only boxing, you light up these boards and makes for fascinating reading, as obviously there is a lot of knowledge there. Why don’t we stick to that?...Koolz, you appear to be pretty wise about the game and post some pretty impressive links to some awesome fights. Keep that up man…nonprophet, you too appear to know your shite about the game, let’s see/read some of your boxing insight. One of the things I’ve always enjoyed about this site since its inception (besides the writers), was the commentary on these boards about what the writer wrote and man I tell you, some of the stuff commented was way better and more insightful than the actual articles themselves. I found it amazing and learned quite a bit about the game. I’m not knocking anyone’s socio/political views, and I certainly respect everyone’s opinion on what they believe. But I must say I miss all the actual Boxing chatter and commentary that used to be posted on these boards by what I’ve always thought were some pretty incredible, knowledgeable boxing fans. Would be pretty cool if we can get back to that, as I have to say, I do miss it. Respect and Peace to you all…

  5. Koolz 03:31pm, 06/28/2017

    Dejan Zlaticanin vs Mikey Garcia full fight!

  6. Koolz 03:18pm, 06/28/2017

    Adrien Broner vs. Marcos Maidana Highlights.

    Gracia will destroy him!!!


  7. Koolz 03:02pm, 06/28/2017

    I talk boxing but I also know exactly what’s going on in this world, that includes the sociological and psychological of culture in this 21st century…
    and Irish is right on!

    Mikey is right he would be famous more famous if he didn’t have the long layoff. 

    Going to be interesting at 140 after this fight.

    As for Role Model it matters.  It really really matters and this is the difference between a professional and one who just gets a ton of money
    and tries to be a diva.
      This is the difference between a Leader and one who is paid to lead.  Your actions effect many and while you live speak live on TV you must be mindful of them.

    As someone that is being a professional in sports you have ‘er on caution of what you do and say.


  8. nonprophet 12:04pm, 06/28/2017


    NOW you’re talking….about BOXING instead of all that role model crap.

    I totally agree with your assessment of the Broner/Garcia matchup.

    I expect Broner to be blown away by Mikey who, as I have said on many occasions, is a BEAST!!!

    Even if Broner were a model citizen, I’d give him no chance against Garcia.

    Mikey is a special kind of boxer.

    Meanwhile, I wouldn’t pay a nanosecond’s attention to ANYTHING said by the crackpot, crackhead AKA IrishFrankiewhateverthefuk

  9. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 11:35am, 06/28/2017

    @koolz- Don’t even bother…..check this out…I just got done culturally appropriating Jimmy Ruffin and What’s Become of the Broken Hearted. For my part I swear that I will cease and desist this abhorrent practice just as soon as the hate filled, grievance ridden maggotshit progressives that show up here stop culturally appropriating toilet paper and get back to their old standby twigs, leaves or the old two fingered scoop!

  10. Koolz 11:25am, 06/28/2017


    Broner’s Boxing skills to Garcia Don’t make me laugh.  I watched Broner be the next big thing.  Most of the fighters he fought as he was being hyped to the moon were much smaller then him.

    And yes Broner’s Mind Set effects his boxing.  All is in the mind and it will effect his concentration, his training, everything.

    I honestly think Garcia is a level above him now.  This isn’t the young Broner who was a spoiled brat flushing money down the toilet online.

    This is a guy who can’t even show up in court on time, fights outside a bar, gets shot at, and most likely is being sued by some women.  I think he is done and if he doesn’t grow up it will catch up to him in a bad way.

    I don’t give him very much of a change against Garcia.  Garcia will out box him as Broner tries to counter and lean back with that shoulder roll Mayweather style.

    I am will be watching the fight of course.
    maybe take few deep breaths.  Breath in deep from the stomach and slowly let it out your nose….


  11. nonprophet 07:19am, 06/28/2017

    Stay out of grown folks business, son.  You’ll embarrass yourself.  You’re in way over your head.  This is between me and your butt-boy “Nonymous”

    But since you are here, I might as well deal with you.

    First.  Who cares what you think about Broner?  I certainly don’t.

    Second.  I’m not sticking up for anyone, especially because he is black.  You, and your “partner” Nonymous are.

    Try to focus, son.  I’m making a distinction between judging “The Problem” as a boxer as opposed to judging him as a role model.  As a person, there is little about Broner that I find appealing.  But as a boxer, he is a four-belt champion…..DESPITE being a “bad role model.” 

    When Mikey and Broner fight, you can judge that fight on the basis of who came off as a better role model.  I will judge it on the basis of BOXING SKILLS.

    Like I told your buddy, I could give a flying fuck about Broner or anybody else in the sporting world being a role model.  What’s your problem?  Are you that desperate for guidance that you seek it in sports figures?

    Shame on you.

    Tell me, Koolz, why are you are your butt buddy Nonymous seem so desperate for a role model in your life?  Why do you look to boxing to find one?  What’s wrong with your father?  Did he molest you as a child?  Or, are you pissed off because he DIDN’T molest you?

    Is he an ignorant, dead-broke, wife-beating drunkard as you appear to be?  Tell you what, son, If he is any kind of a man, trying to view him as a role model. 

    Because only an idiot would look for that from a sports figure.

    When Broner decides to run for president, I will then begin to examine his character.  In the meantime, I watch boxing to see boxers box, not parade around gathering up brownie points for being “a good role model.

    As the great Bill Russell used to say about athletes as role models: “The only thing an athlete owes the fans is a good performance.”

    Soak it in, jackass.

    Now back to boxing.

    Broner is a great talent.  However, he is about to take a good beating from Mikey.  Why?  Because Broner is way too stationary.  Mikey will chop him down if Broner fails to move.

    In addition, Broner relies far too much on counter-punching.  He spends too much time trying to land check-hooks.  He won’t last long should he try that with Mikey.

    Finally, Mikey is a boxer-puncher who appears to have more power than Maidana.  Broner will be out-boxed and therefore likely stopped within 7 rounds.

  12. Koolz 06:16pm, 06/27/2017


    you think Broner is a good Boxer?  WHAHAHA!
    His last fight he got butt wasted…barely got the win.  He is the poor man version of Mayweather.

    Are you trying to stick up for Broner because he is black?  The guy is a waste.
    He is mentally retarded, poor speaker, poor role model, and completely unfocused on life.  He hangs around people that shoot at you, do drugs, and try to be the Gangstas. 
    He is going to wind up in Jail again.

    Garcia will destroy him.  Broner silly shoulder roll will not save him.

  13. nonprophet 12:19pm, 06/27/2017

    Nonymous   I’d bet good money that you think Conor McGregor is a swell role model now don’t you?

    Tell you what, son, if you are looking for a role model, look to your father.  If dad skipped out on you, find an “uncle.”

    I watch boxing match to see boxers boxing, not to drool over role models. 

    Boxing is about BOXING.  Since you’ve said not a word about boxing, my guess is that you know nothing about boxing. 

    So I repeat, stick with TMZ.

    Perhaps the only thing you and I agree on is that Mikey will handle “The Problem.”  I think he will do so because Mikey’s a beast.  Your dumb ass probably thinks Mikey’s going to win simply because he’s a “role model.”

    We’re done here.  Now be a good little puppy:  roll over and play dead

  14. Nonymous 09:33am, 06/27/2017

    nonprophet, Boxing is also about role models like Ward, Klitschko, AJ, GGG.

    Broner is a thug and will get Waxed by Garcia—another role model

    Piss off

  15. nonprophet 08:48am, 06/27/2017

    Anonymous….you are probably correct in all the stuff you say about Broner.  However, you neglected to mention anything at all about his skill as a boxer.  Focus, anonymous…..FOCUS.

    You want to report gossip, go to TMZ where you belong.  This is a boxing site.

  16. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 12:58pm, 06/26/2017

    @mrmario-Finally someone on this site makes sense!

  17. mrmario100 12:47pm, 06/26/2017

    U fool’s internet pranksters!!!!!!!!!!

  18. mr mario100 12:44pm, 06/26/2017

    “A.B. is the REAL DEAL.” He is a Muhammad ali kinds fighter. When he is done movies will be made after him!!!!

  19. Koolz 09:13am, 06/25/2017

    Mateusz Masternak vs Ismayl Sillah

    forgot one.

    pretty awesome atmosphere there.

  20. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:49am, 06/25/2017


  21. Koolz 06:07am, 06/25/2017

    Krzysztof Glowacki vs Hizni Altunkaya

  22. Koolz 06:03am, 06/25/2017

    Tomasz Adamek vs Solomon Haumono
    Hell yes Adamek is still fighting!

    Alright the Bellator Fights but the Card was amazing if anyone wants me to I’ll post all the fights here.

  23. Anonu,ous 05:42pm, 06/24/2017

    Lucas Chambers never worked the rear end if memory serves me correct. Boner stuck that tongue down—AND IN—where the sun doesn’t shine Even the ghetto doesn’t want him.

    some role model

  24. Lucas McCain 02:01pm, 06/24/2017

    As I recall, blues great B.B. King also had many children by different mothers, and President LBJ gave interviews while relieving himself on the john, as for the other stuff, I don’t want to recall who did, though it amuses me to think he has something in common with Marilyn Chambers.  I guess what you are saying is he’s a reverse-Renaissance man, gather together all the qualities of a variety of role models!  (He actually did go further in the ring than one might expect.  I suppose this is his final payday.)

  25. Anonymous 11:58am, 06/24/2017

    Broner has several kids from different mothers. He engages in group porn films. He gives interviews while taking a foul-smelling dump, he throws money down the toilet, he sticks his tongue into he sweaty rear orifice of a stripper on the stage and in the public, he throws away money from his car, he beats up people on the streets. He can hardly say a sentence and is plug ugly. He is a disgrace to boxing.

    What’s to like?

  26. Koolz 11:17am, 06/24/2017

    Broner is an embarrassment and a psychologically unstable person.  He doesn’t take boxing seriously.  He is a poor role model for young kids and he hangs out with the wannabe Gangsters…which means!
    We have guns, money , drugs, hookers, ....all destructive elements in a life style that will move to fast and devour you.

    Mikey will hurt him bad.

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