Adrien Broner: The Art Of The Jackass

By Paul Magno on January 24, 2018
Adrien Broner: The Art Of The Jackass
Not even the most AB-believing true believer takes Broner seriously as a boxer anymore.

Broner being back in the business of making dumb headlines means yet another comeback is in the works…

“Hey, I want the coolest monkey in the jungle shirt! Where it’s at!? I want it!”

Adrien Broner had just burst into an H&M store wielding a cell phone camera and a raging case of ‘Hey, look at me.’ He was referencing the now infamous H&M catalog photo of an African-American kid modeling a hoodie with the words “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” written across his chest.

“I need it in a small right now. Matter of fact, I need it in all sizes. We need a small, tall, frail. We need all sizes…Ya’ll don’t sell it no more? Give me the coolest n****r in H&M then. I need that shirt!”

If you’ve paid attention to boxing news for the last couple of weeks, you’ve seen plenty more acting up from the former four-division belt holder. He’s calling out Amir Khan, having a tantrum backstage at the Robert Easter-Javier Fortuna bout, and, once again, lashing out at former “Big Bro” Floyd Mayweather for showing him “fake-ass love.”

Broner being back in the business of making dumb headlines means yet another comeback is in the works. And with that comeback will come another pledge that, this time, he’s serious and looking to make waves.

To hear him talk about it, 2018 will be that year he gets a world title belt back around his waist. It’s gonna be the year his About Billions Promotions takes over the sport. Hell, maybe this year, Broner, technically a promoter since 2015, will get around to actually signing someone or, at the very least, create a website and commission some content for his domain.

It’s been about five years now since Broner has actually looked good in the ring and not like fighting is the necessary evil he must endure to collect a paycheck. For those who DO remember a 23-year-old Broner, full of angry pride and raw potential, it’s sad to see that he’s fallen so short of full actualization.

By 24 years of age, “The Problem” or “AB,” stopped developing as a fighter. Since then, he’s gotten beat down by Marcos Maidana, outworked by Shawn Porter, and outclassed by Mikey Garcia. And, along the way, he’s turned in performance after performance where the description “going through the motions” would’ve been very generous.

Now, not even the most AB-believing true believer takes Broner seriously as a boxer anymore, but lots of people still pay attention to him. And it’s his ability to raise a fuss and be seen that keeps him in the mix, there to be booked in relatively high profile bouts when, really, he should’ve been relegated to mid-card, off-TV status awhile ago.

If you notice, nobody is writing about whether Broner can turn things around and make up for lost time—because we all know he won’t and are also aware of the fact that he just doesn’t care about putting in the really hard work of perfecting his craft.

The sad part is that, despite his appalling lack of dedication and the general buffoonery he passes off as wit, he DOES understand one thing that many of today’s fighters and promoters don’t get—Boxing is entertainment.

There will always be a core audience that tunes in to boxing just for the actual fighting, but the fans who turn a solid event into an in-the-black blockbuster are the ones who tune in for the spectacle that only boxing can deliver.

People want to KNOW the fighters, whether they love them or love to hate them, and they want to CARE about who wins the fight in a much more personal way than they care about who wins an NFL or NBA playoff game.

Boxing is, and always will be, a star-driven sport where star power and charisma are just as important as the actual sporting aspect. Broner is proof positive of this dynamic. Whether you like him or not, his drawing power still allows him to be a factor at the highest levels of the sport.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that everyone should start acting the fool on social media and having fits in department stores. But fighter management and promoters COULD do a much better job of getting a fighter’s history and personality out there for the public to see. Good or bad—fans want to care about the people they watch fight.

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  1. Alfonso Bedoya 03:03pm, 01/25/2018

    “O, beware, my Lord, of jealousy. It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on.”

  2. Pete The Sneak 01:19pm, 01/25/2018

    Toro has the beat. He wins one fight (regardless of who it is, it will be billed as a high profile fight), he will be back in ‘the mix.’ As Magno said: “Boxing is, and always will be, a star-driven sport where star power and charisma are just as important as the actual sporting aspect.” It’s the circus mentality, which is why Ringling Brothers were able to last 146 years. Still, as Lorenzo Anello (Bobby D) said in a Bronx Tale, Wasted Talent…Peace.

  3. Lucas McCain 09:43am, 01/24/2018

    Is “keepin’ it real” now an official part of his trademark??

  4. Buck Wild 09:14am, 01/24/2018

    AB keepin it real.

  5. The Barker 04:28pm, 01/23/2018

    Such a waste. He’s definitely got issues.

  6. Lucas McCain 03:15pm, 01/23/2018

    The act got old fast—maybe he and Shannon Briggs can go on tour together, like the old tag-team wrestlers. 

    Seriously, a wasted talent and it’s impressive how long his burn-out period is lasting.  But the biggest case of that, and far more impressive, was Hector Camacho, who for all his obnoxiousness had amazing skills till Rosario reached his jaw, and powder reached his nose.

  7. Your Name 01:47pm, 01/23/2018

    He had a dollop of talent against crappy or smaller opponents, no discipline and zero focus. He is never going to be a has been because he simply never was.

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