Adrien Broner Unzipped

By Robert Ecksel on October 29, 2013
Adrien Broner Unzipped
He has been described as a mini-Mayweather. That may be true in more ways than one.

It was only a matter of time. Considering his age, his immaturity, his narcissism, and his obsession with bodily function and selfies, I’m surprised it took as long as it did for an Adrien Broner sex tape to surface.

But surface it has. And Broner, for whom the word restraint doesn’t exist, was filmed in flagrante delicto, sans a condom, with not one but two women described by as “exotcal…BIRACIAL DANCERS.”

That the aforementioned mispelled Broner’s first name (and forget about “exotcal”) is of no account, and may be a form of poetic justice, assuming poetry and justice have anything to do with it.

A snippet of the video is revealing, but amateurish in the extreme; so much so that it makes Kim Kardashian’s sex tape look like Citizen Kane.

Broner has been described as a mini-Floyd Mayweather, and judging from what I’ve seen, that may be true in more ways than one.

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Adrien Broner Apologizes After Leaked 3-Some Footage!

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  1. AKT 02:22pm, 10/30/2013

    Inadvertently, you just encouraged his behaviour, by writing about him. Free publicity. I really wish you hadn’t.

  2. Robert Ecksel 05:01am, 10/30/2013

    By popular demand, the Broner sex tape has been removed. Boxing is sexy enough without needing to watch Broner do his thang.

  3. Pete The Sneak 04:51am, 10/30/2013

    Geez…And here I thought was where Mr. Ecksel and other editors/writers/reporters ordered lunch…..Peace.

  4. El Bastardo Magnifico 05:29pm, 10/29/2013

    Well Irish, keeping in context the measure of the man, and probably having our Fearless Editor edit the hell out of me I leave you with this: “Did you hear The Problem Boner’s penis enlargement pills are actually working wonders…..Yes, yes I kid you not, apparently he is twice the dick that he was yesterday.” kada boom kada ding Did you hear about The Problem Boner’s corner, the left nut said to the right nut, “Don’t worry about that in the middle, he’s just a dick!”

  5. NYIrish 03:02pm, 10/29/2013

    You Magnificent Bastard ! I’m laughing out loud.

  6. jj 01:46pm, 10/29/2013

    Does anyone know how many times broner’s been knocked out/down as an amateur & professional? Is there anywhere online to find this?

  7. El Bastardo Magnifico 12:49pm, 10/29/2013

    NYIrish it is newsworthy in the context of what we have here is a guy that perhaps does not measure up (shit wrong wording) of a guy that we would pay dollars to see or support in anyway—he will never be an Arguello, a Mancini, a Beau Jack an Archie Moore etc etc—in the context of a dick (shit wrong word again) it is newsworthy in that you get to know a little (shit wrong word) about a guy in the matter of whether this is the type of athlete (surely not a hero/athlete) that you would support. If you did not get this news and were to pay PPV dollars to watch this guy would you not be disappointed that we had not brought young Boners attributes to light. Knowing what we know now I for one have no interest in watching this clown and supporting his economic base. Adios amigo

  8. NYIrish 12:34pm, 10/29/2013

    Just because a boxer engages in a behavior does not guarantee interest on the part of boxing fans. I recall another article detailing Broners’ visit to a toilet in a chicken joint. That may have been humorous but inclusion of a pornographic clip on a website entitled Boxing .com is questionable. I’ve got kids running around in this house. I’ve got little interest in Broner as a boxer and no interest in his sexcapades. Are you trying to redefine the meaning of hard core boxing fan? Think about it.

  9. El Bastardo Magnifico 12:32pm, 10/29/2013

    Ah, oh, ah but herein lies the rub C. G. you are assuming that young Boner paid but maybe, just maybe, The Champion was the one paid hee hee. Fearless Editor you should cut young Boner some slack here—having not measured up for PPV he is now measuring up, or not, going to direct.

  10. Clarence George 10:33am, 10/29/2013

    That last sentence!  Oh, that’s funny.  And admirable restraint in not tinkering with the title.

    Whatever Broner was paying those girls, it wasn’t enough…I’ve seen more abandon at a Maya Angelou reading.

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