Adrien Broner vs. Los Gauchos

By Robert Ecksel on August 2, 2013
Adrien Broner vs. Los Gauchos
Some are compelled to ask, why build a Tower of Babel on a foundation of quicksand?

Newly crowned WBA welterweight champion Adrien Broner (27-0, 22 KOs) may be a force of nature. We don’t yet know if he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Broner is still young, but he is tearing through divisions and picking up titles at an alarming rate. Is he a boxing prodigy? Is he an idiot savant? Whatever he is, he has not, despite his many accomplishments, thus far been tested.

Adding mindreading to his growing list of skills, yesterday Broner set the record straight as to who he wants to fight next.

“You a damn fool,” he wrote to one of his 100,000+ followers, “if you think Chino Maidana can beat me. LOL! And when I’m done with this b**ch Chino Maidana, I’m go f*** Matthysse up. Easy money.”

Although expressed in his own inimitable fashion, it sounds like Broner, a diva at heart if not inevitably in the flesh, wants a piece of the Argentineans.

But just because someone tweets doesn’t make it so.

Like everything else, Twitter is both good and bad. On the plus side, its instantaneity can’t be beat. But Twitter has also been called the devil’s playground, not inaccurately and for good reason. Becoming a Twitter celebrity has become a goal unto itself. Combine moxie and self-glorification, while tweeting a lame-ass joke here and there and before one can say “graffiti,” you too are trending.

That’s enough for some and more power to them, whereas other are compelled to ask, why build a Tower of Babel on a foundation of quicksand?

Broner tweets avidly. Someday his tweets will be gathered, collected, compiled, edited and turned into something less ephemeral—assuming, of course, that he defeats Maidana and Matthysse.

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  1. buffalino tha don 02:00pm, 08/05/2013

    broner is a joke. money mayweather dont like you , neither does the boxing world, wait to you fight a real welterweight. you might as well vacate sucka butt.

  2. Jack 08:49am, 08/04/2013

    Broner was unable to handle Malignaggi (5 years removed from getting TKO’D by Hatton and definitely on the downside of his career). He evidently thinks that having an “outrageous ACT” replaces good boxing skills. He really doesn’t have any pop in punches at 147 lbs., so people raving about his punching power need to reassess their opinion. Let’s see how he would do against Garcia or Matthysse, probably not too well. If he can’t hurt them, I don’t know how he wins?

  3. jen 04:17pm, 08/03/2013

    this guy is crazy!!!ponce de leon and malignaggi beaten him, note that this two are not a heavy punchers,only the blind judges favor him coz they have plan for this crazy ape.then now he said he will beat marcos and matthysee?????? oh common mr broner i will bet my savings for marcos, we will not mention matthysee coz u will never win to marcos.

  4. Galvar 09:22am, 08/03/2013

    This guy is just trying to get attention so he can get paid.  Even his idol, FMJ, said this joker needed to learn when to turn it off.  It’d be better for boxing if this guy never got a shot with Maidana, Matthysse, or anybody.

  5. AGR 01:25am, 08/03/2013

    Q. who is adrien broner in the world of boxing?
    A. an al haymon puppet

  6. George Thomas Clark 08:57pm, 08/02/2013

    Put him in against Monzon and see what he Tweets…

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