Ali Speaks!

By Robert Ecksel on December 10, 2015
Ali Speaks!
Ali said that Trump’s values, such as they are, are antithetical to the American way of life.

In a recently released statement, Muhammad Ali has gone public with his dismissal of Donald Trump and all he stands for…

I am sick and tired of Donald Trump. But that’s nothing new. I was sick and tired of Donald Trump 30 years ago. But now that he’s running for President, he’s grown even more sickening and tiresome than ever.

Granted, I’m not afraid. (The boogieman isn’t going to get me.) Nor do I feel emasculated. And while his demagoguery is as toxic as ever, it has been simmering beneath the surface of American politics for a very long time.

Trump has been called a sideshow, but a sideshow of a sideshow is more like it. His latest gambit, however, about instituting “a complete and total shutdown” of Muslims from entering the United States, may have backfired. Many people, including many Republicans, believe that this time he’s gone too far.

One of the people who have objected to Trump rarely comments on much these days. He let his fists do the talking in his fighting days, when his mouth wasn’t working overtime, but has been more or less silent for years, for which we have boxing to thank or not.

In a recently released statement, Muhammad Ali has gone public with his dismissal of Donald Trump and all he stands for.

“I am a Muslim,” said Ali, “and there is nothing Islamic about killing innocent people in Paris, San Bernardino, or anywhere else in the world. True Muslims know that ruthless violence of so-called Islamic Jihadists goes against the very tenets of our religion.”

Calling them “misguided murders,” which no one can dispute, Ali said that Trump’s values, such as they are, are antithetical to the American way of life.

Of course it’s possible that Ali has a hidden agenda.

But the same needs to be said about Donald Trump, whose narcissism makes The Greatest look like a totem of self-effacement.

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  1. Tommy Odemwingie 03:54am, 12/14/2015

    An otherwise brilliant statement, but for “Of course it’s possible that Ali has a hidden agenda”—what exactly are you inferring?

  2. Aztec Warrior 10:53am, 12/13/2015

    I’m really confused why you would say that my comments are better suited for a white power web site. I’m actually a first generation Mexican American. Hence the screen name ” Aztec Warrior”.  In no way would I advocate any race or religion greater than another. And no, I’m not Eric using a different name. Now, once again, can we move on to boxing talk? Please?

  3. Buster 10:03pm, 12/12/2015

    That goes for you too “Aztec Warrior” (or perhaps you’re actually Eric using a pseudonym?). I’m sure your comments would be more welcome at several White Power web sites.

  4. Buster 09:49pm, 12/12/2015

    Hey Eric, I think you should have paid more attention in history class. Western culture is a Judeo-Christian culture. But did you know that down through the centuries more blood was spilled in the name of Christianity than any other religion? But you wouldn’t know that, would you—-you bigoted anti-Semitic little piss ant.

  5. Koolz 06:37am, 12/12/2015

    Aztec Warrior Boxing it is!
    But if you guys want to know something ask me and I will tell.

  6. Eric 10:38pm, 12/11/2015

    Koolz….Cui bono. Who really benefits from these Middle Eastern wars and total chaos? Christianity is the only religion of the Big 3 that is about tolerance, peace and forgiveness. Judaism and Islam are both religions of intolerance and conquest. Christians and Europeans have no dog in this fight between dessert cults, and are being duped into fighting wars for Israel. We pull out of the Middle East, worry more about protecting OUR borders for a change, no more Muslim terrorist problem. George Washington warned Americans about becoming entangled in foreign affairs in his farewell address, but what did good ole George know.

  7. Aztec Warrior 07:43pm, 12/11/2015

    Thank you for enlightening me. I’ll get started on the learning as soon as possible. In the meantime, any chance we can all get back to talking Boxing? After all, this is

  8. Koolz 03:53pm, 12/11/2015

    Aztec Warrior

    if we are to choose evil then I would choose the lesser of the evils.

    you have much to learn To Much.
    so began and learn just who owns this so called US.
    And when I say US I must say US/UK=Israel easy enough place to learn about a majority of history.
    That site does not touch on the esoteric or the occult which is the real history of all things. 
    that’s enough from me.  Carry on people but broaden what call reality.

    Always remember you reality your perception is based on what you have read, what school you went to, what you see(if someone controls all that then they have you)
    If that site i posted offends any of you TO BAD!

  9. Aztec Warrior 03:22pm, 12/11/2015

    I fully understand our concerns (fears) of radical Islam terrorists entering our country as well as the overall disappointment in our leaders. What I find difficult to understand is why anyone would want Trump as our leader. I mean, I can’t fathom the GOP putting their arms around Don’s shoulders and saying to the world, “This is the man we have found most worthy and capable to lead the most powerful country in the world. He is the best we can find.”
    THAT is what scares me. If we have become so disenfranchised with our government that we place our hopes, security and beliefs in this man, then gentlemen it’s too late for us.

  10. Koolz 12:30pm, 12/11/2015

    who need to lecture anyone on what’s going on…
    instead I will say look up Sharia Law.  That’s all you need to know.
    Ali is not getting it. 
    Agenda 2030 is part of Sharia Law. 

  11. Clarence George 11:54am, 12/11/2015

    I think Wyoming is relatively reasonable, Mike.

  12. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 11:33am, 12/11/2015

    The Pew Research Center estimates that there well over a half billion Muslims (more than likely a politically correct very low estimate) worldwide who are in favor of sharia law for both Muslims and infidels, honor killings, death sentences for converts, and stoning of women for adultery.

  13. Robert Ecksel 11:19am, 12/11/2015

    The last of the three wishes granted by the genie is yours, beaujack.

  14. beaujack 11:09am, 12/11/2015

    I am fairly new at this site, but after reading these posts, I wonder if you can
    put back the genie in the bottle, so to speak?

  15. Eric 11:05am, 12/11/2015

    Oops. My apologies to Henry Ford. Men like Ford, Edison, Wright brothers etc., were like a second set of Founding Fathers. Have to catch your reply later, Mr. Ecksel, have to run for now.

  16. Eric 10:33am, 12/11/2015

    Robert Ecksel… “Devoid of culture?” WHAT? Michaelangelo, Beethoven, Leonardo da Vinci, Shakespeare, etc.? Western Culture has done more for humanity than any other culture in the history of the world. How about Marconi, Edison, Tesla, the Wright brothers? I challenge you to name one other culture that has contributed as much or done more for humanity than “Western culture.”

  17. Robert Ecksel 10:19am, 12/11/2015

    Eric—Can you define this “Western culture” you keep mentioning? In the US it seems to be nothing more than TV watching, SUV-driving, fast food eating and mindless shopping. Is there more to it? Perhaps you can explain. I’d like to know more before I defend a culture that appears to be devoid of culture.

  18. Mike Casey 09:35am, 12/11/2015

    Well said, Eric!

  19. Critical Beatdown 09:25am, 12/11/2015

    Islam isn’t a monolith. It’s easy to talk in generalities, much harder to pay attention and speak with nuance. Christians have been killing in the name of Christ for as long as the religion has existed. Are all Christians the same? Do we loose our minds and demand the isolation of all Christians when Christian terrorists commit mass killings? How about Jim Jones? Did we persecute anarchists or white survivalists/anti-gov extremists when Kaczynski sent bombs in the mail or when McVeigh bombed OKC? How about Waco? How about wake the fuck up?

  20. Eric 09:14am, 12/11/2015

    Preservation of your society is the most NATURAL thing in the world. Would India, China, Israel, or Iran want or encourage massive European Christian immigration to their nations. I find it interesting that Israel is not accepting any “refugees.” It is permissable to be concerned about the welfare of the spotted owl, save the whales, or save Tibet, but God help the wayciss who is concerned about saving Western culture.

  21. Mike Casey 08:48am, 12/11/2015

    Ted and Clarence: My spirits lifted at the all too rare praise of the brilliantly talented and visionary Enoch Powell, who was damned for his famous ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech. Now we have reaped the whirlwind. The most popular boy’s name in the UK is now Muhammad - and that’s official. I’d up sticks and re-locate to a nice little town in Wyoming or Arizona if my bank account permitted it.

  22. Eric 08:18am, 12/11/2015

    Jim Crue.. I have been posting on this site for 3 years or so and EVERY SINGLE POST I HAVE EVER MADE HAS BEEN UNDER MY FIRST NAME OF ERIC and I am not about to change. And if you followed my posts you would see that I am USUALLY always very tolerant of others beliefs and/or opinions. Of course the same can’t be said of those from the tolerant left.  No tough guy here and definitely not a keyboard commando. I don’t say anything or act any differently behind a keyboard than I do in public.

  23. Jim Crue 05:15am, 12/11/2015

    Nice comment Eric
    You assume I’m a leftist “creep”. You don’t even know me and say I’m a “commie"POS and suggest I’m a not a heterosexual male.
    I just asked a simple question.
    you are not afraid to tell the “truth” but afraid to tell us who you are. Typical tough guy behind the keyboard.
    Sounds like I got to you

  24. Clarence George 05:03am, 12/11/2015

    Spot-on, Ted.  Your reference to the much-maligned Powell reminds me of how Jean Raspail was roundly condemned as a scaremonger and (of course) racist when his novel, “The Camp of the Saints,” came out 40 years ago.  Yet how prescient he was.

  25. Ted Spoon 04:34am, 12/11/2015

    The honourable and awfully clever Enoch Powell hit the bullseye with his predictions about what the UK would become if we didn’t check its immigration levels. No matter how nuanced his reasoning most were content to wear a blind fold and shout racist, so long as they were quilted by the majority. It’s the same today only worse. Social engineering has done a doozy on people’s character. Their sense of right and wrong is adopted. They have little capacity to analyse. You’re either a great guy or a bigot. They fire insults or bathe in sentiment. Trump is evidently not the smartest politician but the spirit of his debate gets at a major problem with the world - political correctness and multiculturalism are a wicked tag-team. The kind of people who have signed that petition to ban him from the UK are the most dangerous because they have zero accountability. Evidently they don’t see the contradiction in banning someone who wants to ban others from entering a country…

  26. Mike Casey 01:50am, 12/11/2015

    George Chuvalo has already disappeared from that picture and Muhammad Ali will be the next to go. The answers are all in the picture. Trust me, I’m not mad. My best friend Ludovic told me this last night while we were sharing a plate of cheese on the Moon. I also work for several different intelligence agencies but I’m not allowed to talk about it.

  27. beaujack 09:24pm, 12/10/2015

    WOW, this subject is getting interesting…

  28. Eric 08:37pm, 12/10/2015

    Jim Crue…ERIC is my REAL name, Jim. And I have no problem with publicly voicing my opinions, but I don’t need to give you or any other leftist creepo my name, address, and phone number. You are probably not my type anyhow seeing as I am a heterosexual male, that and you hate filled commies are a total drag. Anyone who knows me certainly knows I am very vocal about my beliefs and I love to p*ss off commie POS on a daily basis. Hmmmm, I see you even mentioned my name on another thread. Wats up, Jimmy, are you stalking me? “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Hehe. Guess I hit a nerve, AGAIN.

  29. Buster 08:20pm, 12/10/2015

    “Ali Speaks!” is a very misleading and disingenuous title. It is doubtful if Ali, whose brain today must resemble a shrunken prune, is even aware of his surroundings. The statement “delivered to NBC” in his name was written by someone using this brain dead ex-boxer’s name to push their own agenda. No matter who your are for I find this disgraceful.

  30. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:44pm, 12/10/2015

    “Treat women well for they are like domestic animals with you and do not possess anything for themselves. You have only taken them as a trust from Allah.” (Muhammad in his farewell sermon at Mt. Arafat) Sura 9:5 “....kill the unbelievers wherever you find them….But if they repent and perform the Islamic ritual prayers, then leave their way free….”. Muslims murdered seven human beings in Karim Abdul Jabbar’s personal residence and he professes Islam as the religion of peace to this day and now Ali speaks of the “tenets of our religion” which are in truth all about Muhammad’s “Sunna”, the example of his behavior.

  31. Robert Ecksel 04:51pm, 12/10/2015

    All empires decline. The Holy Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, Mayan Empire, Spanish Empire, Mongol Empire, Byzantine Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire—the list goes on forever. Each had its day (or its centuries) in the sun, before night fell. I have nothing against America. I have nothing against Trump, except that he’s a cartoon of a rerun. But even a billionaire cannot turn back the clock. A jutting jaw and inflammatory rhetoric can take a man a long way, but so can a glance at history. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. The rest of us are condemned to observe it.

  32. Matt Pod 03:20pm, 12/10/2015

    Trump will make America great again.  He is standing up against the wussification of America.

  33. Jim Crue 02:45pm, 12/10/2015

    I’m wondering why someone with such strong opinions is too shy to use his full or real name.
    Jim Crue

  34. Clarence George 02:23pm, 12/10/2015

    In comparison, Mike, the good old days.

  35. Mike Casey 01:51pm, 12/10/2015

    Nor would I blame them, Clarence. It’s all getting very worrying. The battle of the heavyweights between America and the Soviet Union in the seventies now seems very tame. At least Nixon and Brezhnev were men of foresight and intelligence who knew how far they could take it. Now everybody’s a player and too many of them are flat-out fanatics.

  36. Clarence George 12:55pm, 12/10/2015

    If I understand you correctly, Eric, you won’t (or can’t) vote for Trump in the primary, but will vote for him if he’s the nominee.  There’s also the possibility that he’ll run as an Independent, should he not be nominated, which will really put the cat among the pigeons.  Me, I haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet.  On the one hand, I kinda like participating; on the other, it’s been 25 years or so since I last had much faith in political “solutions.”

    My own assessment, Mike, Peter, is that England and Europe will either put into power their respective Nationalist Parties (which has both positive and negative ramifications) or the U.S. will soon have European immigrants in numbers not seen since the late 19th, early 20th centuries.  A good thing, as it would more than equalize the number coming in from south of the border, thus helping to nourish our European roots.  No matter what, I think European Jewry is finished.  The mass majority of them will eventually (and sooner rather than later) pull up stakes for Israel or the U.S.  Can’t say I blame ‘em.

  37. Mike Casey 12:55pm, 12/10/2015

    ‘Gradually would have been a more appropriate word, Peter. But recently it has speed up alarmingly. The distance from the southernmost point in England (Land’s End) and the northernmost point in Scotland (John O’Groats) is just 603 miles, yet we are now creaking under the weight of a population in excess of 60 million. Building new houses and adding a runway to either Heathrow or Gatwick - two ‘ideas’ of the moment - is as feeble as paying off only the minimum amount on your credit card each month. The migrants’ camp across the coast at Calais is now the size of a small town. But I’m sure some genius will erect yet another fence that they can slip through.

  38. peter 11:42am, 12/10/2015

    @ Mike Casey—You write: “...being slowly shredded”? Did you really mean “slowly”?...The last time I visited Paris, I got lost on the metro and walked up to the street. When I looked around, I thought I was in Algeria. No judgement—it is what it is.

  39. Mike Casey 10:09am, 12/10/2015

    Mind you, I wish Trump hadn’t elbowed dear old George Chuvalo out of that picture.

  40. Mike Casey 10:07am, 12/10/2015

    Live in England, as I do, and you will immediately get Donald Trump’s point. I’m not his greatest fan, but in the short space of 40 years or so I have seen my country’s ethic identity being slowly shredded. There are actually Muslim controlled no-go areas in parts of London now, thanks to our oh-so-noble ‘let ‘em all in’ policy.

  41. Eric 10:04am, 12/10/2015

    Clarence…I haven’t voted since 1992 and I wish I wouldn’t have cast my vote for NWO Pappy Bush then, but I was totally in the dark about the Bush family at that point and time. I have absolutely no loyalty to either party and I will only vote IF Trump receives the nomination. The rest of the republicans are either controlled by the big banks or crooks like Sheldon Adelson. Cruz’s wife was employed by Goldman Sachs and Rubio is Adelson’s chosen lackey for example. And who the heck needs Jeb.

  42. Artichoke 09:57am, 12/10/2015

    great article
    Ali was politically polarizing in his time which was more than hype
    I suspect that few Trump followers are among his fans
    his neurologic troubles are almost certainly an occupational injury, but I am happy to see him doing so well over the years now
    just curious if these comments are from a transcript or news release

  43. Clarence George 09:47am, 12/10/2015

    I never thought Trump would get the nomination.  I still don’t.  But I’m nowhere near as sure I once was.  Neither is the fearful Republican establishment, which explains the recent and strident condemnations.  The irony is that it will have the exact opposite effect of what they hope for.  Trump’s supporters (true of the GOP rank and file in general) detest and despise the Party’s mainstream leadership, which means that its disapproval will result in even more support for Trump, both in numbers and fervor.

  44. Eric 09:43am, 12/10/2015

    TRUMP IS RIGHT. Why don’t you look at how Europe is doing now. Angela’s children are raping not only women but little girls as well. Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe thanks to the wonders of DIEversity. Yes, Sweden ranks behind only countries like S.Africa when it comes to rapes per capita thanks to immigration from Africa & the Middle East. TRUE DIVERSITY is seperate nations, seperate cultures, not one huge compliant brown blob of sheep who have no common culture, loyalty or history. Only those who are truly EVIL wish to destroy Western Culture by flooding it with third worlders who choose not to embrace the West but to rape their culture instead. Why would anyone want to destroy the unique Japanese people and their culture by flooding Japan with third world malcontents who have no loyalty or common ground with the Japanese people? Homogeneous nations are ALWAYS infinitely more peaceful and productive nations. Compare a first world nation like Japan with crime ridden Brazil. Brazil is the prototypical “multicultural” land that riddled with crime and poverty. The social engineers preach this crapola about how “diversity is our greatest strength” but they are actually killing diversity by attempting to turn the West into a land with no common culture, no common people, no common history, etc. Anyone who truly celebrates diversity loves the fact that nations are UNIQUELY DIFFERENT. TRUMP 2016. I’M ERIC 2016 AND I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE.

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