Alien Resurrection: Hopkins Spooks Shumenov

By Robert Ecksel on April 19, 2014
Alien Resurrection: Hopkins Spooks Shumenov
When he initiated he landed. When he countered he landed. (AP Photo/Luis M. Alvarez)

After 12 rounds of somewhat less than scintillating action, Hopkins had landed 93 of 182 punches, for a jaw dropping 51%...

Saturday night at the DC Armory in Washington, DC, IBF champion Bernard Hopkins (55-6-2, 32 KOs) befuddled WBA champion Beibut Shumenov (14-2, 9 KOs) over 12 rounds to unify the light heavyweight titles via split decision. Judges Dave Moretti and Jerry Roth both had it 116-111 for Hopkins, while Gustavo Padilla, proud possessor of the lowest Pod Index score of any championship judge in the world at 62.93%, somehow scored the fight 114-113 for Shumenov.

Fighting out of the blue corner in burgundy trunks trimmed in gold and white, the 49-year-old Hopkins took his 30-year-old opponent to school. Shumenov, wearing black trunks with gold trim, got suckered into fighting Hopkins’ fight. The Generalissimo dictated the pace. At first it was slow. Then, as the rounds progressed and B-Hop took charge, the pace increased along with the ageless champion’s output and accuracy.

Shumenov’s strategy, if one could call it a strategy, was to trade with a legendary marksman. After two lackluster rounds where neither man did much of anything, Hopkins began to find his rhythm in the third. The Old Master’s jab and straight right were right on the money, whereas Shumenov, who occasionally landed, was telegraphing his single shots to Hopkins’ delight.

Although his punches were as wide as they were slow, Shumenov made it an even fight by winning the fourth. He never hurt Hopkins. He never threw a punch that Hopkins didn’t see coming a mile away. But what Shumenov lacked in skill he made up for with desire, which never waned as the fight slipped out of his grasp.

Hopkins took control in the middle rounds. When he initiated he landed. When he countered he landed. And while he was only throwing one punch at a time, Shumenov’s left eye began swelling as his frustration at receiving a whupping grew.

Those who have seen Shumenov fight knew he was no world-beater. But fighting Hopkins—who kept his clutching and grabbing to a minimum—made the Kazakh looks like an amateur. His total lack of defense, with his left hand drooping at his hip, was tailor-made for the Philly fighter.

But Hopkins being Hopkins was risk averse. He fought smart, as usual, and he fought effective, as usual, expending a minimal amount of energy for maximal effect. Helped in no small part by Shumenov’s dreadful performance, B-Hop began potshotting his hapless foe in rounds eight, nine and ten.

Though they were few and far between, Shumenov had his moments, but nothing Hopkins couldn’t shake off with a diabolical grin and pinpoint counter.

As if to punctuate his advantage, Hopkins dropped Shumenov one minute into round eleven with an overhand right to the face. It was the second time in his career that he’d been down and was up at the count of two, but the fight, which felt in the bag several rounds ago, was now a forgone conclusion.

Hopkins finished the fight much as he started it, but being cleverer and faster than his overmatched opponent. Shumenov, belt or no belt, is simply not in Hopkins’ league.

After 12 rounds of somewhat less than scintillating action, Hopkins had landed 93 of 182 punches, for a jaw dropping 51%. Shumenov landed 67 of 332 punches or 20%.

Love him or hate him, Hopkins’ greatness is a given. Since there ain’t no mountain high enough, he called out Adonis Stevenson after the fight. That might be a bridge too far, an opponent too tough, but if anyone can stop Superman it’s The Alien.

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Bernard Hopkins vs Beibut Shumenov Full Fight 19-04-2014

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  1. ROB 09:52pm, 04/24/2014

    firstJones was 39 and had been knocked cold twice in a row and bhop was 43 and knocked calzhage down then calzhage hit him in the nuts on purpose to keep from getting knocked out and admitted as much. he fought thm both at the right time but he doesn’t get full credit for that bull. he retired after the jones fight

  2. Jorge70 04:08pm, 04/24/2014

    How come no one wrote about shawn porter yet?

  3. fvnsdvdf 10:47pm, 04/22/2014

    Why’s the video been deleted?

  4. GlennR 08:22pm, 04/21/2014

    Hey bikermike….
    Ill disagree with you on Calzaghe, i think he beat him.
    Calzaghe threw a lot of punches but he rarely hit him. To be honest i think his most obvious loss was Dawson…. he definitely lost that one

  5. bikermike 06:33pm, 04/21/2014

    Hopkins is the master of inside today’s big name fighters. 
    ..Few fans can appreciate the punishment a guy like Hoppy can deliver in a 12 round fight…
    Toney used to be able to do this..but he’s not as attentive to fitness as is Bernard Hopkins
    Few saw 51% of Hopkins’
    power punches land….but rest assured…Shumenov felt each and every one of them
    He ain’t sexy..but he’s a very dangerous fighter

  6. bikermike 06:27pm, 04/21/2014

    only saw Bernard Hopkins beat ...cleanly…once….Calzaghe came across the pond and handed Hopkins AND RJJ their asses

  7. bikermike 06:25pm, 04/21/2014

    Some informed posters called this one… of Hopkins.less spectacular matches….

    OK….Ted said it..and it’s been said before….Hopkins is a boring fighter…....capable and fit…to be sure….but ...using a style that suits his ‘time of his life’ ...he is not an exciting match to watch.  Still he’s got the stuff to beat the kid ..who was young enough to be Hop’s son…..(impossible of course…Shumenov is too good looking)

  8. bk don 11:03am, 04/21/2014

    I would love to know if the same people who cried fix after PacVBradley 1 were saying the same things when they saw the absurd card from Gustavo Padilla. Maybe Golden Boy tried to fix the card b/c they wanted the super popular Shumenov with the huge fan base to win so he could be the future face of the company.#Sarcasm Horrible officiating unfortunately occurs in this sport usually due to incompetence, not b/c of some kind of a fix.

    By-Hops standards this was a decent fight, though not as entertaining as the Murat clash. Shumenov isn’t a prime Antonio Tarver but he’s one of the better fighters in this rather thin division. I’ve never seen anyone “annihilate” B-hops b4 so it’s ok to have those young guns favored over him but let’s not get carried away.

  9. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 01:31pm, 04/20/2014

    “What is responsible journalism?”.....let me check with the slobbering, blithering, cheerleading, dumb as fuk twins, Chris Hayes and Chris Matthews over at MSNBC and I’ll get back to you on that.

  10. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 12:52pm, 04/20/2014

    Before the purists on here go all orgasmic about Hopkin’s master clinic and the ” weird shit” he was doing with his ” lead leg “....let’s hear about just one Godforsaken thing that Shumenov did right last night…... other than shaking his head and talking gibberish throughout the fight…....and don’t go on about Hopkins not letting him do anything right. Check out the tape….in the last round Hopkins can clearly be seen telling Beibut, “You’re weak!”

  11. Eric 10:31am, 04/20/2014

    Archie Moore was either one month shy of his 46th or 49th birthday, depending on which source you want to believe, when he was getting beaten in 4 rounds by Cassius Clay. Boring or not,  what Hopkins is doing at such an advanced age is remarkable. Ali and Holmes both started handpicking opponents when both were still only 34-35 years old. Even Ancient and Big George were retired by the time they reached Hopkins age. Hopkins is 11 years older than “old” Jersey Joe was while he was champion.

  12. kid vegas 10:14am, 04/20/2014

    Dreadfully boring. Dreadfully.

  13. Tex Hassler 09:36am, 04/20/2014

    Shumenov was not Bob Foster or Billy Conn but that was not Hopkins fault. He has to fight what was put before him and he prevailed.

  14. Pangan 07:57am, 04/20/2014

    Both Stevenson & Kovalev are going to annihilate Hopkins. The old man will get knocked the eff down & out!

  15. Pete The Sneak 07:47am, 04/20/2014


  16. Matt McGrain 03:08am, 04/20/2014

    I enjoyed the fight!  Hopkins is sure enjoying his low left hand tonight, and he did some weird shit with his lead leg.  Old dog new tricks.  Speaking of old dogs, has anyone seen the training footage coming out of the Klitschko camp?  He seems to be trying to learn the uppercut…

  17. NYirish 02:38am, 04/20/2014

    Boring. Hopkins fought like an old man sparring a robot. I was watching MMA on Fox. Boxing is on the ropes.

  18. George Thomas Clark 09:53pm, 04/19/2014

    Next time I think I’ve detected a little aging in Hopkins, I won’t put it in writing.  However, if he believes he’s still the best, he’ll be obliged to take on Adonis Stevenson and/or Sergey Kovalev.

  19. bikermike 09:40pm, 04/19/2014

    nobody lined up for this one….Says a lot Screaming silence it was once called

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