All I Want for Christmas No. 2: Manny, One for the Show…

By Michael Schmidt on December 18, 2012
All I Want for Christmas No. 2: Manny, One for the Show…
Merry Christmas, dear Santa, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and to all a good night!!!!

The last Marquez bout will probably be Fight of the Year so why not do it again? Besides the story-line going into number five will be huge…

Lyford Cay, Bahamas

Well, Santa, I probably should not get greedy and maybe shouldn’t have any list this year. But according to the character Gordon Gekko greed is good and it sure does not look like it has hurt too many folks here in Lyford Cay. Apparently the phrase “Money can’t buy you happiness” was a proverb first introduced in 1792 in the William & Mary College Quarterly. What a crock of Schmidt, sorry Santa, or as Dear Old Pops would say, “Maybe, but it sure the fuck doesn’t hurt.” (Sorry again Santa, but I am trying to keep the quotes accurate.) The diving is great, sunset’s spectacular, and food wonderful. The muscle car I get to drive around this weekend isn’t bad either. I am sorry, just as I was last year (see All I Want for Christmas…Floyd, Tattoos, Manny), but my list may not be politically correct and I suppose I could call it my Holiday list but it has always been my Christmas list and besides Santa this is Boxing so we do not have to worry about political correctness. 

Well Santa, I am not going to get, AGAIN, my big gift of Manny vs. Money, but where there is a will, or in this case Bob Arum, there is a way. If Roberto Duran could be resurrected, as he was, from that potato sack-like drop to the canvas floor courtesy of The Hitman then certainly Manny can come back as his is much, much the less fall from boxing grace as he lay on his face. He got caught Santa and that’s boxing. He also caught his toe just before he got hit and that was a real mistletoe Santa. Manny showed his desire and his fire (see Manny Pacquiao: No Fire, Retire) and contrary to the “Negative Nancys,” as son Jordan would call them, it was probably Fight of the Year, this battle with JMM. Manny seemed like his good old self looking to knock somebody’s head off. Give me number Five, please Santa. I am kind of thinking of the old Trooper song here: One for the money, Two for the show, Three for the lady on the radio, four might be the one. You’ll never know, you’ll never know. If only there was a better way to go.”

ONE FOR THE MONEY—Well Santa extra dough is always a good thing and If Manny does not want or need it well there are all kinds of projects over in the Philippines that it can be used for. I am also thinking Money as in Mayweather. If Manny shows big in number five then Money is back on the table and Bob Arum, if all the elves work together, will be your boxing version of Christmas, Santa.

TWO FOR THE SHOW—The last Marquez bout will probably be Fight of the Year so why not do it again? Besides the story-line going into number five will be huge. Manny’s attempt at redemption…Manny’s last stand…la dee da da Santa. It sure beats watching Manny doing a duet with Dan Hill. Besides I always like duets such as a Tom Jones and Tina Turner better.

THREE FOR THE LADY ON THE RADIO—Well Santa apparently Manny’s Mom and wife want Manny to hang them up. If they have any understanding of a fighter’s ego and psyche they will allow him one last blast by way of number five. Besides, Manny can say he did it “My Way” Frank Sinatra-style in Sinatra town.

FOUR MIGHT BE THE ONE, YOU’LL NEVER KNOW. Santa the options out there realistically don’t make any sense for Manny other than number five. Immediate redemption for a sleigh full of dough is the name of the game and although a Desert Storm or a Bam Bam would be fun they do not sound very much like Christmas and are both dangerous fights. Why not head straight to the Promised Land? Throw the dice and make the Steve Wynns of the world happy!!!!!

IF ONLY THERE WAS A BETTER WAY TO GO—For first ballot Hall-of-Famer to be and legend Manny going out on a loss just does not seem right Santa. Even more so given the level Manny is still at. Besides there is no worry of the “O” that might go. Heck Santa, these two warriors can only grow their mutual legends bigger by having the cojones, err sorry Santa, to jump in the ring again. There are so many fighters out there right now that don’t want to step up and take the tough fights—you know the types Santa—the ones that refuse to participate in reindeer games. 

Dear Santa, I am going to skip a few weights this year but here is the rest of my list:

HEAVY: Fury vs. Price would be nice and Wilder Thing moving up the line would be fine. Besides Santa Fury is worth all the Christmas gifts you could have by all those sound bites he provides. Just look at his press conference with Kingpin Johnson Santa. “Hello Mr. Sunglasses, Hello Mr. Chubby Checker…Lift up your shirt, would you look at that…”

LIGHT HEAVY: Well Santa, All The King’s One Man—Cloud I see is slated in to fight Hopkins—thank you for the early gift Golden Boy. Santa can you also see fit to get my friend WBA Champion Beibut Shumenov in the Ring with that undefeated Englishman, Cleverly. No offense Santa, but winter in the City of Neon has to be better than winter in England.

MIDDLE: Sergio rematch with Jr.—that last round was fabulous Santa and maybe Sergio vs. Golovkin. Also Santa if you could get Pirog back in action.           

JR. MIDDLE: Santa, Champion Canelo has called out Champion Money and both would get huge green stuff—a Champion Money.

JR. WELTER: Bam Bam Rios vs. ANYBODY. But really, Santa, how about Bam Bam vs. Tim Bradley at a catchweight setting up the winner of Number Five? There’s also Khan vs. Garcia II. The first one was a firefight with Khan in control early. With Khan and Hunter having more time moving into the New Year to mesh number two should be great fun. Besides, Santa, I don’t see Virgil putting up with Papa Garcia’s pre-fight psychological warfare antics. And what about Paul Spadafora? I know what you are thinking—has Paul been a bad boy this year? Well Santa I am not inviting Paul over for the family barbecue any more than I would invite Mike Tyson who might take an ear rather than the T-Bone—besides, having Bronson the Coyote/Shepherd dog around while there is a barbecue is dangerous to one’s health, Paul and Iron Mike included. But this is boxing and former Lightweight World Champion Pittsburgh Kid Spadafora is undefeated close to fifty fights and is on the comeback trail. As Father Murphy would say, “There is no such thing as a bad boy” (I often wondered if the good Father got out of the rectory very often), so how about giving Paul a shot. I think he is a real boxing problem for most the top ten and not too many guys want to step up.

LIGHTWEIGHT: Santa if I had 100 Cent for every 50 Cent that somebody said they wanted to make the best fight I would have a whole lot of cents…make the fight—Adrian “Can’t Seem to Keep My Hair Nice” Broner vs. Gamboa. 50 can get it done and probably go 100 cent on the dollar. 

FEATHERWEIGHT: Well Santa, last year I asked for MIKEY GARCIA MIKEY GARCIA MIKEY GARCIA. Some people probably think Bob Arum is the Grinch but I still say he reminds me of Dear Old Pops less lots of swearing (maybe). Santa Bob has already let me open one of my Christmas goodies—Mikey and Salido at the Garden. Nothing like the Big Apple Santa—YIPPEEE SANTA. I think I am slotted to enjoy ringside!!!           

LITTLE MEN BEYOND: Well, Santa, give me more of my Fighter of the Year vote, “The Filipino Flash,” Nonito Donaire along with a guy that should have been Trainer of the Year last year and should be this year—Robert Garcia. Hey maybe Flash can fight the other Cuban. He will get Mares sometime and I won’t ask for it now Santa, but I would sure like to see more of Mares as well. Hey, how about Mares vs. Santa, Santa? Cruz on up! My Pinoy friends no doubt will irritate the hell out of me Santa (sorry Santa) about not mentioning “who I like” in Donaire vs. Mares. I think Mares will charge his sleigh hard at Donaire and end up with a nose like Rudolph’s, Santa—Donaire by mid-round knockout. Mares is a come-forward guy Santa and—and he can’t help himself so why change since he has been helping himself just fine doing just that.

Ah, Santa, one last thing. James Kirkland, kinda like Mike Jones, seems to be stuck somewhere down in the South Pole. Santa, although the grass always seems greener, I don’t think there is any green down there. Can we get them midpoint, at least, to the North Pole and see them back in action?

Thank you Santa and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and to all a good night!!!!

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  1. raxman 02:34pm, 12/20/2012

    i think as a result of the scoring system used in the amateurs until about a 2 years ago where 3 judges had to simultaneously see a punch for it to score, the upper cut and inside work in general was lost to the amateurs and flowed onto the pros,  you can see it in amir khans style. in the amateurs for years fighters were taught that most scoring shots were outside shots it makes andre wards inside game all the more impressive.

  2. Mike Schmidt 02:25pm, 12/20/2012

    Hard hard punch to learn to throw- high exposure if you don’t throw it the correct way- with proper balance, shoulder tucked, chin in- but what a hammer!!!!! Also, Nacho often has the shots thrown without turning the fist over- comes bee line straight for the target- unigue

  3. raxman 02:05pm, 12/20/2012

    MS - its so easy to forget about those low weight guys. i think the thing that is most impressive about nacho’s guys is their left uppercuts. both jmm and el finito had absolute weapons with that punch and the beauty is it can also be thrown as a left rip or as a hybrid uppercut-hook from the same set up position.

  4. MJSCHMIDT 12:34pm, 12/20/2012

    Agree 100% Rax—JMM is textbook and that is the way Nacho molds these guys from scratch—go look at his other picture perfect combo fighter—bing bing bing combos hitting body parts that leave ya sore fore weeks—Ricardo “El Finito” Lopez—what did we have 52 fights without a loss—a JMM mini me clone or vice a versa—clearly Nacho trained.

  5. raxman 11:49am, 12/20/2012

    MS - i would think jmm would have the edge for sure. pac hasn’t looked the same fighter and he’d need to be to beat jmm - coz well, he still is the same fighter, only now he’s in amazing shape. i think they measure to the roy jones/b-hop model - one fighter relied on physical attributes the other on boxing skills. one can fight long term coz they have the boxing chops to adapt (to switch sports its like jordan losing the ability to fly but then hello jump shot!) manny was alway going to struggle to hang onto the things that made him great - explosiveness, endurance etc - especially taking the shots he took against margarito (i’m sorry but proving you’re tough by sitting on the ropes and letting that beast land uppercuts on you was, is and will forever be plain stupid) where as jmm’s beautiful boxing skills - and he is a sweet, sweet boxer - you could teach kids how to throw combos, teach them the way individual punches are to be thrown by watching jmm. i think if there were to be a fight 5, pac would have to come out guns blazing first round and i’m not sure he won’t be a little gun shy after that ko.

  6. MIKE SCHMIDT 05:17am, 12/20/2012

    Thanks Sneak and same to you. Rax as always hitting the bullseye- go to my article “Donaire:“Again, Right, Now.” No lucky punch at all- looping right was set up and worked on- first he floored him, then he rocked the shit out of him with the same punch ensuing round, and the finale shot. Maestro Nacho and El Grand Campeon saw something, worked on it in training camp, and kada bing kada boom- the usual straight as the green arrow right hand of Marquez was set deliberately outside darn near the whole fight- I still want a number five- I think number four was exciting as all hell and Marquez deserves some more dinero- Rax post me up here but I think Marquez will knock Manny out again 1) He is more focused and does not have all this outside stuff going on 2) The accountant from Mexico will be in better condition- he is a work horse 3) The knockout is going to be more damaging to Manny from a phsycological sense than people realise. 4) From a technical standpoint Marquez is simple, and by far, the better fighter annnnnd that gets to number 5) Rax, whats that old song- ” I got your number…” El Grand Campeon got his number and I don’t see Manny making any adjustments 6) Manny aint no spring Chicken 7) Marquez drinks his own piss ( I had to throw that in there!!) And before anybody gets there little Manny violins out- no I am not a Manny hater. Rax go to my “Donaire: “Again, Right, Now.” Adios

  7. raxman 08:13pm, 12/19/2012

    bam bam needs to get his head straight to fulfil his potential - along with GGG, rios is a banger with a great amateur pedigree - which can create an enigmatic fighter like JCC senior who’s pure boxing skills were totally deceptive and often the reason he was able to “bang” his way out of trouble - i guess what i’m inarticulately saying is that bam bam is so much more than just a banger - but weight failures and lack lustre performances (john murray fight for one) could derail this kid.
    i think amir khan can box garcia’s head off from the outside if he can control his ego and stick to playing/plying his strong suit - but if that were not to happen (either the fight or the khan ud win i’m predicting) then the obvious fight is rios vs garcia - which rios would win with ease but not if he brings anything short of his best mental and physical state - say what you want about garcia - the one thing no one can argue with is that the kid comes prepared everytime he fights.
    but the fight that would be a ripper - would be rios vs adrien broner at 140. if rios could topple a garcia (or khan if he’s already beaten garcia) and broner beat say vasquez at 135 and moves up- then a mid 2013 rios vs broner could be the retelling of the thunder meets lightening - chavez (snr) vs meldrick taylor or 23 years ago

  8. raxman 07:25pm, 12/19/2012

    bro - are you one of these deluded pac fans that just can’t get a grip on his being ko’d? firstly it wasn’t a lucky punch. jmm has been countering pac for 40 rounds - in this fight he used the looping right and the right cross rather than the straight. in this fight both fighters were throwing caution to the wind so it was likely one of them was headed to the canvas again - just because it was pac doesn’t mean the punch was unplanned or even unexpected
    as for pac being on the way to ko’ing jmm - tell that to pac fight 1 round 1. tell it to the baby bull juan diaz in the first half of their first fight. tell michael katsidis! tell any of the dozens of fighters who have seemingly got on top of marquez early.
    deal with it bro - pac was, possibly still is a great fighter against opponents who come straight at him. but he was always vulnerable to counter punchers - its a credit to his skills as a fighter that a young pac, despite having an off balance, weak jab, lunging attack style, was still so good that he could go with a consumate counter puncher like marquez. but that was the young pac. the pac we have today can’t fight 36 minutes of every fight

  9. the thresher 05:33am, 12/19/2012

    Pete The Sneak, thanks and same to you.

  10. Pete The Sneak 05:31am, 12/19/2012

    JR. WELTER: Bam Bam Rios vs. ANYBODY…..Yep, that’s my short list as well Schmidty..Also wouldn’t mind Khan/Garcia again too….Want to take a moment to wish all the writers, Posters and their families a very happy and safe Holiday season. One of the few sites where the writers are top notch and the Posters (Sans yours truly) are just as knowledgeable, passionate and entertaining. Always makes for great reads on the sport that we love. Keep it coming folks. Peace to all!

  11. mike schmidt 03:53am, 12/19/2012

    Thresh—rematch Bam Bam vs Abril, you’re right, probably should happen given the tight scoring but Bam Bam has outgrown the weight so not a likely candidate—one is still scratching their head on David—yes that is one that he should steamroll through…

  12. Mike Schmidt 08:09pm, 12/18/2012

    Agreed which made the reclaim project on Duran that much more impressive and a comeback return the Manny not as high mountain to climb—we shall see how he reacts—there is a video with Manny on Pinoy news with his wife where he is in tears—he will feel this loss right down to the bone—it is going to eat at him

  13. bro 06:45pm, 12/18/2012

    duran-hearns is a very different fight than pacman-marquez4

    hearns is dominating duran and finally nailed that punch that knockout marquez-pacman fight.. pacman is winning the fight and on his way of knocking out marquez until he got caught that lucky punch…

  14. the thresher 03:43pm, 12/18/2012

    That’s why I’d like to see the rematch. This time David destroys him.

  15. Mike Schmidt 11:30am, 12/18/2012

    Having watched, ringside, Alcine flop around the canvas and get destroed in one round on the undercard of Sergio vs Jr it leaves one scratching their head as to how young David lost- or is young David that much below the upper level guys—rematch would tell. Now on the other hand—having sat ringside with one of the real tough guys WBA champ Beibut Shumenov and having watch edAbril clutch and grab his way around—great strategy, great smarts—BUT A TERRIBLE TERRIBLE FIGHT TO WATCH. Thank God Mikey Alvarado lit things up on the undercard. Maidana vs Khan yeah baby bring it on

  16. the thresher 11:25am, 12/18/2012

    Actually, you beat me to the punch (no pun intended) as I was planning to write a piece on rematches I would like to see in 2013

    I’d like to see Rubio-Pavlik
    Kirkland -Molina
    PAC - Bradley

  17. Mike Schmidt 08:30am, 12/18/2012

    January 19 at the Garden—New York, New York—if you can make it there you can make it anywhere. Hey Bull that is short list ya got there Sir. And here I thought you were all excited about Mosley, who has not won a fight in over, what is it , four years, forty years of age leap frogging across the giant pond of contenders to get a title shot at Paulie—well all the hardworking lads ranked one to thirty are probably overjoyed to sit back and scratch there heads…. see ya Bull

  18. the thresher 07:59am, 12/18/2012

    All I want is for GGG to fight.

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