All I Want for Christmas No. 3: Top to Bottom

By Michael Schmidt on December 19, 2013
All I Want for Christmas No. 3: Top to Bottom
What the hell, ring the bell, “Fa la la la la la la la” Happy Holiday right back at ya Hasana!

El Bastardo Magnifico signing off. Thank you Santa and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and to all a boxing good night!!!

Well Santa last year it was “All I Want for Christmas No. 2: Manny, One for the Show…” and the year before that it was “All I Want for Christmas No. 1, Floyd, Tattoos, Manny…” As usual Santa I will get this list not being politically correct business out of the way as I suppose I could, would, should, green eggs and ham style, but will not, cannot, and shall not call it the Holiday List. It has always been, for me, the Christmas List and besides Santa this is boxing so we do not have to worry about political correctness. Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!

Well Santa I’m not going to ask for Manny vs. Money as three years straight I’m empty and better off wishing for the comeback of the long gone Sonny but I do thank you for the post card from a real honey! Well, what the hell, ring the bell, “Fa la la la la la la la la” Happy Holiday right back at ya Hasana! And to all the busy little Elves at we most certainly appreciate the post card from Hasana. I’m afraid to even ask what you’re sending for Valentine’s Day! (P.S. Heather Shanholtz perhaps)

Well as good old Jackie Gleason used to say, “And away we go!”


Fury vs. Wilder. What could be better Santa, as we have two big boys that not only like to fight, but afterwards, in the ring, like to sing, and both often like to act like ding-a-lings. Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…P.S. Santa I suspect your whiskers are on more solid ground than either of these two big lads.


Ah! Santa, as Dear Old Pops would say, “What the fuck!” How about anybody with Huck. 


Super Six Santa with Stevenson, Pascal, Hopkins, Kovalev, Ward stepping on up, and my friend Shumenov. End of next year, Christmas cheer, it should be, at least another Christmas feast, the “Alien” vs. Shumenov the “Beast” and Stevenson vs. Kovalev.


Dear Santa this one’s a standout so please make sure the Elves and your little helpers wrap it all up shiny and nice; Golovkin vs. Martinez, and it sure looks like somebody’s going to pay the price. Maybe we can have Madonna do a singing ring entrance, will it be “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” or “Cry for Me Argentina”! The winner can fight Peter Quillin. 

Jr. Middle

Canelo vs. Kirkland! Santa would you please speak to 50 Cent and if this is pay-per-view maybe we can redeem some coupons for some of those fancy headsets (50 be surprised when we clock in the stereophonic music of Bing Crosby singing “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” and on New Years, just for Canelo, we’ll do a little Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass; perhaps “Lonely Bull,” “Mexican Shuffle” or “Come What May”).


Well Santa this may be the best division of the bunch and maybe we call it Welter Skelter, Welter Skelter. I’ll take Broner vs. Thurman since they are both under the same promotional umbrella and to quote our Fearless Editor’s expression of this weekend past another Broner “whuppin,” and probably not the last. I’ll take Marquez and anybody, Manny vs. anybody because he’s still darn exciting, and Bradley vs. Mayweather even though it’s not going to happen, short of a Miracle on 34th Street. Maidana vs. Ruslan would be great! Maidana vs. Swift, another great gift.

Jr. Welter

Santa if Broner wants to move on down, and continue to act like a clown, then perhaps you could dial up top and serve up an Angel and match Broner vs. Swift Garcia. The trash talk will be loud and proud and will never stop! Broner will up Showtime subscribers, of that there is no doubt, and no problem for any of the boys and girls staying up late Christmas Eve to worry about. Broner and Garcia will most certainly entertain one another with punches to the snout! Besides Santa, Broner was jumped, humped, and stumped by “Chino” but showed character down the stretch so it should be another big dollar gift that he does fetch.


Santa put Crawford in with anybody in the top five. Time to unwrap some more presents!

Jr. Lightweights

Dear Santa, Japan’s version of come and get ya Duran style beast of the East, the undefeated number one ranked Uchiyama vs. Mikey Garcia. I am a big fan Santa, as you know, of one of the heavier handed fighters in Uchiyama. Santa please send Takashi an extra big Christmas gift for defending his title on New Year’s Eve and bringing in the big bash.


For that matter Santa, throw in Lomachenko vs. Mikey Garcia as Mr. Lomachenko says he wants to face the best and Mikey Garcia is the best at Featherweight. I have met Mr. Lomachenko, I have watched him ringside ringside, and when he says he wants to face the best I can tell you Santa…he wants to face the best. Tell you what else would be fun Santa is Nacho’s man Gonzales vs. anyone. People forget Santa that Gonzales has wrapped up pretty, canvas style, a whole lot of opponents, including another warrior, young Mares.

Jr. Featherweights

Dear Santa, Rigo is like a small present wrapped in shiny gold. What’s the deal here Santa? Put Rigo in Miami on a hot summer night, outdoors, like the good old days of Arguello vs. Pryor against Leo Santa Cruz, the Colombian Romero, or the Mexican Terrazas. It would be a Miami hit, and for all those who think Rigo isn’t exciting please tell them all the way up to the North Pole, we don’t give a shit or a bull Schmidt.


Panama’s Moreno is the man Santa and Kaneda should get it on with “Chemito.” Otherwise there’s the Pinoy Tunacao.

Jr. Bantams

Santa can I see more of this Mexican Kid Cuadras. The Kid is knocking people out. 


Santa this one is easy, as I have never seen any little man, big punch, more exciting than Panama’s Luis “El Nica” Concepcion. El Nica vs. anybody, and how about some Hawaiian Punch Viloria to bring in the New Year? After his fights Santa, when El Nica goes to the top rope and does that back flip flying in the air and landing feet first to the canvas, like wrestler Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, it sure gets the Panamanian crowd fired up.

Jr. Flyweights

Dear Santa, I would please ask that you sleigh on over to Uncle Bob Arum’s house. We need Uncle Bob’s help on this one. Santa you may remember that I wrote a tribute article about Uncle Bob and how great it is to be in your eighties and still being jacked up and loving your job. We need Uncle Bob to intervene and make a fight for one of the best pound-for-pound, even though his pound is 108 pounds, fighters in the world, being the technically gifted and knockout perfected Nicaraguan Roman Gonzales and please, a fight with the Pinoy, he himself superb, Donnie Nietes.

The Straws

Santa lets keep the bells ringing with Nicaraguan boxing and put Buitrago against Menayothin. 

That’s it Santa. Last year I mentioned one last thing, being James Kirkland, who seemed to be stuck somewhere down in the South Pole, being brought back into action. Well Santa you granted me that wish but I’m wondering if I can ask for a further gift as you know my thoughts on young Glen Tapia. Maybe two last things Santa, being Tapia back full throttle the next half year and putting himself back into position and that will take a comment while you’re visiting Uncle Bob. And since you’re visiting Uncle Bob and since I’m down in Las Vegas quite often can you mention, bucket list, that it would be a thrill to go over to Uncle Bob’s vault to see all the boxing archives. 

Again Santa on behalf of myself and, if I may, thanks for sending a post card of Hasana over at and wouldn’t you like her snuggled up in your sleigh. 

Santa, please send a big Christmas gift to all the boys and girls over at Golden Boy Promotions, great undercards, topped by a great main event fight, to watch and again, staying up late waiting for you Christmas night.

And Santa, in the spirit of Christmas, we at offer up to our colleague Sir Clarence George, who in all things is Christmas fine but for women’s boxing to which he draws a line. To Sir Clarence George we offer up by way of any Google image, or Google YouTube’s, not that I suggest they have anything against the boobtube, the finest in women’s boxing as follows:  Fearless Editor if you could kindly provide us the Little Drummer drum roll please… “Come they told me, pa rum pum pum pum… to lay before the King, pa rum pum pum pum” one Mariana Juarez, two Yessica Bopp, three Lauryn Eagle, four Hollie Dunaway, five Regina Halmich, six Corianne Van Ryck De Groot, seven Kina Malpartida, eight Zulina Munoz, nine and ten fill in the blanks Santa as my head is starting to spin, albeit with a very wide grin! Santa while some may see the aforementioned list as sexist extreme, please do consider that all of us at hold Sir Clarence in high esteem!

El Bastardo Magnifico signing off on a great year of boxing. While some may see boxing as something continuing to stumble, like the Abominable Snowman in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, “The Bumble,” still the best sport of all so deck the hall!

Thank you Santa and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and to all a boxing good night!!!

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  1. Mike Schmidt 04:30pm, 12/27/2013

    True enough I did. Didn’t even think of it- brain lapse I suspect. In retrospect I can tell you that a) I don’t think no way, no how, does Bradley want that fight again nor would Top Rank like putting that one together b) I have a very strong hunch that you may see Ruslan in with Marquez. But yeah would love to see it. I think Ruslan should have got the nod on the last one and certainly on some of the ref calls, knockdown items, he could have. And it may get the nod for fight of the year but the thought police are keeping quiet as to a rematch-THEY GOT ME DIDN’T THEY!!!

  2. Francis 01:24pm, 12/27/2013

    Schmidty you forgot an obvious one:

    Bradley vs. Ruslan No. 2

  3. Mike Schmidt 02:02am, 12/27/2013

    MqMag thanks again to all, staff, models and photographer. To the lovely Hasana for being a good sport of course and to Ring Card Girl booking agent and Ring Magazines Heather Shanholz please do say hello. Marketing as it were, and no doubt good stories, we would love to see Heather for a Valentine pictorial and perhaps story of her Ring Mag and Agency work in the boxing world- please do pass on to her and adios and thanks again- PS sorry for the delay in thanks and salutations-I am sure Florida is being much kinder mother nature than the past few days here- was up, up, up North-Georgian Bay and got bogged down with a huge Ice and snow storm for five days. Over 150,000 people in Toronto without Hydro over the holidays!!

  4. 03:22pm, 12/21/2013

    Our pleasure to help the boxing community out anytime Schmidty!

  5. El Bastardo Magnifico 07:30am, 12/20/2013

    The not self-appointed, Sneak Appointed, EBM says gracias and all the best over the holiday season Sr Sneak. And yes Tecate has some fab girls- gorgeous- hey it is part of the cold war- Golden Boy has the Corona cuteeees and Uncle Bob Arum and company, Fernando etc, have Tecate ( and there is nothing more fab than watching Bob Arum fuck up Tecate translation- “for a great beer, get condom, er condor character cervarrrza…” well it is not that bad but it is bad enough that it is one of the better reverse marketing gigs unintentionally done- you remember Tecate for that immediately - hell it’s Bob Arum, he probably does it on purpose!!!! I should be so lucky when I am 80 plus….

  6. El Bastardo Magnifico 07:22am, 12/20/2013

    Sneak for sure, good business thing, and Miguel most certainly brings huge subscribes and views- he deserves it and gets it as an old school warrior with quiet class and Sergio rightfully from a business standpoint makes a ton of dough- but, but, but- two items 1) HBO should be quiet about where this sits- Cotto has never fought at Middle, Sergio has been off a long time, and legit middles are getting by-passed including GGG.2) My good friend Sampson ( I hope ya ain’t reading this amigo but ah hell what the fuck) and company need to shut the fuck up on calling GGG out this past year and all the silly comments about how Sergio would play with, rearrange, etc etc beat the shit out of GGG. Nope, if you want to go the Cotto route, then quit the yacking about GGG- your ducking him pure and simple and HBO should say no, no , no.

  7. El Bastardo Magnifico 07:17am, 12/20/2013

    Sneak, Furtino par un momento pense’ que me estaba di ciendo que mis cojones estan locos.!!! I had to check downstairs for a moment I thought me balls were tipping like crazy!!!!! Not to worry, when I saw the lovely postcard from Hasana pop up I thought I better fire myself!!!!

  8. El Bastardo Magnifico 07:14am, 12/20/2013

    NYIrish that is one hell of an awesome remember- I gotta do some homework on the name and the place- superb. Fearless Editor NYIrish has an entire good story to be had there. Thanks for the post- I will drop back by on this when I get to do some google search on your items NYI..great shtufff

  9. Pete The Sneak 06:43am, 12/20/2013

    ...And lastly on a more serious note, just want to wish everyone in the family a Great Holiday season and a happy, healthy and proseprous new year..I love watching this site continue to grow and the boxing articles here are some of the best in the world. The writers, whether you agree with them or not demonstrate true passion for the sport in every sense of the word. It’s writing like I see here at that give me hope that our sport will continue to thrive. As great as the writers on this site are, man, I tell you, the posters (yours truly excluded) that post on here are also some of the most knowledgeable boxing folks I’ve seen and been around (and I’ve been around quite a few). That’s the beauty of this site, you learn from both the writers and the folks who send in their commentary. Does not get any better than that for a Boxing fan. So to all, I truly do wish you PEACE…

  10. Pete The Sneak 06:33am, 12/20/2013

    ...As to the article itself, (I finally got around to reading it after 20 minutes of staring)..Great Christmas list…I do agree that Martinez should challenge GGG next. That should be the fight for him..But I just think that he will play it a little safer and go after Cotto. It’s win, win for Maravilla. Though Cotto still poses a threat to him. I’m not sure if Miguel (as much as I love him) will be able to stop Sergio the way (perhaps) GGG can. I’m not annointing GGG as the greatest thing out there right now (raxman has convinced me that his body of work is truly not that impressive), but the possibility is greater of him getting kayoed by GGG as opposed to Cotto. Not to mention the bottom line here, Moolah! Sergio can cash out big time with Cotto, and judging by Sergio’s last couple of performances, that may be what he’ll do…Peace.

  11. Pete The Sneak 06:23am, 12/20/2013

    Geez Bastardo. you’re going to get me canned if you keep putting up title Pics like that…My boss walks by my cubicle and thinks I’m in a porn site. Hmm, then again, perhaps that’s why he’s walked by about 6 times while I was reading your article…Still, if I do get bounced, I can spend more time in Mike and Clarence’s new boxing joint trying to sell EBM’s Mag-T-Shirts. Maybe we can hire a couple of the Corona girls to model them for us in the Bar before big fights. Speaking of which, does TECATE beer have TECATE girls? I don’t remember seeing them. If not, maybe we can cut a deal with TECATE to sponsor the shirts along with the beer. and have the Tecate/EBM girls. I can hear Michael Buffer now “This fight brought to you by Cerveza Tecate, la Cerveza con caracter, along with Boxing .com and El Bastardo Magnifico, el tipo loco con cojones.” (The crazy dude with moxy)...Hey, ya never know…Peace.

  12. NYIrish 05:15am, 12/20/2013

    May all you humps have a wonderful Holiday Season!
    The nymph on our Christmas card arrived unwrapped. Fitting!
    Thanks to all contributors from our editor on down. The historians and the pictures really make this site the main event in boxing mags.
    Speaking of history, the joint Mike Casey proposes existed on Queens Boulevard a few miles east of Sunnyside Garden in the 70s. Henny’s Fountainblue Lounge. Henny Wallitch the fighter was the proud proprietor. (Check his record.) His dancers and his bouncers were quite a cast of characters. I briefly worked public relations in this fine establishment back in the day. Henny is still active in Ring 8 last I heard. Good luck and good health ! 

  13. EBM 03:59am, 12/20/2013

    Ha Good man. Chuckee Heston at his finest. There is ample case that our Fearless Editor has broken the big ten, more than ten times over- and let us not forget that most recent breakage, Sir Robert of Ecksel-“though shall not covet, convert, or cover Broner’s feeeannnce’- me, I think after I am done with Burl Ives and Rudolph which settle in to Ralphee and his Red Ryder Bee Bee Gun!!

  14. Mohummad Humza Elahi 02:17am, 12/20/2013

    Ha!  Good for him; I’m hoping to plan a trip to Vegas for the next Floyd fight to cover it for the site and I know it will kill me realizing I’m handing 6% of everything I might buy in and around the venue to those gits at the WBC.  Already starting research for the next article though, not even Christmas stops me, although I might make some time to watch The Ten Commandments again, such a great move!

  15. EBM 02:09am, 12/20/2013

    I think I need one of those diet Pepsi’s to wake my old noggin up MHE-the fighter was Rocchgianni and he won a 30 million dollar lawsuit that put them into Chapter 11 filing the next day- he liked there sanctioning fee’s apparently as much as your long snouted fox Sir!!!!

  16. EBM 02:00am, 12/20/2013

    MHE knowing Casey and Sir Clarence the joint will probably be selling all kinds of interesting things!!!! I loved your last article (add about 40 pounds and widen the snout out by the way and that fox is our Bronson Coyote/Shepherd dog!!!). I was just speaking with our Fearless Editor last month about the fighter who had won the lawsuit against the WBC and had them worried about bankrupcty ( a memory lapse)- one of the few scrappers to take a sanctioning body on full throttle in a court of law- thanks for the post and look forward to your next article

  17. Mohummad Humza Elahi 01:50am, 12/20/2013

    I have to say I stopped at the picture for a full minute before reading the article!  Good work and Merry Christmas to all at  I’m really proud to be part of the writing team here and will always try to match the standard and quality of the material; it’s not like other boxing sites and I know a lot of people hold this page in high regard. 
    @El Bastardo - This wonderful place that you speak of…will sell Diet Coke, right!?!?

  18. EBM 01:49am, 12/20/2013

    PS- there is a kid up Canada way, Steve Franjic, 12-0-1 who spent a few weeks as a sparring partner for Danny Green and it was a great experience for him= treated real well and learned alot- besides, the weather and pretty girls no doubt didn’t hurt for a young single lad!!!!!

  19. El Bastardo Magnifico 01:42am, 12/20/2013

    Ya gotta feel sorry for these guys at Cruiser Rax- for whatever reason it is such a tough weight class to make any good dough- I always loved the skill set of the Panamanian Jones ( I guess they are going to purse bid the Lebee rematch) but so inactive. Ya got guys like B.J Flores who is waiting for a nice cheque/ fight but again so inactive and the one loss seems to have set him into a wait mode. I am told the kid from the Congo, 14-1, 10 knockouts, can crack but I have not ( yes shamefully) seem him scrap yet. In the end result, and your earlier post is bang on, these guys leap frog the weight class, the Tarver and Lateef mode, to make some moola and they are at a huge weight and size disadvantage given the cruiser class cut-off

  20. raxman 11:18pm, 12/19/2013

    el bastardo - i agree re Hernandez and the troy ross fight - although i do believe like a lot of the cubans he fights at the level of his opposition. gamboa and lara can be the same - the better the opposition the better they perform yet unfortunately the opposite caan also true. YPH looked like he was back a few weeks ago when fighting russian former amateur gun alexander alekseev. hopefully he can step up his opposition again next time out.

  21. El Bastardo Magnifico 05:51pm, 12/19/2013

    And Koolz- on Kid Choco in my own personal thought - I thought Gab Rosado deserved a better scoring a chance to finish on that one- he was coming on- AND GAB ROSADO DESERVES ANOTHER BIG FIGHT- WHAT A FUCKING FIGHTER- FEEL FREE TO POST ANYTIME J.R PELTZEEEE. Gab when he enters against Charto in late Jan will have fought four consecutive guys with a combined record of 90 wins no losses!!! Unheard of!!! And on the J’Leon Love fight he got really fucked- shitty decision and then a ND because Mr Love tested positive for a banned diarrhea or diuretic or whatever the fuck it is!!! Ya gotta me started on this GGG thing Koolz….

  22. El Bastardo Magnifico 05:47pm, 12/19/2013

    Sergio gets a 3/4 year pass and then gets to fight a guy who has never fought as a middle and meanwhile some poor bastard rated in the middle continues to toil and work in the gym- Cotto is a wonderful warrior but that is a bullshit HBO fight- if those two guys want to fight go ahead-not on HBO please and thanks- I mean HBO can preach all they want about the alphabet soup sanctioning bodies but this is one of those aid and betting type of things-let those guys find there money for that bullshit fight elsewhere ( good luck without TV boys). And even more so when all have heard the past year from team Sergio is how he is going to re-arrange GGG.

  23. Koolz 05:18pm, 12/19/2013

    El Bastard Magnifico

    too true!  Cotto is being offered a lot of money for the Martinez fight.  I think after that fight Martinez should fight GGG. 
    There making Golovkin the Super World Champion now.  Honestly this is stupid.  It must be a way for Murray to get a World Title without Fighting Golovkin.
    My Dream fights are Golovkin against Sturm, Geale, and Martinez.
    As for Quillin nope sorry I don’t consider him to be in the same league.
    Cheers Gents!
    Sexy Women and Boxing is good combination.
    2014 I want to see some more foot movement, some more dancing, most boxers are pretty flat footed.

  24. El Bastardo Magnifico 04:26pm, 12/19/2013

    Mr Casey please do let us know the location- boxing posters, Clarence’s belly dancer, old fights on the T.V, Clyde Frazier, Rod Gilbert, Chuck Zito and host of others on the opening night guest list- and just to keep our Fearless Editor happy we will make sure to invite Thomas Hauser. Do you guys mind if Pete the Sneak have the hat check girls sell a few of our Mag T-Shirts? Oh and we have a big prize winner- free lifetime subscription to and tickets across the street to da Garden to watch a nice fight

  25. El Bastardo Magnifico 04:22pm, 12/19/2013

    I gotta agree with ya Rax- on Y. Pablo you know he seems to have dimished- I did not like at all how he showed with Troy Ross whom she should have been able to use his skills and length to box box box and break down. I don’t know if it has been various career stall injuries or just not able to get that right fight, but yeah would love to seem him and Captain Hooooowk go to it. At one point Hopkins was talking about moving up but that ain’t gonna happen- it would lend a name and the bigger boys would make him work work work

  26. Mike Casey 03:46pm, 12/19/2013

    Admirably done, Schmidty. I’ve done the boxers and now I can go back to that honey at the top. Clarence George and me will shortly open a boxing-themed joint in Gotham, tentatively titled: BOXING AND HUGELY SEXY GIRLS WHO MIGHT JUST HAVE A VAGUE CONNECTION WITH BOXING. Hey, come on, we’re still working on the title.

  27. raxman 03:37pm, 12/19/2013

    Again a clear display of no love for the cruisers!! A weight class we all should start watching - if only the powers that be had gone heavyweight-super heavy like the amateurs - rather than the crap name cruiser. but the fighters are anything but crap. watching these guys who come in the ring around 210-215 after making the 200pound limit is like watching the heavyweights of yesteryear - they can box, they can bang, they can entertain. if I had my way (weigh) I would move the limit up from 200 to 210 or 215 so we could get some more of the talented “smaller” HW’s in the division. At the moment there are 3 cruisers that stand out as the top men of the division, and that on any given night could beat each other - Wlodarczyk,- Hernandez - Huck. There are those 3 at the top and a wealth of talent beneath them - mostly these guys are fighting talented opposition (most recently Wlodarczyk v Aleeksev; Hernadez vs Fragomeni and Huck vs Afolabi) but its only a matter of time before they will face each other.

  28. El Bastardo Magnifico 02:51pm, 12/19/2013

    Koolz I will be very let down in my feelings for HBO if they go ahead and spend money and make Cotto vs Sergio. All the respect for Sergio but either fight GGG or vacate. This Cotto vs Sergio does not happen without HBO money- I sound like a repeat but here I go,,, When Monzon was ready and wanted to retire all the talk was he wasn’t going to fight Rodrigo Valdez- he did, and he did it twice so there was no mistake on who the man was, and his legacy!!!

  29. Koolz 02:46pm, 12/19/2013

    Merry Christmas Guys God Damn make my dream fights happen with Golovkin and everyone!
    Come On Santa make my fights Happen!

    Happy Holidays!
    Nice Tatoo!

  30. El Bastardo Magnifico 02:42pm, 12/19/2013

    Seriously - to everybody at that makes things happen, the writers, our Editor, the webwizard a big thanks- and to our gourgeous model and the agency for having some fun in a lovely way- thanks always- boxing can be fun…and yes Clarence, exciting!!!

  31. EBM 02:38pm, 12/19/2013

    Typo- where is our Fearless Editor when you need him- probably still mind setting on Ex-Champ Broner’s lovely no doubt.

  32. Clarence George 02:33pm, 12/19/2013

    “Our rear end wrap up.”  Ho Ho Ho, to quoth the Bard, er, the Jolly Green Giant, no, Santa.  Third time’s a charm, to quote…I’ll leave it at that.

  33. El Bastardo Magnifico 02:20pm, 12/19/2013

    What is one to say…I am blown away by your comments are clearly a scholar beyond the confines of a lonely corner of pugilism. Thank you and I am ever so glad that you enjoyed our rear end wrap up.

  34. Clarence George 02:14pm, 12/19/2013

    Good Golly Miss Molly!  From top to bottom is too right, and I can’t recall the last time I saw a doxie in more desperate need and more deserving of up-to-armpit immersion in a vat of simmering goulash.

    Love the Clarence George poem (which I interpret as homage).  An interesting combination and interpretation of Katherine Kennicott Davis and Frederic Austin, and rather reminiscent of Robert Frost…anyway, one of those guys who rhyme really, really well.

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