All’s Well That Ends Well

By Robert Ecksel on September 16, 2013
All’s Well That Ends Well
“I cannot strive to love her, nor will I strive to do ‘t.”—Shakespeare (Act 2, Scene 3)

Floyd Mayweather called her scoring “a joke.” But unlike most jokes, no one is laughing, at least not in public. Even Keith Kizer, the well-known kibitzer who heads the Nevada State Athletic Commission, isn’t laughing, perhaps because he’s busy defending the questionable judging of boxing’s questionable boxing judge du jour, Cynthia J. “CJ” Ross.

As the world knows, C.J. Ross, having the privilege of sitting ringside, determined that Saturday’s romp between Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez was a draw. She’s entitled to her opinion, as are we all, even when it runs counter to common sense and the shifting sands beneath our feet.

Calls for her license to be revoked, pleas that an investigation be launched, demands that she be flogged in front of Caesars Palace, have largely gone ignored. Instead, Keith Kizer, in whose jurisdiction the fight occurred, has leaped to Ross’ defense.

“Just because a judge’s scorecard ends up even, doesn’t mean the judge necessarily thought the fight as a whole was even,” Kizer told USA Today. Sounding like both a Zen master and the Nutty Professor, he explained, “It could be that a judge has six rounds for each fighter, but the six rounds she gave fighter A, she gave them to him easily and the six rounds she gave fighter B, they were really close rounds. That’s pretty much how it was last night.”

As explanations go, that’s a good one. Few, however, are likely to be appeased.

“Good judges, they don’t keep track of their scores,” he continued, suggesting that bad judges do keep track of their scores. “It’s a round-by-round scoring system. All three judges thought Mayweather was the better fighter, that he won that fight as a whole. Because one judge had it even on the scorecard doesn’t mean that judge thought both fighters did equally well.”

There’s curious kind of logic to Kizer’s remarks, but they won’t pass the foolproof scratch-and-sniff test.

“Let’s say you don’t agree with her on the eighth round. One round out of 24 you disagree with her and you think she should never judge again?”

If you ask the guy on the street, or anyone without a vested interest in the fight’s outcome, the answer to Kizer’s question is yes, to which he naturally has a reply: “The answer is the scoring system. Discipline does not make sense here.”

The scoring of C.J. Ross aside, part of the ire is related to the fact that The One, hyped to the high heavens as Mayweather’s most competitive fight in years, didn’t live up to expectations. It’s not Mayweather’s excellence that’s in doubt. It’s the sincerity of those who foisted this upon an eternally trusting public.

Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer, in full Elmer Gantry mode, said, “The whole world was watching. That scorecard was a disgrace. How that judge could be appointed after the decision of Bradley and Pacquiao is not a question I can answer. How can that happen? Is it going to happen again?”

But Team Mayweather is foregoing chest-thumping in lieu of reconciliation.

Leonard Ellerbe, Mayweather Promotions CEO, having revised his initial critical outburst, now says, “I thought the scoring was a little off, but it just makes you that much more motivated.” He added, acknowledging of the side on which his bread is buttered, “The commission is the best in the business, but sometimes people have off-nights, just like everybody else. But they did a wonderful job of appointing officials and we don’t have nothing to say.”

If he says it was a “wonderful job,” it must have been a wonderful job.

Who are we to say otherwise?

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  1. Ted 01:21pm, 09/18/2013

    Ayala got another gift against Tapia that was just plain criminal.

    BTW, Ratner is a good guy and I’m not surprised you got though to him. Forget abbot Kizer. Be easier to get through the eye of a needle with Tua.

  2. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 12:48pm, 09/18/2013

    The day after the ream job in the first Bones Adams/Paulie Ayala fight I rang up Marc Ratner at NSAC and for some inexplicable reason his receptionist put me right through to him. After politely listening to my rant he said that they would meet with the judges and review the tapes and by the way “thanks for calling”. If you were able to get through to Keith Kizer today (highly unlikely), all these years later I’m betting that you would get much the same song and dance.

  3. Ted 08:49am, 09/18/2013

    “The call should not be for better Nevada commission judges. Rather, it should be for a better regulatory body to oversee the officiating process. It has become painfully obvious that cronyism and an inherently incestuous relationship between politicians, promoters, and the commissions have created an irreversibly compromised system that desperately needs to be replaced.” Great quote from another site.

  4. bikermike 07:50am, 09/18/2013

    ...when it comes to cleaning up foolish or corrupt officials in Boxing…..the best time to have planted that tree was thirty years ago…....the next best time would be today !!
    Let this judge go…never to return to Pro Boxing as an official

    It would be a start !!
    That she scored this match even says all there is to say

  5. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:17am, 09/18/2013

    C.J. Ross to take a voluntary LOA so she and I will have the time for some relaxing and refreshing R&R….all paid for by the $8,000 she wisely wagered on a split verdict….what a woman!

  6. Ted 06:09am, 09/18/2013

    nicolas , yes. Gale Van Hoy is the worse judge in history and others in Texas are close behind. Ross should move there to add her weight to an already sinking ship.

  7. Jack 12:51am, 09/18/2013

    The Nevada commission which used to be the benchmark in the industry has declined like so many other areas of our society and culture. High standards or ethics are no longer the norm, unfortunately any crap that someone does has to be accepted, there are no penalties for incompetence across the board. It is a sad situation, very few people accept responsibility for their actions nor are they penalized! The entire commission including the chairman and executive director are all incompetent for letting someone like this judge be chosen to judge any high profile fight here in Nevada. Let her judge undercard and amateur fights if you need to fill a quota. Like I said about Canelo before the fight, “he can not outbox Floyd”. This judge can not score a fight correctly!!!! Her record speaks for itself!!!!!

  8. nicolas 11:26am, 09/17/2013

    Ted: it would appear to me that a bigger joke are the Texas judges.

  9. Danny Collins 06:19am, 09/17/2013

    I will forgive the fact that this woman scored this fight terribly. Canelo won 4 rds, and that’s if you’re being really, really nice. But the fact is she also gave Bradley the win vs Pacquiao! Luckily she didn’t have company this time but the fact is two huge fights were blown by this woman. That’s two too many. She at the least needs to be reviewed and warned, if not outright suspended. It’s not fair to the fighters or fans to let things like this slide.

  10. Larry Link 05:05am, 09/17/2013

  11. Pete The Sneak 04:47am, 09/17/2013

    Larry, in defense of my man Irish, nothing a little (or a lot in this case) Kilbeggan Whiskey can’t take care of…Irish, don’t know who would come out on top in your sordid little bedroom romp with CJ, but I’m willing to bet it will be a draw…Peace.

  12. Larry Link 12:30pm, 09/16/2013

    Irish, that’s some sick thinking. She looks like she is all dried up.

  13. Leigh 11:58am, 09/16/2013

    According to cj floyd should of had 45 draws ; )

  14. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:59am, 09/16/2013

    Larry Link-Thanks….I kind of like the way she’s squinting in the photo….I’m betting she’s a devil in between the sheets.

  15. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:51am, 09/16/2013

    Newsflash….this is Vegas Baby…. where most of the slots are programmed never, ever to pay out the max jackpot…..the random number generators are random only in the sense that pay outs other than the max are random and very seldom at that.

  16. Larry Link 08:42am, 09/16/2013

    You can you view her withered hag-like photos by linking to Google

  17. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:37am, 09/16/2013

    Would very much enjoy an opportunity to review Cynthia’s resume to include photo and personal statistics….she probably needs a friend about now.

  18. Ted 07:19am, 09/16/2013

    Kizer must be from Sedona?

    He always defends these incompetents—whether in MMA or in Boxing. Talk about managing with an even hand.. This is becoming a joke and so are Las Vegas judges.

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