Amir Khan, Pronounced: A Mere Con

By Paul Magno on September 6, 2018
Amir Khan, Pronounced: A Mere Con
Teasing the public with big fight talk, he delivers, as the Brits would say, “pure bollocks.”

The boxing world has given up on waiting for Olympic silver medalist Amir Khan to live up to his full potential…

The boxing world has given up on waiting for Olympic silver medalist Amir Khan to live up to his full potential. Now, fans would just be happy if he stopped dicking them around.

The story has always been the same with Khan. He talks big, calls out the world, and then “something” always happens to make the “big” ones go away. So, he fights the “little” ones, until he needs some real cash. Khan has been on this David Haye career plan since back-to-back losses to Lamont Peterson and Danny Garcia in 2011 and 2012, respectively.

In this most recent cash grab, Khan found a much easier way to make a bundle than when he offered himself up to be a human sacrifice to Canelo Alvarez in 2016. Looking to exploit a booming UK scene, “King Khan” returned home to sign a three-fight deal with one-time bitter rival Eddie Hearn.

He’d have to take a soft touch in his first bout, of course. He needed a tune-up after nearly two years away from the sport. Understandable. No-hoper Phil Lo Greco was booked as Khan’s fall guy and did marvelously in the role—making headlines with audacious pre-fight bluster, but then falling passively in 39 seconds to the A-side.

True to form, all throughout the lead-in to the Lo Greco massacre and in its immediate aftermath, Khan talked big. Oh, yeah…He was eyeballing Manny Pacquiao and Kell Brook could come get some, too. He still had a good working relationship with the PBC folks as well, so Spence, Thurman, Garcia, and Porter were possibilities. Hell, maybe Terence Crawford could be brought in.

And while the boxing world wondered about who would be next on a reinvigorated Khan’s hit list, the boisterous Brit crotch-shotted hopes and dreams with the announcement of a bout with no-hoper no. 2, Samuel Vargas (scheduled for this coming Saturday at Arena Birmingham).

But, fear not faithful fight fans, Khan just needs this tune-up because, now, finally, he’s for sure, 100%, totally gonna fight a big one next.

“The next fight [after Vargas] has to be big,” Khan recently told media. “Hopefully I get a good win against Vargas, a spectacular win, then hopefully some big fight at the end of the year, Brook, Pacquiao or whoever.”

Promoter Eddie Hearn is also helping Khan beat the drum.

“One thing is, without a doubt, that if Amir Khan wins on Saturday night, he is in a super fight, whether that’s Pacquiao, whether that’s Brook, whether that’s Crawford, whether that’s Spence,” Hearn told Sky Sports.

“He’s ready to go into those fights. He wants that. That’s why he returned to the sport. I think he’s going to look to answer a lot of questions on Saturday night….He’s got a tough fight in front of him in Vargas. Kell Brook will be there, Manny Pacquiao will be watching, so will all the other welterweights in the world.”

But, as this Saturday’s bout with Vargas approaches, Khan is already walking back some of the big fight talk so prevalent during the lead-ins to a Khan go-nowhere fight.

“Does Manny [Pacquiao] want the fight?” Khan publicly pondered. “We don’t know. Now look, end of the day we look at this as a business as well…none of the teams are speaking, no one has spoke to one another.”

And, as for a bout with UK rival Brook, who Khan says he would only meet at 147 lbs.?

“I want to be in the big fights and Brook is definitely someone we’ll also look at,” Khan told Sky Sports. “He had a fight coming up, but he pulled out. The rumors were that he pulled [out] of that because he couldn’t even make 154 pounds. So him making 147 pounds is just a line he is using to get the fans back again, or win over the fans.”

“I do feel sorry for him at times,” Khan added, “but at the end of the day I have to look after myself and my own career.”

And, apparently, “looking out” for his own career means running this perpetual game of bait and switch where he teases the public with big fight talk, but delivers, as the Brits would say, “pure bollocks.”

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  1. Dr. Fiddy Kiddler 03:39pm, 09/07/2018

    On the nail Paul Magno.  I dont listen to this cnuts bollox either. I just like seeing him laid out and dazed.

  2. Pete The Sneak 04:03am, 09/07/2018

    “Khan has been on this David Haye career plan since back-to-back losses to Lamont Peterson and Danny Garcia in 2011 and 2012, respectively.”…Nuff said,,,Peace.

  3. Gil Acosta 03:01am, 09/07/2018

    No one listens to this Knock out artist.  He has been knocked out so frequently that he became a KO artist.

  4. QUIET FELLA 11:25pm, 09/06/2018

    Good article, absolutely nailed it on A mere Con.

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