Amir Khan: The Personal Is Political

By Robert Ecksel on December 29, 2014
Amir Khan: The Personal Is Political
“Talking about this stuff could be threatening for me, but I just want to speak the truth.”

By recognizing the madness for what it is, and attempting to put an end to it, Khan sets an example for us all…

WBC Silver welterweight champion Amir Khan may have a questionable chin, but no one in their right mind questions his heart.

Khan, who is of Pakistani origin but was born, raised and resides in Bolton, England, visited the Army Public School in Peshawar earlier today, as part of a multi-day visit to Pakistan, to pay his respects to the 150 people, including 134 children, who were slain earlier this month by Taliban militants.

“My heart goes out to the families and the parents whose children died,” he told reporters. “The main reason I’ve come to Pakistan was to come to Peshawar and see the parents and the children and give the children the confidence to go back to school.”

Khan offered prayers at a memorial to the dead at the school gates and has pledged to help rebuild the school. The $45,000 boxing trunks he wore when he fought and defeated Devon Alexander will be auctioned for that purpose.

At a press conference in Islamabad last week, Khan said, “What has taken place in Peshawar is absolutely horrific and sickening. After recently becoming a father myself, I can’t imagine how the families of these innocent children are feeling.

“Talking about this stuff could be threatening for me, but I just want to speak the truth and tell people what is happening is wrong. I came to Pakistan to show the world that Pakistan is a safe place, and it’s a place I love coming to. I want it to be a better country.

“We have to stop terrorism and with the help of the army and the people of Pakistan we can stop it. I cannot believe how sick some people are.”

Khan announced that he would be building a boxing academy in Lahore. Also, through his foundation, he intends to support Pakistani children in the health and education sectors.

Khan’s actions speak louder than words. By recognizing the madness for what it is, and attempting to put an end to it, he sets an example, not just for superstar athletes, but for us all.

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Amir Khan Plans To Visit Peshawar School

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  1. sImon 02:33pm, 01/06/2015

    Question his chin all you want, the man has heart - great role model.
    Helping boost a community after thugs try to tear it down.

    Good on you, Amir, for taking a public stand against cowards who kill children. 

  2. Koolz 09:06am, 12/29/2014

    Khan is a great Person!  King Khan!

  3. Pete The Sneak 08:57am, 12/29/2014

    Rather than just condemning this horrific act from a safe haven afar, Khan is confronting and telling the bully to his face…Props indeed to Amir… Great to see him use his fame (and wealth) as a vehicle to try and better the lives of people, children in particular. This, at his own personal risk and safety…You’re right Robert, you can question the chin, but the heart is sturdy as can be…Peace.

  4. Eric 08:10am, 12/29/2014

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Kudos to Khan for taking a stand. Most people won’t ever step up to the plate even if it just means losing a paycheck or social status, much less at the risk of losing your life. And then there is the better them than me attitude that always prevails. How else could thousands of NKVD goons instill fear in millions of potential “victims” back in the day.

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