Amir Khan vs. Carlos Molina Post-Fight

By Boxing News on December 17, 2012
Amir Khan vs. Carlos Molina Post-Fight
Khan had a public break-up with Freddie Roach, for which he was dragged over the coals.

Saturday night in Los Angeles, Amir Khan returned from the dead to stop formerly undefeated Carlos Molina in the 10th round of their scheduled 12-round fight. Despite the fact that Khan has been fighting all his life and won an Olympic medal at the age of 17, he is a work in progress, especially after dropping his last two fights. Khan had a well publicized break-up with his former trainer Freddie Roach, for which he was dragged over the coals, and now he’s working with Andre Ward’s trainer, Virgil Hunter. Robert Ecksel, editor-in-chief of, speaks with Rick Strom from TYT Sports about King Khan, his fight with Molina, and the possible resurrection of a fighter everyone loves to hate…

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Amir Khan vs Carlos Molina

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  1. Michel 06:56am, 12/18/2012

    Masterful performance exploiting his adversary’s weaknesses while capitalizing on his strengths and avoiding his own shortcomings. He stayed within his game plan and was thoroughly impressed with his trainer who has elevated him to a new level by maximizing on his skill set. His speed was a step above compared to his contemporaries. Now let’s see what he can do against the elite of his weight class with this new trainer. Success = stay within game plan!

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