An Imperfect Storm

By Ted Sares on December 25, 2011
An Imperfect Storm
Garcia has established a reputation for developing and/or working with rock solid fighters

Recently a number of boxing people posted on some other sites that Robert Garcia might be showing a pattern of irresponsibility with regard to the manner in which he looks out for his fighters. In particular, they point to the Margarito vs. Pacquiao fight in Nov. 2010 in Arlington, Texas, but they also mention Margarito vs. Cotto and Rios vs. Murray.

I submit what these critics are missing is that during the Pacquiao-Margarito beat down, the following elements were present that coalesced to produce an imperfect storm allowing the fight to go the distance:

1. Antonio Margarito will die in the ring before quitting.

2. Robert Garcia was and is fully aware of that fact from a cultural perspective.

3. Manny Pacquiao was backing off in the last two rounds in order to allow Margarito to finish the fight in dignity.

4. Referee Laurence Cole was and is highly conversant with the Mexican boxing culture and was aware that Pacquiao was easing off toward the end. He also raised his fingers several times to see if Antonio could determine how many were being raised.

5. The crowd was predominantly pro-Margarito which further worked against a stoppage.

6. Hindsight is 20-20 and by that I mean no one knew the extent of Tony’s injury at the time, just as no one knew what kind of injury Pawel Wolak might have suffered in his first fight with Delvin Rodriguez.

No single element was compelling but when combined, one can see how they worked to enable this fight to go the distance.

As for Rios vs. Murray, the fact that “Bam Bam” perpetrated a gory slaughter on the game but outgunned Brit is all the evidence I need that he (Rios) was never placed in harm’s way.

Cotto-Margarito II was taken out of Garcia’s hands by Steve Smoger and a very tentative ringside doctor. Margo might well have been coming off his best round when that fight was stopped. Curiously, Smoger was the same referee that allowed Wolak to finish with a much nastier looking eye, albeit without the history.

Bottom line: Garcia has not established any pattern of irresponsibility. What he has established is a reputation for developing and/or working with rock solid fighters like Nonito Donaire, Mikey Garcia and Brandon Rios. That’s why I selected him as Trainer of the Year.

If you want irresponsibility, check out Klitschko vs. Briggs, Donaire vs. Montiel, Holms vs. Mathis, among many others.

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  1. TEX HASSLER 12:05pm, 12/28/2011

    I cast my vote with Ted Sares on this one. While not a Margarito fan I have to admit he has heart and will probably get killed if he keeps fighting. He is already damaged maybe beyond repair. Margarito has no business fighting top opposition any more

  2. the thresher 05:51am, 12/28/2011


  3. Don from Prov 05:50am, 12/28/2011

    PLEASE stop with the cultural perspective shit.  I think that the famous warrior, Mexican Micky Ward was another who’d have rather died in the ring than quit.  And the great Mexican champ, Joe Frazier too.  The point is that trainers are there to protect their fighters.  From my point of view (doesn’t have to be yours) I’d rather have had Eddie Futch in my corner than Garcia: Fighters often need to be saved from themselves.  And if it was my son fighting??  Futch easily, and it was that point, made by a poster on another site, that I originally responded to and agreed with.  Finally, a bruised ego and sense of self is better than spending one’s life blind and being fed, IMO.  Get outta here with this one, Mr. Sares.

    Now, I have a flu and my trainer is telling me to go back to bed (surely no Garcia, she) and I aim to comply.  I had my say.

  4. the thresher 05:03pm, 12/26/2011

    Rax, got it

  5. raxman 01:50pm, 12/26/2011

    ted - no hard evidence to support that garcia is failing to protect his fighters - so no i think i’m agreeing with you aren’t i? my meaning is that i’m yet to see enough proof that garcia deliberately allows his fighters to get hurt when they should be saved - but even if we accept that he does it may well be that by letting them fight to the point of physical damage he saves fighters like margarito from the psychological damage that quitting would bring - and for someone like tony that would be much much worse.  i know it sounds ridiculous and frighteningly archaic macho bullshit but better for tony to lose his eye than to be found swinging in 5 years time because his sense of self was destroyed by quitting - leave it in the refs hands is best for the margaritos and fernando vargas’ off the sport.

  6. pugknows 10:25am, 12/26/2011

    Very controversial piece, Bull, but you can’t argue with success. As for Rios, who said Garcia was being Irresponsible with him? My God, the only way he is being irresponsible with Bam Bam is by letting him loose in the ring to maul and mangle his opponents. Give me a f—king break

  7. the thresher 08:56am, 12/26/2011

    Yes, ego. pride. self-esteem, fueled by a screaming partisan crowd and the knowledge that you can hurt Manny if you go to the body. All of that was part of his mindset and was totally diffrent from the slaughter Brigs took from Klitschko where both the ref and the corner were culpable.

  8. johnwriter60 08:52am, 12/26/2011

    ego. pride. self-esteem, which some might consider on par with pride, though that couldn’t be much further from the truth. or reality. whichever mind-set you might be in at the time. tho from the evidence of the beatings spoken of here, mindset might be more of a detached state from the here and now. yes?

  9. the thresher 08:07am, 12/26/2011

    “there is clearly no hard evidence to support it “

    You dispute the point I made about Garcia, Manny, and Cole?

  10. raxman 03:59am, 12/26/2011

    even if this were the case - and of course there is clearly no hard evidence to support it - but even if it were a trainers responsibility for his fighters safety is two fold - the physical and the mental. you throw the towel in on margarito and you crush his spirit entirely - not only would he be no good as a fighter, he’d be no good as a man - right or wrong that is how tied into his persona is his warrior pride.

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