An Orgy for the Old and Outraged

By Paul Magno on July 17, 2017
An Orgy for the Old and Outraged
Bernard Fernandez is very much up in arms over THIS upcoming cross-sport nonsense.

Boxing has become the old man on the block, standing in his pajamas on his front porch, shaking his fist at those noisy kids next door…

Wow, I figured it was going to be bad, but not this bad.

I’m not referring to the Mayweather-McGregor circus, by the way. I’m talking about the concession stand of canned outrage that has predictably attached itself to that Mayweather-McGregor circus.

Following the final date of the four-stop press tour to hype the August 26 event, the most pious of the pious among boxing scribes have belted out their best odes to lament.

Bernard Fernandez of The Sweet Science, in his piece, “The May-Mac Promo Tour: An Orgy for the Clueless and the Classless,” wrote about “stirring the most abhorrent passions of tens of thousands of the clueless and classless to a flaming crash alongside the pay-per-view highway.” He would describe potential buyers of Mayweather-McGregor as “rubber-neckers who apparently don’t know or don’t care that they are being played for suckers,” engaged in an “orgy of orchestrated or perhaps even genuine debasement of human dignity.”

Funny, the exact same thing could be said regarding most boxing fans. I mean, really, let’s be honest here.

Fernandez, who not too long ago penned a wistfully romantic piece about the once agreed-upon 1971 Muhammad Ali-Wilt Chamberlain heavyweight title bout, is very much up in arms over THIS upcoming cross-sport nonsense fight.

“As the two merry hucksters laugh all the way to the bank with their ill-gotten gains,” he wrote, “millions of spectators will have to look into a mirror and see the reflection of an enabler who helped defile whatever remains of the nobility of combat sports.”

Again…boxing? Hello kettle, this is the pot…you are black.

And while Fernandez was counting “F-bombs” and “cuss words” at the press events (literally…he counted), Ron Borges of the Boston Herald quoted Plato in his own take on canned outrage (because, you know, Borges likes using others’ words…wink, wink):

“Wise men speak because they have something to say…Fools because they have to say something.”

A very appropriate quote, by the way, when applied to Borges’ piece.

“People will buy this because they love a freak show,” Borges added. “They love to be conned. Then after they get conned, they love to complain about it.”

And boxing writers love to be outraged. And they love to use feigned outrage as a jumpstart for creative juices that don’t flow so easily anymore. They also love to be conveniently outraged about things that really don’t matter all that much because reporting on the nastiness that DOES matter in boxing isn’t conducive to keeping a boxing writing gig and it sure as hell doesn’t generate clicks or ad revenue.

So, let’s be real here. These guys stacking up their soap boxes and jockeying for position to be the most outraged are doing so for the very same reason Mayweather-McGregor was made in the first place—scandal sells. Nobody’s going to pay attention to a writer railing on the California State Athletic Commission for being a mess of a regulatory body, although lives and livelihoods are legitimately at stake. Nobody’s going to SEE you be the outraged boxing writer killing evil with your sharp words, if you stick to the less sexy stuff.

Boxing writing these days, at least at the “highest” levels, is made up of comfortable old men (and those who are old at heart) who live in a bubble and communicate, almost exclusively, within a circle of like-minded comfortable old men. Group-think is inevitable in this atmosphere and struggling for relevance comes with the territory when someone finds himself so out of touch with the subject he covers.

Those running the sport as well as those writing about the sport, to a great degree, are old and tired doing what the old and tired do—desperately clutch at the past and damn to hell all things beyond their reach that raise their ire. Boxing has become the old man on the block, standing in his pajamas on his front porch, shaking his fist at those noisy kids next door.

By no means am I saying that Mayweather-McGregor is an awesome thing. Spare me your angry, befuddled comments declaring me the enemy of all things sacred and noble in boxing. I’m just pointing out that on a “What’s wrong with boxing” list, this silly money grab is WAY down on that list. We’d be better served saving our ire for bigger, badder targets. To blast this fight as “the most fraudulent, most cringe-worthy and vilest scam in the history of the sport” as Fernandez did, does a real disservice to those dealt a much worse disservice than a bit of buyer’s remorse—including some who lost their lives or suffered permanent disability from things that could easily be defined as “scams.”

The reality is that Mayweather-McGregor is just a bit of harmless fluff that, to be honest, has much more of a potential upside for boxing than a downside. Boxing writers just love grandstanding and abhor dwelling on the mundane aspects of the sport that DO need addressing. And, because of this, it’s both easy and fun to point out their pretentious posturing.

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  1. Koolz 06:10pm, 07/18/2017

    Jose Cayetano vs Kid Galahad!!!

    Thank You Russia!

  2. Koolz 06:06pm, 07/18/2017

    Paul Magno

    I shall with divine grace and wisdom look up this magnificence that is assumption.  Who knows what secrets it shall reveal of the mind, the body, the spirit. 

    I can only hope that in my effort I am internally enlightened so that I may continue with God’s Will; post here and leave my wit.

    Now where is my Pen…

    I would love to see Fury do something crazy like fight the top heavy weight in MMA or something.  Another circus ride why not!

    I mean The Silly…@#$#@ are making it so Fury can’t box at all as a professional.  If I were Fury I would make it the Greatest Circus Show of them all!  Dress up as Gypsies, throw a Gypsy party called King of The Gypsies Against…(who is the top Heavy Weight in MMA, Santos?)

    These circuses aren’t going anywhere as long as promoters of them make a lot of money.
    What’s more of a circus the event or the promoting of the event.
    I can’t stand Dana White!

  3. Paul Magno 04:23pm, 07/18/2017

    ...and as a BOXING writer, I’m suggesting that we cover the sport in all of its forms, offer perspective, but ultimately let people enjoy it in any way they like…Nobody’s cancelling Cuadras-Estrada because Mayweather-McGregor is happening and nobody’s pretending that this fight is anything other than what it is…hell, they’re calling it “The Money Fight.” No need to worry about this spawning any other “freak shows” unless $500 million is in play…and so what if more boxing vs. MMA fights happen? Oh no…imagine that….non-boxing people paying to see boxing and being exposed to the sport…what a terrible fate for the nobility of our sport! I hope Mayweather fights Bryce Harper and Tom Brady next…maybe Tiger Woods…maybe a blow-up love doll…it wouldn’t take anything away from the sport at all…you would think that the “purists” would be thrilled to see a well-schooled pro utterly dominate a cocky outsider who’s hurling insults at the sport and talking about how easy it is to dominate….this will be a spotlight on the fact that boxing is a craft that takes a lifetime to dominate….

  4. Kid Blast 02:38pm, 07/18/2017

    As a BOXING writer, I am suggesting Boycott. Otherwise, freak shows will become the new norm. I’m sure Fury is watching this play out and licking his chops to do something similar. SICK

  5. Paul Magno 01:39pm, 07/18/2017

    ...then I suggest you double check the meaning of the word “assumption.” This was the exact opposite of assumption…I guess the only real assumption would be the assumption that what writers write is what they really feel…

  6. Koolz 01:35pm, 07/18/2017

    Sounds like assuming to me.

    I agree this is some amazing Promotion.  Who ever sets this up is damn talented!!!!
    The more these guys yell at each other the more people will be entertained and want to watch. 

    The Public are morons most of them made up of zombies that are effected by what they read and see on TV.

    It’s easy to predict the masses it’s hard to predict an individual.

  7. Paul Magno 01:20pm, 07/18/2017

    @Koolz…well, I can’t know what’s in someone’s head…I just know what they write and put out to the public….I’m assuming nothing…just writing about what I’ve seen….and there are many boxing examples of fighters with limited or no real boxing experience taking on champions, pros in their prime…the only difference with this little bit of fluff is that Mayweather is involved that it will be a wildly successful promotion….

  8. Koolz 09:45am, 07/18/2017

    Paul Magno

    the problem with your Article is you are already assuming people are some way.

    There is a saying Use Limitation that is no Limitation

    DO you understand the Psychology.

    Mayweather vs McGregor is like the exhibition matches of K1 in the old days of PRIDE.

    They were famous for putting different fighters against each other. 

    I remember when Fedor in his prime went against the Top Judo Jitsu of the world and made him look like a fool.

    That was Fedor at a heavy weight class but only using Judo against the smaller guy and beating him but not hurting him at his style.

    One of the more famous ones was Sumo against Top Kick Boxer.

    was there a boxer against MMA style fighter?  Probably, have to look it up.

    Mayweather vs McGregor is just about money, Mayweather should sell couple cars if he needs money. 

    I am pretty impressed with the promotion for this it’s really good.  Getting everyone interested in it.  When you can invest peoples emotions into something you have them.

    McGregor I think really wants to win though and I have no idea how that will happen…

  9. Kid Blast 05:27am, 07/18/2017

    This con is exceeded only by the Senate’s attempt to pass a new Health Bill. SHAME

  10. Paul Magno 09:50pm, 07/17/2017

    All of boxing is a money grab! And this is hardly some unprecedented sacrilege…stuff like this happens in Asia…Fighters with vast experience in other disciplines are allowed to fight veteran, much-more-accomplished boxers in the ring…Wonjongkam did it several times….But, whether this has happened before or not…it’s still no big deal…so what…this fight is just some bonus fluff in an awesome 8-week stretch….boxing people would be better served using this spectacle to draw attention to these other fights, rather than just pouting and pretending that the boxing business—on any level—is some noble endeavor where the goal is always to give the fans the best bang for their buck…Not one single promoter, manager, or fighter would turn away this kind of money-making opportunity if it was available to them…

  11. Kid Blast 04:49pm, 07/17/2017

    For Christ Sakes, Paul. It’s a thinly veiled money grab. Being against that makes me a “snob?” WTF

    McGregor’s amateur record is 0-0.
    His pro record is 0-0

  12. Paul Magno 03:02pm, 07/17/2017

    Again, how are we “being played, hoodwinked, bamboozled, hustled.” Please explain…Knowledgeable boxing fans, who value an even match-up, know what’s what…the “casual” and mainstream-curious will be buying for the spectacle—and there will be plenty of that. So, again, who’s being cheated? The “majority of one” here, is the .1% of those being fake-outraged by shit that happens in boxing ALL THE FUCKING TIME…at the very least, it’s not being peddled as part of a premium channel package that you pre-paid for, assuming you’d be getting a series of competitive fights….There’s absolutely no swindle going on in Mayweather-McGrgegor…it is what it is…and this kind of canned outrage is somewhere between laughable and grotesque in a sport with so many REAL issues to be outrage over…it’s grandstanding, nothing more and nothing less…If this makes me something less than a “serious” boxing fan, then so be it…the silly, elitist attitude boxing fans get sometimes is ridiculous…sports is supposed to be fun…and who’s to say that what’s fun for one person HAS to be fun for everyone…Mayweather-McGregor takes nothing away from boxing…the bad attitude, the snobbery, though, does….

  13. Kid Blast 02:13pm, 07/17/2017

    We are being played, hoodwinked, bamboozled, hustled. This is not phony outrage. This is about spraying pure boxing with the foul stink of sh-t. Give it a rest Paul. You are a majority of one on this one. This farce insults the intelligence of any serious boxing fan.

  14. Paul Magno 09:02am, 07/17/2017

    @Irish….I agree with everything you said, but this article is just about the bloated, canned, fake, and hypocritical outrage from some in the media…Personally, I don’t think anyone is really being hoodwinked by this fight…smart boxing fans know what they’ll be getting if they buy and the more casual fans or even mainstream, curious fans will buy for the spectacle—and they’ll get their money’s worth when it comes to spectacle…so what if people come into the fight thinking that one guy might win, but he won’t? That happens all the time in boxing…acxtually, there’s some of that in just about every PPV show…Like I wrote, I just think this fight is a bit of harmless fluff…it’s being showered in outrage by grandstanding media and elitist fans…

  15. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:40am, 07/17/2017

    Paul Magno-As far as boxing articles go this one is the Tow’r of Pisa!....but it still misses the mark! Did you see Joe Smith this past weekend? He had a “punchers chance” too, yet was unable to compete for even one minute of one round after he landed that no look overhand left in the first. Mismatches are the scourge of boxing but at the same time they are the life blood of boxing.This is a mismatch on steroids! Christ! This is a sport where they wait for guys to get old and decrepit so they can beat them up. It’s very questionable if Conor even has a “punchers chance” in a boxing sense. I say that Floyd hits harder and has the advantage even there. Bottom line Conor has no advantages and therefore no chances. One more thing you can bet your ass that he is not hard core, bad to the bone in a boxing sense either….like Robinson Castellanos!

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