And Still Champion! The Story of Archie Moore

By Boxing News on June 16, 2019
And Still Champion! The Story of Archie Moore
Narrated by the remarkable Jack Palance, this 1967 documentary is not to be missed.

Archie Moore, aka The Old Mongoose, had one of the longest and most illustrious careers in history. He had his first fight in 1935. His final bout was in 1963. When he retired his record stood at an amazing 185-23-11. There were few men who didn’t cross swords with Moore at one time or another. He fought Teddy Yarosz, Eddie Booker, Jimmy Bivins, Charley Burley, Nate Bolden, Lloyd Marshall, Cocoa Kid, Ezzard Charles, Bob Satterfield, Harold Johnson, Joey Maxim, Bobo Olson, Rocky Marciano, Yvon Durelle, Willie Pastrano, Muhammad Ali, and the list goes on. Aside from being one of the all-time greats in the ring, he was an all-time great outside the ring, as this 1967 documentary makes clear. Narrated by the remarkable Jack Palance, who has a rather significant boxing credit of his own, this film is not to be missed…

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And Still Champion! The Story of Archie Moore

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  1. Lucas McCain 06:05am, 06/17/2019

    The documentary is itself an historical artifact and well worth watching.  Thanks to whoever is responsible for the link.  Hard to believe after so many years of admiring both Moore and Jack Palance that this is the first time I watched it.

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