And the new…God of Boxing

By Robert Ecksel on August 12, 2017
And the new…God of Boxing
“After Saturday August 26, I will be a god of boxing.” Amen. And may the best man win.

Conor McGregor was plucked from god knows where by you know who and it was just the luck of the Irish…

It’s all so blatant, so crass. No wonder so many are succumbing. We already know the bad things about the upcoming fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. The good things have yet to be revealed. Mayweather is the Money Man. Everything he touches turns to gold. Conor McGregor was plucked from god knows where by you know who and it was just the luck of the Irish. Say what you will about McGregor, and there’s much to say, he talks a good game.

“They discredit my training, my skills, my accomplishments,” the hart-hitting Dubliner said. “This isn’t new to me though, just like boxing isn’t new to me. I am no stranger to being the underdog on paper. I am a seasoned veteran and I am confident that I am the better man.”

Confidence can take a man a long way. But boxing isn’t a confidence game, or not until recently. McGregor is a supreme athlete, make no mistake, he can fight.

But he is not a boxer.

“After Saturday August 26,” he boasted, “I will be a god of boxing.”


And may the best man win.

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  1. Kid Blast 04:16pm, 08/12/2017

    The dumbing down of the world

  2. Koolz 03:34pm, 08/12/2017

    I always find this interesting.  Lomachenka sparing Dillashaw

    Boxing vs MMA in sparring.  It’s not sparring like try this don’t do that were trying to work on this.
    Loma tells him to go for it and well….
    Put into perspective the different fighting styles.

    what would happen if that was McGregor and Mayweather.

  3. Koolz 03:23pm, 08/12/2017

    some bets on Floyd or McGregor are up to 1 million dollars.

    That’s probably some Chinese guys, they love spending big money at Las Vegas! 
    Then we can’t forget our Dubai friends that were offering 9 figures!  to have Floyd fight in Dubai.

  4. Kid Blast 03:10pm, 08/12/2017

    This farce is very Boycottable.

  5. Koolz 03:09pm, 08/12/2017

    Mayweather Open Workout.
    go to 3:01:00
    floyd looks good at 3:25:40

    his left isn’t carrying as much power as McGregor though.
    It’s possible Floyd get’s caught with McGregor’s left that he drags out long.

  6. Koolz 02:49pm, 08/12/2017

    McGregor Open Work out.  he looks stiff, he is dragging that back leg.  He isn’t putting his whole body into the punches.

    go to 1:00:00 for the open work out to start.

    He just seems really mechanical.
    I do like McGregor’s left though.
    at the 1:150:48 make he is better. 

    What’s funny is Golovkin hitting the same bag destroyed it with one left hook. 

  7. Harry James 10:18am, 08/12/2017

    Over on espn there is an article that is basically quotes from top level boxers who have sparred with Mayweather in recent years. Everything they say rings true about Floyd regarding his skill set, punching power, physical strength and everything else. The most telling were the remarks about the damaging effect of those can’t miss straight rights to the head but particularly to the body.

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