And the Winner Is…Boxing

By Robert Ecksel on September 3, 2013
And the Winner Is…Boxing
Advocates of the sweet science, suffering without Showtime, can let out a sigh of relief.

The bloody feud between CBS and Time Warner has been resolved—and just in time. A week before the kickoff of the regular NFL season, the two media giants settled their differences and pigskin partisans can let out a sigh of relief.

Advocates of the fight game, who have been suffering without Showtime, also can exhale. They may have missed some great fights in August, but with the settlement, they won’t have to miss more fights or any of their favorite shows.

The blackout began on August 3 and had more than three-million viewers up in arms. They weren’t eager to pay the additional $2 a month that CBS was demanding from Time Warner’s customers, especially when it was initially supposed to cost between 50 and 75 cents. But considering the role TV plays in most people’s lives, when it isn’t in effect their raison d’être, what’s a couple of bucks in the greater scheme of things?

Time Warner Cable Chairman and CEO Glenn Britt expressed appreciation for viewers’ “patience and loyalty,” without actually thanking them for footing the bill.

“As in all of our negotiations, we wanted to hold down costs and retain our ability to deliver a great video experience for our customers,” he said. “While we certainly didn’t get everything we wanted, ultimately, we ended up in a much better place than when we started.”

He didn’t get into specifics.

CBS CEO Leslie Moonves, in a memo to employees, was no less vague. “This was a far more protracted dispute than anyone at CBS anticipated,” he said, “but in spite of the pain it caused to all of us, and, most importantly, the inconvenience to our viewers who were affected, it was an important one, and one worth pursuing to a satisfactory conclusion.”

Moonves said CBS will be “receiving fair compensation” for its content, which is good to know.

One of the major bones of contention between CBS and Time Warner was who would control programming over the Internet.

That bone has not yet been picked over completely.

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  1. Robert Ecksel 05:25am, 09/04/2013

    Not joking at all. I gather he’s a college football player. But I had no interest in college football even when I was college, and now that I’m all growed up even less so.

  2. Ted 05:05am, 09/04/2013

    Texas A&M vs. Alabama will be one of the biggest events in recent sports history. No way would the stations miss that one.

    I trust you are joking about Manziel.?

  3. Robert Ecksel 08:17pm, 09/03/2013

    Never heard of Johnny Manziel. And isn’t Deontay Wilder from Alabama?

  4. Ted 06:04pm, 09/03/2013

    The need to see Johnny Manziel might have something to do with this as well. The Alabama game is coming up pretty soon.

    PPV would not have been impacted, but football would have been. Not to mention Dexter and Ray Donovan.

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