Andre Berto: A Warrior’s Spirit

By Joshua Broom on August 6, 2015
Andre Berto: A Warrior’s Spirit
Come Sept. 12, Berto will not be fazed or intimidated by the magnitude of the moment.

Andre Berto comes into his bout with Floyd Mayweather as perhaps the greatest underdog in the history of the sport…

Going into his upcoming fight against an undefeated ring legend who made more money per minute (six million plus) in his last fight than most aspiring pugilists could ever hope to make for their entire career, 31-year-old Andre Berto (30-3 23 KOs) comes into his bout with 38-year-old all-time great Floyd “Money” Mayweather (48-0 26 KOs) as perhaps the greatest underdog in the history of the sport.

And that’s definitely to take nothing away from Berto’s career accomplishments. Berto is a three-time world champion in the 147-pound division, he has held the coveted WBC welterweight title and defended it five times, against four former world champions in a span from 2008-2011 in which he was seen as a can’t miss future superstar of the division. Then along came another Mayweather opponent named Victor Ortiz who simply would not be denied his moment in the sun and shocked the world in early 2011 with a major upset of Berto for his world title.

However, it did not take long for Berto to rise once again as a Phoenix from the ashes and defeat the highly regarded IBF 147-pound champion Jan Zaveck for his second world championship mere months later only to see injuries keep him out of the ring for the next 14 months.

When Berto, the proud former two-time champion of the world, did return in late November of 2012 he simply was not the same fighter who once staked his lofty claim as one of the world’s top fighters as he was defeated soundly by a surging Robert Guerrero, ironically in a matchup to determine the next opponent for the incomparable Floyd Mayweather who had just inked a lucrative new deal with a new network in Showtime.

Berto would only fight once in 2013, badly injuring his shoulder in a razor thin upset loss to popular perennial contender Jesus Soto Karass before heavily contemplating retirement after undergoing major reconstructive shoulder surgery after that fight. What with 10 million dollars plus in the bank and two major world titles won no one would have blamed Andre Berto for hanging up his gloves and retiring to a life of hard-earned luxury.

But Berto is not a man built to quit or resign himself to the fate of the timid or weak hearted. Just like in his fights he has certainly been knocked down in life, but he always pulls himself back up to his feet and after a triumphant return to the ring in 2014, Berto made the most of his fourth opportunity at a world title, afforded to him by Al Haymon’s PBC platform and he looked like his old self, only better in decisively blasting out the durable top contender Josesito Lopez in six rounds to claim a third welterweight world title and earn a coveted shot at an exiting Mayweather in the process.

So come September 12, Berto will not be fazed or intimidated by the magnitude of the moment and he will be ever ready to perform as champions do on the grandest sporting stage in the world against the world’s top athlete, and if in his final fight the 38-year-old Floyd Mayweather Jr. should take Andre Berto lightly or drop his guard for one fleeting second we may be hearing “And New!!!” welterweight champion of the world Andre Berto.

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  1. KB 11:58am, 08/08/2015

    No. Not unless the PPV goes out of sight which it will not. He will get an early retirement package but no where near 10 mil. IMO

  2. Steve 11:51am, 08/08/2015

    10,000,000 in the bank for Berto? Is that really the case?

  3. AkT 08:54am, 08/08/2015

    I saw clips of the presser. Berto doesn’t really believe he has a chance. I reckon by the 3rd after he realises it’s pointless, he’ll start swinging for the trees. If there’s one thing I could say to Berto, it’ll be “make sure your cardio is in tip top condition”. Swinging does make one gas out. I hope he proves me wrong and does well.

  4. Jack 08:55am, 08/07/2015

    PT Barnum and W.C. Fields at work again in the Boxing World. Does anyone have any doubts about why boxing has declined like it has. Unbelievable!!!
    The next thing we will hear is: Floyd could beat a prime Leonard, Duran and Hearns. Oh wait, that BS was already offered for sale!!! ATG my butt!!! Back in the day, Floyd couldn’t carry Walker Smith Jr’s gym bag!!! In an MMA bout Rousey has Floyd tapping out, in a boxing match he KO’s her. Enjoy the fight, LOL!!!

  5. KB 11:42am, 08/06/2015

    Risk-reward is totally in Bert’s favor as he has nothing to lose but the entire universe to gain.

    Floyd will use the criticism to fight a 50th bout against a solid opponent and will make still more money.

    Anyone who buys the Berto fight will be the real loser.

  6. nicolas 11:12am, 08/06/2015

    Fighting a man in Berto, who lost to two men he already beat in Ortiz and Guerrero is not a fitting way to end your career. Who was TKO’d by Soto Karass, who lost to Maidana. I hope this pay per view is a bomb.

  7. Johnathan Lee Iverson 11:00am, 08/06/2015

    This is a kind case to make for the underdog Berto, once hailed as the future of the sport. However, I have no doubt Mayweather will dismantle him as is expected, though Andre Berto will not go quietly. The ire of the boxing world is justified. Floyd is essentially giving the finger to the sport and its fans with the selection of Berto as his opponent in this stage of Berto’s career. He’s running a victory lap having done all he cares to do in the sport.

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