Andre Dirrell and the All-Powerful

By Robert Ecksel on January 28, 2012
Andre Dirrell and the All-Powerful
Jesus is all-powerful. But so is Al Haymon. I’m not sure who I’d rather have in my corner.

Ours is an imperfect sport in an imperfect world. Andre Dirrell must know that by now. Happy endings are few and far between. They exist, but are exceptions that prove the rule. One has to go along to get along. Ifs, ands and buts, however reasonable on their face, are worth their weight in tin when it comes to the fight game.

Dirrell has jettisoned his team comprised of promoter Gary Shaw and advisor Al Haymon. He may freelance. He may go it alone. He may shop himself around to the highest bidder. But he may find the world less welcoming that it was a short time ago.

Boxing demands loyalty, fealty, and slavish devotion. Independence of mind and spirit is all well and good when you’re raking in millions. But if you’re not a huge name or champion, it’s best to be seen and not heard—least of all heard complaining, because it’s boxing and will come back and bite you.

Turning to Twitter to air his grievances, Dirrell wrote, “I can confirm that I Want Bute and I’m on merchandise like that now so as soon as the website goes up. It’s all about having faith brutha, those who think they can’t do it themselves usually can’t! I know I can and I will!!”

Dirrell’s confidence is admirable. Hopefully he’ll achieve his goals. I’m just not sure Twitter is the way to go about it.

“We all know the Matrix is pushin forth his own destiny! Watch as I pursue & conquer my own dream! Who cares what u think, GOD HAS MY BACK!! If you feel like you’re a great fighter, with great potential & tremendous skill, but needs some1 2 help u then u don’t fully believe n you!”

I’ve seen The Matrix a dozen times and it makes possibility seem a hair’s breadth away.

“Believe in who you say you are and put your faith in Jesus and only him! The rest will take care of itself! Stop handicapping yourselves!!! Me and Gary shaw NEVER had a contract together! So I didn’t leave him, I’m just going my way & he’ll do him!”

Jesus is all-powerful. But so is Al Haymon. When it comes to boxing, I’m not sure who I’d rather have in my corner.

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  1. "Old Yank" Schneider 10:17am, 01/28/2012

    I’d personally love to see the tortured, broken, antiquated management/promotion model of King, GBP, Shaw and Top Rank taken for a ride by forward-thinking independent fighters. The chattel model SHOULD be trashed.

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