Lennox Lewis vs. Andrew Golota

By Boxing News on October 3, 2018
Lennox Lewis vs. Andrew Golota
Lewis was 31-1 coming in. Golota was 28-2. The fight was scheduled for 12 rounds.

On October 4, 1997 at Caesars Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, WBC heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis, from London, England, defended his title against Andrew Golota, from Warsaw, Poland. Lewis was 31-1 coming in. Golota was 28-2. The fight was scheduled for 12 rounds…

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Lennox Lewis v s Andrew Golota

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  1. Lucas McCain 10:37am, 10/06/2018

    Bowe was in the same league as Lewis, even if on the downslide.  Strange how panic attacks sneak in on insecure cat’s feet.  I don’t know if bernie is right or not, but if so, makes me wonder if the HBO commentators were also in on the open secret.  If so, it’s pretty creepy . . .

  2. bernie 09:50pm, 05/30/2015

    The first thing which needs to be said about this fight, is how Golota had a panic attack in his dressing room 30 minutes before the opening bell. A Doctor was called, who sedated the fighter with medication. The Lewis camp aware of what was happening, then immediately “Jumped on Golota” at the opening bell.

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