Angelo Dundee Advises Broner

By George Thomas Clark on December 17, 2013
Angelo Dundee Advises Broner
You're not Floyd on defense. Forget that. You've got to move side to side, son. (Ecksel)

Son, you’re urinating some blood and getting your jaw looked at, but you’ll be okay, unless you fight too long. People better not celebrate your loss to Marcos Maidana too much. I know what happened. You overestimated yourself. You’re not the next Floyd Mayweather or Sugar Ray Leonard but maybe you can still be better than everyone else your size, when Floyd retires or forgets to leave. Your bad manners aren’t helping but they aren’t the other problem, weight is. You’re not really a welterweight yet. Seventeen months ago you were fighting as a junior lightweight, just ten months ago you were a lightweight and way too slim. Right now a hundred forty-seven’s a shade too big. You need to get a little bigger and a lot stronger. Maidana taught you that, sort of like Duran showed Leonard in their first fight. But remember, Leonard didn’t go down and left hooks twice put you on the canvas. You also got up twice and landed solid punches and won some rounds. You were beaten but not destroyed. Look at the twelfth round. You were still strong and competitive. But you couldn’t dominate. You thought your jab would bust up a guy who’d lost three times, and you planned to hit him with combinations any time you wanted. His power taught you the truth. 

Like I said, you’ve got to get stronger at welterweight or go down to one-forty, only a few pounds less than you weighed this fight. I say stay at welterweight and build yourself up in that division. You were destroying the little guys but only got a split decision over Paulie Malignaggi your first fight as a welter. Then you ran into a bull from Argentina who didn’t care about your mouth or your punch. Don’t take a rematch right away against this guy. After you heal, and that’ll be a few months, fight a couple of solid welterweights. Work on your power punching. Tighten up your left hook. Sometimes you’re almost slapping. Also, work on lateral movement. In the eighth round your hands were up when Maidana nailed you with a left hook that actually hurt you more than the one that soon knocked you down. You’re not Floyd on defense. Forget that. You’ve got to move side to side, son. And when you stop you’ve got to be the one who puts guys on the deck. If you do these things, you’ll be way better than you were against Madiana, and he’ll be a little older. He’s a tough guy but will never be that good again. Really, he did you a favor. He showed what it takes to be a welterweight champion. I don’t think you’ll have any more illusions. One more thing, put away the damn video camera until you grow up. 

Editorial note: Boxing fans know, but others probably do not, that Adrien Broner has voluntarily been filmed defecating in a public restroom and copulating with a moaning prostitute. These works are available online.     

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  1. Douglas Nareau 12:48pm, 12/21/2013

    Broner is a very buffed up welterweight.  He has the physic of a Mr. Universe at that weight.  A seven pound loss to Junior Welterweight is very possible and a 12 pound loss to lightweight is also very possible if he wants to shed the bodybuilder look and concentrate on boxing.  Many of the top stars have taken on strength and conditioning coaches since Pacquiao jumped several weight classes successfully.  What they are missing is that increased bulk and strength does not equate to increased boxing skills or necessarily punching power.  Malignaggi and Maidana looked like natural welterweights when Broner fought them.  Broner did not look like a natural welterweight.  I’m not writing Broner off at any weight-he is an incredible talent.  What I am saying is that it is a very big jump to the top 5 or 6 of the welterweight class from the top of the lightweight division.  Broner should keep dominating that division and if he wants to show he is a superstar take on Danny Garcia.  If he beat Garcia then jump up to the welterweights where an ageing top 5 plus Maidana will eagerly await him.

  2. George Thomas Clark 12:16pm, 12/21/2013

    No doubt Broner would be a terrific lightweight but I doubt at this stage he can make anything less than 140, if he can even go that low.

  3. Douglas Nareau 10:56pm, 12/20/2013

    Excellent article GTC.  I thought and still think that Bronner has the ability to be a bona fide superstar as a lightweight.  He had enough problems with Paulie Malignaggi in a welterweight bout that it was apparent he wasn’t going to be the next Mayweather at that weight.  I think he would give Danny Garcia a good fight as a Junior Welterweight but I don’t see him as a superstar at that weight-at least not yet.  But, as a lightweight, I don’t really see him being tested. His speed, power and boxing skills are extremely impressive and he is young.  Does he have the heart to bounce back from this defeat?  We shall see.  It’s no shame to lose to Maidana.  Maidana is a legitimate contender and several of the stars at 147 would have his hands full in a bout with Maidana.  Why boxing fans aren’t screaming for a bout between Pacquiao and Maidana is beyond me.

  4. EBM 06:18pm, 12/18/2013

    Good advice Dundee is giving The Problem.

  5. Eric 04:21pm, 12/18/2013

    Clancy didn’t seem like he was in a hurry to step in and stop Quarry’s bout with Norton either. By the fifth and final round, Quarry really didn’t have a realistic shot at turning the fight around, his punches lacked steam, and he was busted up pretty bad. Norton was hitting him almost at will, and still Clancy let his fighter take those shots before the ref called a stoppage to the fight. Lost a lot of respect for Clancy in the Quarry-Frazier II fight, and Quarry’s fight with Norton. Quarry was a proud, brave warrior and would never think about pulling a “no mas,” it was his corner’s job to do it for him.

  6. George Thomas Clark 03:50pm, 12/18/2013

    I always think about Jerry, and Ali, when someone mentions guys who fought too long in a given fight or in a career.

  7. Eric 03:21pm, 12/18/2013

    @BahoPuwet….. Don’t know if I would call Angelo Dundee a “nobody” but I certainly get your message and have to agree with it somewhat. It doesn’t take a lot to manage the New York Yankees to a winning season, at least not in the last several years it didn’t. I’m sure guiding other franchises back in their “dominant” years wasn’t all that difficult either,  like the Montreal Canadians in hockey or the Boston Celtics in basketball. Ali and Ray Leonard would have been successful without Dundee. Coaching and/or trainers in boxing are probably pretty overrated.  You have to wonder how much these guys really care about “their” fighters. Remember seeing Jerry Quarry take an awful beating by Joe Frazier in their second fight, and I thought Quarry’s trainer, Gil Clancy should’ve stopped the fight sooner. I’m sure that second fight with Joe did Quarry no good down the road either.

  8. Neybar 01:33pm, 12/18/2013

    He will be remembered as the Bad mannered boxer, he’s no floyd not even close.. he wil win some but may lose some, so for boxing fans he just made himself a funny but above ordinary boxer..he looked good against ordinary boxers.

  9. David G 09:48am, 12/18/2013

    BahoPuwet, you are a poser. You are ignorant of the sport of boxing and your posts are infantile. It’s hilarious that you actually think your posts make you appear insightful.

    How do you know Dundee didn’t “teach Ali to move to Joe’s right side”? If you knew anything about those two, you’d know Dundee didn’t tell Ali to do ANYTHING. He made suggestions, and Ali either followed them or he didn’t.

    Do you think your simpleton strategy was somehow beyond Angelo Dundee? Or Ali? Really? Dundee forgot more about boxing than you, BahoPuwet, will ever learn.

  10. BahoPuwet 08:24am, 12/18/2013

    @George Thomas Clark = Dundee could’ve at least taught Ali to keep his right hand up on D to block some of Frazier’s awesome left hook.
    AT A MINIMUM, Ali should’ve been instructed to move to Joe’s right.
    Larry Holmes circled to Cooney’s right to reduce the power of Gerry’s left hook.

  11. George Thomas Clark 08:15am, 12/18/2013

    BahoPuwet - those are valid concerns about Dundee, but I don’t think anyone could’ve taught Ali how to block most of Smokin’ Joe’s left hooks.  Regarding Norton, he had Ali’s number as well as the jaw address of many others he hammered with his great right hook - a still think it was more hook than overhand right.

    Docta Rock - I think I’ve got Dundee pretty optimistic about Broner’s chances in the (inevitable) rematch with Maidana…

  12. docta rock 07:34am, 12/18/2013

    I agree with Dundee. Also I’m a Broner fan and I Knew he would get rocked eventually but not by him.As a former fighter that’s still a student of the game I saw that Broner couldn’t adjust to the guy he was fighting style his feet was to far apart which made him look stuck in the mud if he wasn’t going backwards.That’s why he was getting hit.I disagree with Dundee about the rematch Bronner can and will whoop dat ass. He’s a kid that had to grow up thanx Maidana.O.H.I.O.

  13. BahoPuwet 06:51am, 12/18/2013

    Who is Angie Dundee? He’s a NOBODY who rode on Ali’s coattail.
    Frazier had a nuclear left hook. Did Angie teach Ali to move to Joe’s right side to minimize Frazier’s main weapon? NO. Did he teach Ali a better way to block the left hook? NO.
    Same with Norton’s overhand right. Dundee didn’t do squat. Ali had granite jaw, took all the punches, and he paid for it.
    Dundee at best was probably a conditioning coach. Yeah, he slit Ali’s gloves to buy time, and said “Ur blowing it kid” to Sugar Ray. Even i could do those things.

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