Angulo-Lara in All-Action Slugfest

By Ted Sares on June 9, 2013
Angulo-Lara in All-Action Slugfest
Lara's trainer said “load up with the left hand and pound that eye.” (Esther Lin/Showtime)

“Angulo started tough but I hung in there…I knew I was still in the fight after I got knocked down. I knew I was still winning.”—Erislandy Lara

“After overcoming two knockdowns, regaining control of the bout both times, and finally stopping a relentless fighter like Alfredo Angulo, Lara proved that he deserves the big fights at 154 pounds.”—Ronnie Shields

After watching part of the mind-numbingly boring match between Darleys Perez and Yuriorkis Gamboa on HBO, the switch over to the Erislandy Lara (18-1-2) vs. crowd favorite Alfredo Angulo (22-3) fight on Showtime was its antithesis.

Angulo launched an attack to Lara’s body from the get-go, while Lara responded with laser-like straight lefts. After being floored in the fourth and ninth rounds compliments of left hooks by the relentless and incoming Mexican warrior, the 30-year-old Lara kept his cool and showed why he is the quintessential boxer/puncher. His straight lefts to Angulo’s face snapped his head back, while his right hooks kept the Dog off balance. Yet Angulo, with the crowd chanting “Perro, Perro, Perro,” was virtually running after Lara to cut off the ring and smother him as he continued to pound to the Cuban’s body, especially with left hooks. In so doing, Angulo resembled a prime Margarito on the stalk. 

Perro’s left hook knockdown in the ninth stanza was a particularly heavy one and had Lara in deep trouble, but he managed to come back and resume his effective strategy of using straight left hands, left uppercuts, and right hooks. Eventually, Angulo’s eye began to swell up prompting trainer Ronnie Shields to instruct Lara to “load up with the left hand and pound that eye,” reminding ringside observers that boxing is all about hurting the your opponent.  Lara did just that giving Angulo an eye that rivaled in grotesquery Antonio Margarito’s against Pac or Denis Lebedev’s against Guillermo Jones.

In excruciating pain, Perro turned his back after being hit above the left eye in the tenth round possibly suffering an injury to his orbital bone. Referee Raul Caiz Sr. had no choice but to stop the fight—stunning Barry Hunter, the crowd in the Home Depot Center, the Showtime Team, and the television viewers. At the time, Lara was ahead 85-84 on two of the scorecards while Angulo held an 86-83 advantage on the third. Clearly, the fight was up for grabs and I sensed Lara was beginning to slow down because of Perro’s relentless body work. But this ended up being a war of attrition and Lara won the war.

The hard-earned win gives the talented Lara the vacant WBA Interim super welterweight title and puts him front and center in the junior middleweight division.

The earlier Jermell Charlo unanimous 12-round decision wins over Demetrius Hopkins was okay. The Gamboa win over Perez in Montreal was less than compelling. Stevenson’s KO of Dawson was stunning. But what Angulo and Lara did and then what Maidana and Lopez did was simply something else.

Last night was a good night to be a boxing fan.

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Recap: Marcos Maidana vs. Josesito Lopez & Alfredo Angulo vs. Erislandy Lara - SHOWTIME Boxing

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  1. Ted 06:22am, 06/12/2013

    Darrell, ok , I get what you were saying. Sorry, but I am still tender on this subject because of a few incredibly insensitive comments. Yes, I would have let my daughter box if she had wanted to. It would have been up to her.

    Respect and peace.

  2. Darrell 08:18pm, 06/11/2013

    Well….would you have your daughter/wife/? box….at all?  Not me.  Doesn’t matter how “good” they are at it.

    BTW, I wasn’t making a gender discrimination.  Some men are men, others are, well….not men.  These two guys are men.

  3. Thresher 03:45pm, 06/11/2013


    “Boxing rubs many people the wrong way. And women’s boxing, an anomaly in the best of times, a sacrilege in the worst, rubs even more people the wrong way. The age-old dispute as to whether a woman’s place is in the home or in the ring rages on with no resolution in sight. But if women want to box, if women can box, who are we to stop them, even if we could? So touch gloves, come out fighting, and may the best woman win.”

  4. Ted 03:39pm, 06/11/2013

    Darrell, please see


  5. Darrell 09:31pm, 06/10/2013

    For once Tex….I agree with you.  Brutal business, strictly for men.

  6. Tex Hassler 04:47pm, 06/10/2013

    The brutality of boxing has to be seen to be believed. It is far better to quit than to lose an eye.

  7. The Travelling Man 04:23pm, 06/10/2013

    Here is an interesting link that shows an article by Dan Rafael in which he compares Angulo’s “quiitin’” to what Duran did against Sugar Ray Leonard in the “No Mas.” affair. It comes after the Maidan story and is kind of hidden.

    Shame on Rafael. Shame!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ted 02:40pm, 06/10/2013

    B-Red, I dig

  9. B Red 02:37pm, 06/10/2013

    If your defence is not up to par,your going to look like the elephant man,ya dig

  10. Ted 11:25am, 06/10/2013

    I thought the opposite as Lara had his mouth open and seemed very worried between rounds, but I also sensed that the eye would explode. And no doubt the Dog had to be feeling the energy drain from his nonstop stalk.  It’s one of those fights where no one is a loser as Perro continues to gain a big following in California where he has been adopted by the fans. They have become dog lovers.

  11. Don from Prov 09:03am, 06/10/2013

    I was cheering for Angulo who was truly gutting out a war—

    But while he continually went to the body, and while Lara was definitely slowing down, I thought Perro was the more tired man in the latter rounds

  12. Ted 07:14am, 06/10/2013

    Oh, Perro all the way, but I became a Lara fan as well. He has true grit. Both guys are rock solid and true warriors.

  13. dollarbond 07:04am, 06/10/2013

    Who did you want to win this bloody one?

  14. Pete The Sneak 04:37am, 06/10/2013

    This was brutal to say the least. But Maidana/Lopez Angulo/Lara did indeed make it a fight fans fest over the weekend. With Arturo Gatti being enshrined into the IBHOF over the weekend (which I’m sure will be discussed vigorously at length on this site), these guys demonstrated Arturo Gatti like hearts in their efforts. Peace.

  15. The Krusher 06:50pm, 06/09/2013

    Holy shit Ted. Those photos you sent with the link were gruesome, man.

  16. Ted 06:02pm, 06/09/2013

    They all hit hard!

  17. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 05:56pm, 06/09/2013

    Maidana probably hits harder than Canelo but you’ll never get the truth out of Josesito and Matthysse hits harder than both of them.

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