Another Black Day for Boxing Journalism

By Ted Sares on March 2, 2012
Another Black Day for Boxing Journalism
"I’m not (and never have been) the HBO police... My articles will speak for themselves...”

This is the same Thomas Hauser who serves as the gatekeeper by which aspiring members of the BWAA must pass…

“I don’t mean to talk about Hauser the boxing journalist in the past tense, really, but it sure seems like it’s over—any fight with any HBO association that Hauser covers will now be subject to skepticism about an agenda he may have via HBO. Maybe it really is a dark day for boxing journalism.”—Scott Christ

“Hauser is still the best reporter in our sport when he’s on his game. But he’ll need a little rehab on his reputation after this before we can entirely trust his future reporting. Here’s one great way to start: He could think very carefully about how he uses anonymous sources, and strongly consider doing as little of it as possible going forward.”—Tim Starks

The news is out that noted boxing journalist Thomas Hauser has been hired by HBO as a consultant.  Some see this, as respected writer Kevin Iole puts it, as “...a dark day for boxing journalism.” Iole was very critical of Hauser’s decision, inasmuch he is a boxing journalist, to go on HBO’s payroll. That was Iole’s main point; you cannot be a true journalist and also a consultant to the industry which you’re covering, and that is basically what Hauser seems to have done. In short, he may have compromised himself in a way that does not foster the highest professional and ethical standards in boxing journalism. 

Iole’s other point is that: HBO has silenced the man who many say has been their biggest critic in recent years by buying him out. Only in boxing.

In a piece at Yahoo! Sports, the following appears:

“Hauser has been an ardent, and eloquent, critic of HBO Sports, particularly the regime of its now-former president, Ross Greenburg. Writing for Internet sites such as Seconds Out and The Sweet Science, Hauser repeatedly blistered HBO in a series of lengthy articles about the inner workings and failures of its sports division in the boxing space.

“So, on Wednesday, [HBO co-president Richard] Plepler made a brilliant move in the game of office politics when he hired Hauser as a consultant. With that one move, Plepler plugged the leak and kept more embarrassing information about HBO from getting into the media.”

In an email to Yahoo! Sports, Hauser defended his decision to continue to write about boxing.

“I’m not (and never have been) the HBO police,” he wrote. “If you go back and look in my article archives, I wrote one or two articles about HBO each year. I’m still free to write about HBO and anything else I choose to write about. At the end of the day, my articles will speak for themselves. Readers (knowing that I’m a consultant to HBO) can put that in the equation when they judge the merits of what I write. It’s no different from different from Frank Rich (who writes regularly about the arts and politics) being a consultant to HBO.”

However, as Kevin Iole states, it IS different. Rich was an op-ed columnist at the New York Times and a noted drama critic when Plepler hired him in 2008 as a consultant. In announcing the move, Rich said he had no difficulty getting the OK from the Times to accept the consultancy.“I am completely out of covering HBO whatsoever,” Rich said at the time.

As an aside, this is the same Thomas Hauser who relied on some anonymous sources in his reporting on HBO on the verge of firing Greenburg. However, Hauser was terribly wrong. As writer Tim Starks of the Queensbury Rules asserts, “You now have to wonder whether all of his reporting on the network based on anonymous sources should be cast into doubt.” Sometimes you do have to run with a big story, but you better be really sure certain about the facts). “These reports are totally untrue,” said HBO Sports spokesman Kevin Flaherty. “Ross Greenburg is away with his family on a long planned vacation.”

Hauser (and BoxingScene) appropriately retracted the piece. 

And, oh yes, this is the same Thomas Hauser who serves as the gatekeeper by which aspiring members of the Boxing Writers Association of America must pass.

I have often criticized Hauser for what I believe are conflicts of interest, but this one could be the mother of all compromises.

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  1. the thresher 05:39am, 03/21/2012

    Hauser has now been downgraded to Auxiliary status. How humble of him.

  2. the thresher 05:38am, 03/21/2012

    Someone called my attention to this link…Please read and enjoy his latest piece of BWAA-worthy writing…



  3. the thresher 06:30am, 03/18/2012

    It becomes an orgy of self-congratulations and sickens me.

    Tim Graham has not written anything for years but is on the membership committee.. Borges is an accused plagiarizer. And Steve Farhood has been downgraded to Auxliliary Status. Meanwhile, the President, Jack Hirsh, doesn’t write!! The place is totally out of control.

  4. Robert Ecksel 01:52pm, 03/17/2012

    By keeping the standards low (when they’re not simply arbitrary), they can continue to give each other awards with impunity. You cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

  5. the thresher 01:43pm, 03/17/2012

    The fact that Hauser has now resigned as Chairperson of the BWAA membership committee begs the question how much damage did he do while he was in that role?

  6. the thresher 07:59am, 03/15/2012

  7. the thresher 07:57am, 03/15/2012

    There is no end to the criticism.

  8. Robert Ecksel 06:59am, 03/15/2012

    From Tim Smith in the NY Daily News:

    “Author Thomas Hauser has signed as a consultant with HBO Sports. Exactly what he’s going to consult with them on no one is exactly sure. Hauser was given the consultancy after years of writing scathing articles critical of the cable network’s boxing programming. His criticism was so harsh that Ross Greenburg resigned as President of HBO Sports last December a few months before his contract expired. Many of the people Hauser ripped are still working at HBO Sports. Hauser’s hiring came from the top levels of HBO where apparently the philosophy is if you can’t shut ‘em up, bring ‘em in the house. Hauser said he will continue to write articles about boxing for the website Can’t wait to see what he writes about HBO next. The HBO honchos hired Hauser to silence him and have given him some nebulous responsibilities that call for him to develop projects. Wish we all could get those kinds of six-figure development deals. This is a real head scratcher even for people who have followed boxing for a long time. It looks like an orchestrated campaign by Hauser to get a job with HBO. And by giving him a job, HBO is admitting that his criticism was correct and he’s the only one who can fix it. Shame on both of them.”

  9. the thresher 10:43am, 03/14/2012

  10. the thresher 02:21pm, 03/09/2012

    Here is another on Hauser:

  11. the thresher 07:53pm, 03/05/2012

    Yes, Paul is very sage when it comes to boxing and he is very candid—unlike most of the poltically correct writers who toil for slave wages.

  12. mikecasey 02:34pm, 03/05/2012

    Paul Magno speaks a ton of sense.

  13. the thresher 02:09pm, 03/05/2012

    Paul, great post

  14. the thresher 02:08pm, 03/05/2012

    The tidal wave of young online writers being admitted to the Boxing Writers Association of America suggests just how defective the methodology behind Hall of Fame balloting might be. In fact, the BWAA prepares biographical capsules of the candidates for its members to use so they can become familiar with boxers on the ballot. These can be read on the BWAA’s home page under IBHOF. Can you imagine the International Boxing Research Association (IBRO) doing this for its members? Who knows, maybe these capsules can prevent some of the younger voters from thinking Myung Woo Yuh is a Korean delicacy? Hauser is the gatekeeper so, by extension, it seems reasonable to assume that he has a massive influence on who gets into the Hall. Though to his credit, he does believe the selection process is flawed.

    Maybe if he stepped down from the membership committee, the process might not be so flawed.

    Hauser says boxing is a cesspool and on that I am in total agreement!

  15. Paul Magno 02:01pm, 03/05/2012

    @William…the longer you exist in the business, the more you realize that establishing a distance from the vast majority of the boxing scribes is a good thing….Most boxing writers are subsidized by promoters, managers, and publicists…and those in the BWAA are often the most professional at being bought off…I’m not saying that everyone in the BWAA is a creep, but there are definitely enough to give the organization a bad name…The thing is that everyone KNOWS who is on the take, but nobody wants to burn bridges by outing them…

    @Ted…Great job as usual…if we keep beating the drum, more and more dancers will come…or we’ll be killed…whichever comes first…

  16. the thresher 11:41am, 03/05/2012

    Related links:

  17. the thresher 11:21am, 03/05/2012

    Thanks, Pug

  18. pugknows 10:12am, 03/05/2012

    Great thread, Ted. You kind of moderated it in a fair and balanced way. I commend you for that.

  19. the thresher 07:59am, 03/05/2012

    I guess it’s all about making money to which he is entitled. But the conflict issue now comes to the fore. Will he continue to write for those sites now that he is an HBO consultant? That’s the issue here. Nothing more; nothing less.


  20. dollarbond 07:38am, 03/05/2012

    Bull, I note that Hauser is listed as a writer on BoxingScene, Seconds Out, and The Sweet Science.  What’s that all about?  Isn’t that spreading yourself pretty thin?

  21. the thresher 07:13am, 03/05/2012

    Like I.G. says,  “We’ve got members who’ve been caught in hard-core PLAGIARIZING.  It’s like getting denied membership in a club that’s got Charles Manson as recording secretary.”

  22. the thresher 07:11am, 03/05/2012

    William Holmes, you are a better writer than 80% of the BWAA writers. You are better of on the outside looking in. The entire BWAA situation is beginning to be exposed for what it appears to be. And yes, I do have sour grapes.


  23. the thresher 07:08am, 03/05/2012

    Wow, check this fine Paul Magno article out on this same subject:

  24. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 10:23pm, 03/04/2012

    So, Wlad Klit stops Mormeck in 4 rds. Gee, that’s a shocker…

  25. William Holmes 10:21pm, 03/04/2012

    I also didn’t want to criticize Hauser for going to HBO…if it pays well who can blame him?  It just significantly compromises his position as the gatekeeper of the BWAA.

    thanks for posting my link on your comments section Ted.

  26. William Holmes 10:02pm, 03/04/2012

    It just seems to me boxing is so different than other sports, that when you have an organization such as the BWAA that gives out awards and votes on the HOF, you really have to be sure that no conflicts exist to protect the integrity of your organization. 

    I did want to be a member of the BWAA, mainly because I felt it would give me credibility.  I don’t want to be considered a “blogger”.  I spend too much time watching the sport and covering it for one of the internet’s largest boxing websites to not be considered a boxing writer or journalist by my friends and associates.

    I was denied membership by Hauser, but I recognized I’m new to covering boxing so I wasn’t surprised.  I was taken aback at also being denied auxiliary membership. 

    I tried my best to not trash Hauser, Gerbasi, Ring Magazine, and Rafael.  I really just wanted to objectively point out that the BWAA is rife with conflicts of interests, and when it’s members give out awards that most in the boxing community consider important and prestigious….it’s best to try and avoid these conflicts.

    I’m 29….and most “casual” sport fans my age consider boxing to be a joke or corrupt.  Most of my friends who watch combat sports prefer MMA over boxing.  I’m one of the few in my age group who enjoys both.

    If we want boxing to grow and thrive, or regain it’s glory days, we need more transparency and integrity in the sport.

    It’s not an impossible task, but it starts with those who are responsible for presenting and reporting the sport to the public. 

    It starts with us.

  27. the thresher 01:15pm, 03/04/2012

    Thanks Pitbull. That was my reaction as well.

  28. PitBull Petrill 01:07pm, 03/04/2012

    Excellent article Ted. This news was a crushing blow as I have always respected him but this action is very unethical and shoots a blow to the very core of boxing. It undermines the integrity of boxing writers worldwide.

  29. the thresher 10:50am, 03/04/2012

    The solution is to stay focused and debate and ignore the insults.

  30. dollarbond 10:07am, 03/04/2012

    Bull, I applaud your restraint.

  31. the thresher 07:12am, 03/04/2012

    Iron Beach, points taken.

  32. Iron Beach 05:15am, 03/04/2012

    In a sense I suppose I’m defending Rafael but I did find the V Klit-Chisora and the Povetkin-Huck bouts very entertaining. My position on Hauser is I can’t convict a guy that hasn’t been tried yet, my hope is he steps in as an advisor and improves HBOs dismal pandering to Al Haymon…among others. Respect to you thresher.

  33. the thresher 04:38pm, 03/03/2012


  34. pugknows 03:25pm, 03/03/2012

    Here is what one well known and respected boxing writer (and member of the BWAA)  has said about the BWAA: “We’ve got members who’ve been caught in hard-core PLAGIARIZING.  It’s like getting denied membership in a club that’s got Charles Manson as recording secretary.” I got this off facebook. Can you believe it?

  35. the thresher 01:51pm, 03/03/2012

    Well, we have a lot of stuff going on in Facebook so it appears I have a lot of supporters. Kevin Ioli also has aton of support. He has alot of followers as well. As to the isuue of crossing the line on conflicts, onet poster said   ” you can’t get a little bit pregnant.”

  36. pugknows 01:33pm, 03/03/2012

    Well Bull, it’s good to see that other writers are agreeing with you on this, or maybe you are agreeing with them.  This lad Holmes seems to be pretty darn good. And I like that site as well.

  37. the thresher 01:05pm, 03/03/2012

    But I respect your position, Beach

  38. the thresher 01:04pm, 03/03/2012

    Well IB, here is what William Holmes has to say about Dan: Judge for yourself.

    How about popular ESPN boxing writer Dan Rafael? Even he appears to have some conflicts. Rafael is also currently a boxing analyst for the EPIX network, which broadcasts most of the Klitschko brothers fights. Is it purely coincidence that Rafael, who previously had been soured on the heavyweight divison, now claims it is suddenly interesting?

    Does his working for EPIX have anything to do with it?

    Read more:

  39. Iron Beach 12:58pm, 03/03/2012

    Just gotta throw my 2 cents worth in, Dan Rafael quit USA Today for ESPN/Boxing and he routinely criticizes the mismatches by that network….jus’ sayin’ I’ll give Hauser the benefit of the doubt till he proves otherwise.

  40. the thresher 12:53pm, 03/03/2012

    LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!  “Ethical standards in Boxing” is like saying “Ted Bundy has a conscience.”

  41. Don from Prov 11:51am, 03/03/2012

    Here’s a comment you crusty old bastard—

    “ethical standards in boxing”

    Right, and the whore with the heart of gold.  Who can follow all this bull-spit?

  42. the thresher 11:02am, 03/03/2012

    Here is still another piece about Hauser, but this time the author ties in the BWAA and shows how conflicts might well exist.  Judge for yourself. I loved the piece.

  43. the thresher 10:26am, 03/03/2012

    Pug, stay focused on the thread.and on the debate.

  44. pugknows 10:17am, 03/03/2012

    Yes, but he is getting very personal with those slanderous comments. What gives with the guy? My Lord, he even attacks your religious beliefs.

  45. the thresher 08:15am, 03/03/2012

    Jim, we are on the same page here

  46. Jim Crue 04:50am, 03/03/2012

    Looks like Hauser sold out and i am perplexed by those defending HBO. They have been putting out crap for a long time. Their favorite fighters are given soft touches. This goes all the way back to Roy China Chin Jones whom they allowed to select his own opponents!!! Given what we know about his glass jaw I can understand why he picked guys who could not hit back and HBO allowed this to happen. Now they are in bed with the corrupt GPB and we see fighters like Chavez Jr. fighting for a title and becoming champion. He belongs on an UNDERCARD on ESPN not showcased on HBO. And on and on and on.

  47. the thresher 08:05pm, 03/02/2012

    But he better get his act together ASAP.

  48. the thresher 07:44pm, 03/02/2012

    Correcto Friendo

  49. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 06:17pm, 03/02/2012

    California is pretty liberal and understanding for DUI first time offenders with no record of property damage, etc… Chavez, Jr. will get probation, fined, A.A. meetings and set free…. He won’t see no jail time…

  50. the thresher 05:50pm, 03/02/2012

    OH OH, This just in: TMZ has learned the L.A. City Attorney has decided to hit Chavez Jr with three misdemeanor charges, two for drunk driving and one for driving without a valid license.

    If convicted on all counts, JCC could face up to a year in county jail and a $1,000 fine.

    He’s due back in court to face the judge later this month.

  51. the thresher 05:32pm, 03/02/2012

    Pugknowes, be patient.  My sense is he is out of control and imploding. But that’s his issue. Not mine. I’m here to write annd debate, I’m not here to offend anyone.

  52. the thresher 05:30pm, 03/02/2012

    MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX , I have never had an issue with HBO. I always felt they did a decent job. I particularly enjoyed their specials like the Roach Series and the Two Days stuff. I think ESPN needs a major overhaul.

    For whatever reasons, Hauser went after HBO for years. Finally, they hired him—some think to shut him up. Time will tell.

  53. the thresher 05:25pm, 03/02/2012

    JC40, I’m glad to hear from you. I was hoping you and Rax were ok.

    I’m really good. I’ve dropped a ton of weight, am going to a trainer twice a week, even doing some dead lifting (power lifting) and getting myself back to how I looked 10 years ago. I have a long way to go, but I will do it.

    My interest in boxing has waned tremendously and this likely will be the last year I write articles. I have turned to true crime and noir and have found that crime pays. My new book is doing well and I am on the lecture circuit with it.

  54. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 05:03pm, 03/02/2012

    I don’t know who the clowns are at HBO these days and nights, but I do know HBO boxing is only a cut above ESPN as of late, and, well, that ain’t good…

  55. JC45 04:40pm, 03/02/2012

    Then you add the fact that the so called biggest fight of the last ten years cant even get made . I wont mention the protagonists as Im sick to death of them and everything to do with their cherry picking , smoke and mirror careers .

  56. JC45 04:38pm, 03/02/2012

    GDay Ted , Im over my wobble chuck hahaha. Mormeck v Klitschko might well be the biggest heavyweight title mismatch since Foreman v Roman . As for Hauser Ive never rated the bloke . He is a good writer but no boxing expert. Ask the bloke what are the best ways to nullify a left hooker . He wouldnt know . As far as his joining of HBO goes - nothing surprises me . Its sort of like say Hunter S Thompson joining the Democratic Party or Republicans and standing for Congress . ( That is if Hunter was a hack lol ) .

    As far as the last fortnights other controversy ie Chisoras antics and the Haye press conference it reminded me of a cross between Ali and Frazier wrestling around on the ground and the Tyson v Lewis melee . Seen it all before so to speak . As for Chisora spitting water on Wlad , good on him . Wlad and Vitali like to have the bro that isnt fighting get in the face of their opponent just before the fight. WTF was Wlad doing getting in Chisora’s face in the first place . Great to see a fellow sceptic in Mr Bill keeping shit real too. I reckon the sport is at the lowest ebb Ive ever seen . A top ten p4p list full of over 34 year olds , possibly more bad decisions in the last three years than any other time I can remember , more titles and divisions than a trained mathematician can remember . So-called world champions who in my opinion cant even fight properly. The amount of skilled boxer types seems to be disappearing. Where are the Joey Archers or even say the Saul Mambys of today ? Rant over , hope youre well Ted , as are your loved ones . Cheers Everyone .

  57. pugknows 03:58pm, 03/02/2012

    Old Yank, you really truly need to STFU. You are ruining this site.

  58. "Old Yank" Schneider 03:14pm, 03/02/2012

    FranklinDallas—You are not missing a thing. Perhaps others are. For all I know Hauser is the king of all putzes. But using his personality to trash his integrity is over the top. Piling on Iole’s comments is odd too when it comes from a man who, ON THIS SITE, only days ago questioned why he should give a crap about what Kevin Iole says. Indeed Hauser was forced to retract his article that HBO’s Greenburg was going to be ousted. And what actually happened? After retracting the article, Greenburg was OUSTED! You are 100% correct, Hauser can consult and write without an issue. And I might continue hate a ton of his opinions.

  59. "Old Yank" Schneider 03:06pm, 03/02/2012

    For whomever is possibly hiding behind “YOUR NAME”... About Hauser, “...this one could be the mother of all [conflict of interest] compromises.” The “mother of all”? Does offensively impugning one’s character get any bigger than this? The mother of all? Whew! What words could be used to make it more offensively bigger? I wonder if Hauser might be offended? And one coming to his defense is OFFENSIVE!!!!!! Give me a break!

  60. FrankinDallas 03:04pm, 03/02/2012

    He can’t retain his ethics by writing articles on other media while working for HBO? Are you guys saying the Max Kellerman can’t announce on HBO and write a book or an article for Sports Illustrated at the same time? Guys who write ON THIS SITE cannot write books on boxing because it would destroy their credibility? Like I said I don’t know this guy, maybe he is Satan in disguise but all I know is I can consult for people in my industry, still write articles, and do deals as long as I honor confidentiality agreements.
    I must be missing something…

  61. The Tache 03:00pm, 03/02/2012

    FWIW I have always enjoyed Hauser’s articles and have noted his criticism towards HBO so it is a bit of a surprise that he now works for them.
    I don’t know the man like some of you do and so don’t have an axe to grind, and I would say that the way some people have reacted is like he has already written an article praising HBO to the sky.
    It is also possible that maybe HBO is willing to improve and might actually take his consultancy advice, but this is boxing so equally he might just want a pension

  62. Yourname 02:31pm, 03/02/2012

    “This is a place to express and/or debate your boxing views. It is not a place to offend anyone”

  63. "Old Yank" Schneider 02:15pm, 03/02/2012

    Did you hear about the hijacker on a New York-bound flight that demanded he be taken to New York?

  64. the thresher 02:12pm, 03/02/2012

    Well, I guess this thread has been ruined (aka hi-jacked).

  65. "Old Yank" Schneider 02:10pm, 03/02/2012

    Merchant, Farhood and others either had no-compete contracts or continued writing (i.e. Farhood still writes from time to time).

  66. "Old Yank" Schneider 02:08pm, 03/02/2012

    YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS! And someone could show some real morality by quitting “fighter’s circles” that can hamper journalistic integrity—or refrain from writing about boxing for as long as they are a member of such circles that pose a conflict of of interest. We must assume that protecting boxing friends is baked into the cake via association with such “circles” and journalistic integrity and “circle” membership are mutually exclusive. Or we could return to our long-standing, long-admired MO of Christian patience in a presumption of innocence until it is proven otherwise.

  67. the thresher 02:07pm, 03/02/2012

    Certainly, Hauser will no longer crticize HBO. Reason: he now works for HBO. That’s fine and I have no issue with that, but how can he now criticize ESPN or some other boxing organization or some other executives at GBP?

    I might be wrong here, but I have yet to see an argument that says so.

  68. "Old Yank" Schneider 02:06pm, 03/02/2012

    FranklinDallas—Very fair-minded. Reminds me of a great boxing writer I once called friend with an MO of sharing your patient, fair-minded approach. Also note that Hauser will be consulting to an HBO executive team that is NOT the team he criticized. The team he criticized CANNOT BUY HIS SOUL because they are GONE!

  69. the thresher 02:04pm, 03/02/2012

    FrankinDallas, But he has already said that he will continue to do boxing journalism while at the same time consulting for HBO. That’s a no no when it comes to a conflict of interest because his credibility wiill be challenged each and very time he writes soimething. It’s not just me saying that, it’s just about every boxing person I know.

    Like Robert says, Hauser will have his cake and eat it too. If he thinks there’s no conflict of interest, there’s no conflict of interest.

    However, Merchant, Farhood, and all the others quit their writing jobs to become announcers. You can’t have it both ways and retain credibility. That’s the gist of the thing.

  70. the thresher 01:59pm, 03/02/2012

    MRBILL, I too see Klit-Mormeck as a catchweight type fight and I see Mormeck getting chilled in 3.

    It’s a disgraceful mismatch.

  71. FrankinDallas 01:59pm, 03/02/2012

    I’ve been watching the Euro fights on EPIX the past couple weeks; it’s great to hear Freddie Roach’s comments. Good timing as well….mid afternoon before the HBO/Showtime bouts.
    I know nothing about Hauser, but I’ve been in the position before of consulting for people, and if they didn’t want to hear my opinion either negative or positive then I didn’t work with them anymore. If I read this correctly, you guys are saying HBO bought Hauser’s soul…maybe they did and I don’t know the guy but jeez give him a chance to show he is pure as the driven snow before you send him to hell.

  72. "Old Yank" Schneider 01:32pm, 03/02/2012

    Can’t resist. HBO Sports replaced Ross Greenburg with former Showtime executive, Ken Hershman in January. For those who did not know, Hauser’s HBO beef over the years was largely directed at Greenburg’s executive-level approach to boxing. As reported by another sports site, the HBO executive organization that Hauser criticized over the past 8 or so years is now essentially gone. A journalist (Hauser) roundly criticized HBO. HBO replaced the target at the head of the criticism and invited the journalist in to re-share his critical ideas and to get input on how to implement them at HBO. If this is black journalism, I’m a communist! It is the pinnacle of journalistic success to expose weakness and with your pen bring about change! Indeed it is easy to see a cheap shot when one is fired from the hip. Only yesterday when a certain author was asked by a poster, “...why not write something about Hauser?”, he responded, “LMFAO. I have better things to do than to write about that pompous twit.” But I’m apparently too drunk (an insult leveled at me two days ago by this same author) to refrain from making a valid point. BOTTOM LINE: Hauser was so successful in leveling his critique at HBO that they did an executive-level house-cleaning and invited this black journalist Hauser in to help implement the ideas he posed in his critique. Black journalism my AZZ. Cheap shot? YOU BET! What!?? A controversial article like this gets written about another boxing writer (who many see as well credentialed and quite capable) and the author did not expect to be disagreed with? Insult my AZZ—it’s a widely different opinion. When a man’s integrity is publicly impugned, some will see it and call it as a cheap shot.

  73. the thresher 12:59pm, 03/02/2012

    Lear jets rule

    Back in my corporate days, I occasionalyy flew on them. With the martini’s and nuts, I’d be blotto by the time I reached my destination. Oh them were the days!

  74. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 12:57pm, 03/02/2012

    I already posted the horrible event of “Klit-Mormeck” on your catch-weight thread… In my book, this farce tomorrow in Germany is a catch-weight fight… Odd thing is, I still wanna see it on-line… Klit KO 4 Mormeck…

  75. the thresher 12:57pm, 03/02/2012

    Pug, I hear that, but I’m trying for balance here so I’m not going after Hauser on a personal level. In fact, he is in a position to step up and show some real morality by saying I will not do boxing journalism as long as I work for HBO

  76. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 12:55pm, 03/02/2012

    I could use a Lear Jet, but I cannot afford the fuel let alone the damn plane…

  77. the thresher 12:54pm, 03/02/2012

    Saturday, March 3—at Düsseldorf, Germany
    WBA/IBF/WBO heavyweight title: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Jean Marc Mormeck

    Terrible mismatch, terrible

  78. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 12:51pm, 03/02/2012

    I’ll be at the ranch starting tomorrow until late next week as my bro and his wife take a trip down to Florida, so I’ll be there using his P.C., phone, Cable TV and open bar… WORD!

  79. the thresher 12:47pm, 03/02/2012

    ‘m amazed that one writer on would say that another writer pulled off a cheap shot when the article quotes any number of other pieces that say the same thing. These insults need to stop. I have worked too goddamn hard on this site to be accused of cheap shots in my articles. I’m f—king sick of it.

  80. the thresher 12:36pm, 03/02/2012

    MRBILL, I flew down there to watch it from ring side and returned to the states this moring so I would not miss the ESPN fights tonight. WORD!

  81. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 12:24pm, 03/02/2012

    I haven’t checked to see who’s fighting on the ESPN crap fight of the week card tonight… I’m assuming the main event will consist of “Jack Meoff vs. Johnny Polesmoker” somewhere in some barn in the middle of the boonie’s here in the states…. Am I close???

  82. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 12:20pm, 03/02/2012

    Did anyone outside of Thailand see the fight?

  83. the thresher 12:15pm, 03/02/2012

    MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX ,Sonny Boy Jaro pulled off a monster upset last night in Thailand. MONSTER

  84. the thresher 12:14pm, 03/02/2012

    Tex, I agree but what he is doing his raises issues of efficacy IMO

  85. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 11:40am, 03/02/2012

    I don’t have this EPIX channel, but they seem to cater to Europe’s elite fighters…

  86. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 11:37am, 03/02/2012

    I don’t care jack about this Hauser dude, but I do know HBO and a few other cable outlets have been producing some pretty crappy cards the last 5 to 7 years. Part of the problem is a lack of current talent that has star quality. Right now the only new kids on the block are Sal Alvarez and Adrian Broner that seem t interest me, yet both will need to improve their current competition in the ring. Oh, I might as well add Seth Mitchell too, but he’s still very green. And, last but not least, this fight tomorrow with Wlad Klit getting set to KO Jean-Marc Mormeck is a farce… WTF is going on today in boxing?

  87. TEX HASSLER 10:18am, 03/02/2012

    I do not have any comments about Hauser’s move and do not want to judge his motives. He is free to work for whoever he wants to.

  88. pugknows 10:06am, 03/02/2012

    “I still think he’s a stand-up guy.”

    This is the single most incredible quote I have ever seen on a boxing thread.

    Try pompous, narcissistic, arrogant, mean-spirited,

  89. mikecasey 09:48am, 03/02/2012

    Some years ago in Rome, I saw Ted standing on the balcony with the Pope. A voice from the massive crowd yelled, “Who’s the old fella in the white robes with Ted Sares?”

  90. the thresher 09:18am, 03/02/2012

    BTW, and for what it’s worth, this is my 100th article/blog since joining A labor of love.

  91. Robert Ecksel 09:16am, 03/02/2012

    My guess is that Hauser will have his cake and eat it too. If he thinks there’s no conflict of interest, there’s no conflict of interest.

  92. the thresher 09:10am, 03/02/2012

    My guess is that after he thinks this through and absorbs the criticism he is getting on all fronts, he will do the right thing and give up boxing journalism—that or quit the HBO job.

  93. the thresher 09:08am, 03/02/2012

    I think so too, Mike.

  94. mikecasey 09:05am, 03/02/2012

    I resigned my post as a trade editor with the Daily Mail Business Group in 2001 after our publisher did a Steinbrener move and bought our fiercest monthly rival magazine. It was akin to merging England and Germany and expecting them to be good buddies. We were promised that we could continue to write exactly what we liked and that both magazines would remain independent of each other. Then they appointed a managing editor for both publications and so began the ‘advice’ to journalists on how to write their articles. For similar reasons, that’s why The Ring is now dead and gone as a valid product and why Hauser has shot himself in the foot with his own vanity.

  95. the thresher 08:51am, 03/02/2012

    Thanks Pete. Like I said, I really think he is a great writer. But if he stops writing and concentrates on consulting with HBO, I sense he could do some real good. But you simply can’t do both. IMO

  96. Pete The Sneak 08:40am, 03/02/2012

    Reading this article kind of brings me back to the early days of Yankee owner George Steinbrenner’s ownership when he would go after pretty much whatever pitcher/hitter was killing his team and when they became free agents he would sign em up when he could. Of course, they always stunk once they joined the Yanks. I’ve been an avid Hauser reader for years (books/articles, etc.) and one of the main reasons I read him so vigilantly was his in-depth, well researched expose’s 2, 3, sometimes 4 parters on the evils that HBO was perpetuating on the Boxing world. To me it made him stand out as a Boxing writer who wasn’t afraid to take on big bad Time Warner/HBO. I have to agree with Ted. While I have no qualms with the man taking the job with HBO, to still insist that you will continue to be an objective boxing writer who will present no conflicts of interest and still be able to delve and report to us the inner workings of HBO boxing while drawing a paycheck from them is a bit much for any sensible person to believe. Yes it does smack of black journalism indeed. Peace.

  97. the thresher 08:21am, 03/02/2012

    I think he is a great writer, but like so many great writers, he has let his ego get away from him. At least that’s my opinion though I admittedly may have sour grapes in play here as you know, Jofre.


  98. jofre 08:06am, 03/02/2012

    I’ve never been a big Hauser follower, so nothing surprises me anymore in this business.

  99. the thresher 07:28am, 03/02/2012

  100. the thresher 07:26am, 03/02/2012

  101. "Old Yank" Schneider 07:08am, 03/02/2012

    Clarification: My last and final comment on this thread was directed to Ted, not Robert. I will now keep my word and bow out on this thread.

  102. the thresher 07:06am, 03/02/2012

    It should be pointed out that Hauser has been the most severe critic of HBO over the years. He has been unrelenting and at times, very unfair. But now HBO has bought his silence and that’s what distinguishes Hauser’s situation from others. In short, he has gone to the highest bidder while at the same time saying he will continue to write about boxing. Helllloooooo!!!!!!

  103. Robert Ecksel 07:05am, 03/02/2012

    When Lyndon Johnson was President his advisors recommended that he fire longtime head of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover. LBJ thought about it for a moment and said, “It’s better to have him inside the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in.”

  104. the thresher 06:59am, 03/02/2012

    Old Yank, It’s no surprise you would support Hauser. But just for once, unless you know him like I know him—and I know him quite well—stop your assuptions. I am plainly sick of your criticizing everything I write. You don’t have a clue as to what you are talking about here, so I’d greatly appreciate it if you would stop trying to ruin this thread. A word to the wise should be sufficient here,

  105. "Old Yank" Schneider 06:54am, 03/02/2012

    Robert—Point taken—I do not know Hauser personally. An unknowing nod at best is the extent of my personal contact with him. Perhaps I should have said, “His words stand on their own”. Many a scoundrel has a pen that stands up better than a personality (been down this path before – Norman Mailer for example). But a transition from pen to the little screen is not cause for sounding an alarm for a “black day for journalism”. Sorry, it looks a lot like a cheap shot to me. Kudos to any writer who chooses to be controversial; kudos to both Hauser and in this case one of our own. Controversial content will evoke controversial reaction.

  106. mikecasey 05:55am, 03/02/2012

    With apologies for sounding comparatively trite, it’s that wholesome apple pie look about Hauser that makes my teeth grate as much as anything else about him. Does anyone happen to know if he’s on medication?

  107. Robert Ecksel 05:04am, 03/02/2012

    Old Yank—Do you know Hauser? Have you spent much time with him? How can you be so sure he’s a “stand-up guy”? If Golden Boy’s possession of The Ring raises issues of potential conflict of interest, which I don’t think you dispute, why apply a different standard to Tom Hauser? The thing about white knights in shining armor is that we never know what they look like in their skivvies.

  108. "Old Yank" Schneider 04:54am, 03/02/2012

    Two words: cheap shot.

  109. "Old Yank" Schneider 04:52am, 03/02/2012

    I guess Larry Merchant should be tarred and feathered for jumping from legitimate news to HBO as well—Al Bernstein too for jumping from the Chicago newspaper scene to Showtime. And Steve Farhood was editor-in-chief of the Ring and KO magazine before joining Showtime—another black eye for boxing journalism. I can go on with an endless string of boxing journalists who made the jump from print to the little screen. All this time I thought this was America, where people could improve their careers in any direction opportunity took them.  Finally, for all the disagreements I’ve had with Hauser’s opinions, I have no personal bone to pick with him and I still think he’s a stand-up guy.

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