Another user, another lame excuse

By Ted Sares on July 30, 2015
Another user, another lame excuse
Tony Thompson failed a drug test for the fight that may have ruined David Price’s career.

“Thompson argued the banned substance entered his body through a medication taken for high blood pressure…”

“[The worst thing possible] hasn’t happened yet.”—Jim Lampley

“I mean, this is a physical sport and you can get hurt and end up dead…”—Carlos Molina (

When was the last time a boxer actually admitted his or her guilt to using PEDS?

The old and tired excuse from Team Mosley (Junior) recently was that the positive test was simply an “innocent mistake.” Aren’t they always?

Undefeated Kid Galahad was found to have illegal levels of a metabolite of stanozolol, an anabolic steroid, after being tested after his fight on September 20 for which the Kid initially blamed his brother for spiking his drink as a joke—still another tiresome excuse.

Now comes a report from the guardian dated July 29, 2015 in which Declan Warrington writes that American heavyweight boxer Tony Thompson failed a drugs test for the fight that may have ruined David Price’s career. Warrington says, in part:

“The American, who stopped Price in both February and July 2013, tested positive for hydrochlorothiazide – which is classified as a diuretic and masking agent – after their July rematch.

“Price’s prospects have since diminished despite him then being considered a potential world heavyweight champion.

“Thompson argued the banned substance entered his body through a medication taken for high blood pressure – not to control his weight or hide other substances – but he did not provide sufficient proof from a medical professional to support this.

“He also claimed to be unaware hydrochlorothiazide was banned. He was given a separate 12-month ban by the Austrian Boxing Federation for the presence of the same substance when fighting Kubrat Pulev in August 2013, three weeks after UKAD contacted him about their case.”

Back in 2013, Mariusz Wach admitted that he used anabolic steroids before his November 10 fight with Wladimir Klitschko in Germany. But then, in a bile-inducing coda, he said “his greatest suspicion falls on his trainers, but there was also a much larger group who helped him during his training so he’s not sure where it came from…” (Mariusz Wach Update, January 9, 2013).

Ugh—so much for zero tolerance.

I’m no pharmacist or alchemist, nor am I a strength and conditioning coach, but I do know something about the impact of banned substances such as Stanozolol, anabolic steroids, Norandosterone, cocaine, Nandrolone, oxandolone, Boldenone, Cathine, elevated testosterone, HGH and Saizen, marijuana metabolites, Synthetic Testosterone, Furosemide, and Tetrahydrogestrinone. I also know how usage can be masked and/or done in combination. But what’s far worse, I believe I can put a name in front of each of these substances.

If you do the crime, you should do the time.

Ted Sares is a member of the Ring 4 Boxing Hall of Fame (New England) and a member of Ring 10 (New York). He is one of the oldest active powerlifters in the world and competes in the Grand Master Class.

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David Price Vs Tony Thompson Full Fight

David Price vs Tony Thompson II 2013 07 06

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  1. KB 06:31pm, 07/31/2015

    Tony Thompson: Boxing should legalise doping because it’s so rife in the sport

    Read more:
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  2. KB 06:49am, 07/31/2015

    Thanks AKT and we are good Strong

  3. strongman 05:50am, 07/31/2015

    Ted I apologize if I came across rude but I really feel that the David Price team is doing anything to save their fighter after his last fight the Thompson Price rematch was in 2013 and they could not find any evidence of drug masking and agreed it was in a therapeutic dose he was not fined or his record changed and it was not even an issue David price did not even know till Sunday convent mental boost my opinion.

  4. strongman 05:26am, 07/31/2015

    Do you know how many heavyweights have complained about Wlads conditions too fight him he Uses the same German company to test him for every fight he is allowed to give the sample when he chooses he will not negotiate ever on a blood test and it goes on deaf ears.

  5. AKT 03:18am, 07/31/2015

    Poignant Article Ted.

  6. AKT 03:18am, 07/31/2015

    I won’t be surprised if there is a lot of cynicism amongst boxers themselves. Something along the lines of “everyone else is using them to get to the next level, so should we”. The big difference, unfortunately, between a Marion Jones/Tim Montgomery and a Tony Thompson, is that boxing doesn’t happen in parallel.

  7. KB 06:02pm, 07/30/2015

    strong, you have not changed, You are a hard man.

  8. strongman 06:00pm, 07/30/2015

    Because I know a scam when I see it boxing turns its backs on all the steroid and HGH users but a 6foot 5 southpaw underrated heavyweight destroy s this David Price comes up clean now he needs to use something in the rematch does that make sence for one he tested positive in the rematch for metabolites of the same blood pressure drug I take everyday that according to the British board was in a therapeutic dose and the British boxing board was satisfied with the findings i just read the 2013 report then David Price gets destroyed by a journey man the man has NO chin just last week so it’s very convenient try to look for a NoDecion now this is dirty .If he tested positive for any anabolic steroid EPO or excessive testosterone I would be the first to call him a cheat but this is total bull to save DavidPrices career who himself never knew of this flunked test and accusations of masking till today it’s bullshit sorry.

  9. KB 04:38pm, 07/30/2015

    Strong, why are you being so truculent?

  10. KB 04:28pm, 07/30/2015

    “Thompson claimed he had high blood pressure to the British Board before both fights and said he was on blood pressure medication Diovan” That could be reason enough right there Strongman. I sense hydrochlorothiazide was used to mask something stronger.

  11. strongman 03:36pm, 07/30/2015

    Also a good lab can detect if a diuretic is being used as a masking agent the PH levels would be non existent because the whole idea behind is dilution of urine he would be spitting out excess ketones due to the stress your kidneys are under and it would throw everything off on a medical urinalysis low sodium potassium none of this was found either I wish they would go after the real cheats of boxing and not use rules to save a boxers career after getting starched by a journeyman .

  12. strongman 03:06pm, 07/30/2015

    Good Lord how is a bloodpressure medication an illegal substance or performance enhancing and why is the British board pulling this farce 2 years after the fight ??? wake up its to save David Prices career I am all for cleaning up boxing but this is a farce Thompson claimed he had high blood pressure to the British Board before both fights and said he was on blood pressure medication Diovan .The British Board are the same people that turned their backs on FrankBrunos steroid love affair.

  13. FrankinDallas 02:41pm, 07/30/2015

    As bad as a boxer taking illegal drugs is (and it’s BAD), it’s not as stupid as baseball or football players risking huge salaries by taking drugs in leagues that routinely test for drugs.

    It’s just not worth it.

  14. strongman 01:22pm, 07/30/2015

    The British Board pulls this from 2013 cmon meanwhile I could name so many heavyweight s getting away with HGH and steroid use but go after a heavyweight on a blood pressure med who is 45 to save their man who was a bust after getting lied by some nobody!!

  15. strongman 01:12pm, 07/30/2015

    Really tell me how this weak diuretic can mask a hormone how is it possible I know a lot about PEDs and if Diovan helped me in the gym I would be taking 10 a day instead of the one prescribed!!! its banned because lighter weights can use it to cut weight in large amounts .

  16. KB 12:50pm, 07/30/2015

    Strong, if it’s banned, it’s banned. I think he might have been masking. yOU KNOW HOW THAT;S DONE AS WELL AS I DO.

  17. strongman 12:40pm, 07/30/2015

    Ted believe me the British board of boxing is railroading TonyThompson a honest good fighter to save David Prices career over some weak diuretic that is in many blood pressure meds including mine right after Pricewas just knocked out from some journeyman .

  18. strongman 12:15pm, 07/30/2015

    Honestly the drug Tony Thompson had was a diuretic found in my blood pressure medicine Diovan he is getting railroaded especially a heavyweight ! its banned because the lighter weight s use it to cut weight David Price was a bust pure and simple and it would not mask a steroid .i see more signs of HGH use that boxing just ignores due to the expensive blood testing and any one knowledgeable about steroids can beat piss test but Thompson is getting railroaded.

  19. Steve Canton 11:33am, 07/30/2015

    You’re welcome, Ted.

  20. Ted Sares 11:09am, 07/30/2015

    Thanks good buddy

  21. Steve Canton 10:51am, 07/30/2015

    Thanks, KB. Ted, as usual, properly shines the light on the dark side of boxing. Great job, Ted. has a great group of knowledgeable and terrific boxing people. I don’t always comment but I also enjoy reading the articles and the comments that follow. Keep it up guys (and gals?).

  22. KB 10:50am, 07/30/2015

    Thank so very much Laurena. I was very skeptical about hitting the send button on this one, but now I am very glad I did. Happy to see some outrage out there.

  23. Laurena 10:44am, 07/30/2015

    Important and insightful. And, I second Irish Frankie’s comment about the enablers and fans. Great stuff, Ted. Thank you.

  24. KB 10:43am, 07/30/2015

    WOW. Another guy who knows what he is talking about. Thanks Steve. I quite agree.

  25. Steve Canton 10:41am, 07/30/2015

    1. Boxers testing positive for a banned substance should be banned for life and their team (trainer, manager, promoter) should be fined (with the money either going to the “harmed” fighter or to a fund to help retired fighers in need - not to the commission). That would get rid of the cheater permanently and cause the team to make sure their fighter is clean.
    2. All boxers should automatically be tested after each fight.
    3. Boxers suspected of using banned substances (head getting larger, drastic improvement after getting older, etc.) should be monitored very closely and tested often and unexpectedly to maintain a clean playing field.

  26. KB 09:49am, 07/30/2015


  27. David Ball 09:04am, 07/30/2015

    I like Pete’s idea, banned for LIFE!!

  28. KB 08:27am, 07/30/2015

    Thanks Dan. I’m trying to do my part to get this stuff out there. These guys need to be “outed” when they are found using.

  29. Dan Adams 07:13am, 07/30/2015

    Right on the money, Ted… my dear mother always taught me, “If you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar…,” so one of these fighters actually coming-clean, so to speak, would be admirable and darn refreshing.  As you said, you do the crime you should do the time, so until boxing really starts cracking down on illegal substances and makes boxers and their handlers pay for their actions in the form of money and suspensions, it’s just going to keep on keeping on, as boxers look for any and every edge they can get.

  30. KB 07:12am, 07/30/2015

    To be fair and balanced, I post the following denial:

  31. KB 06:52am, 07/30/2015

    Thanks Peter. That would certainly work IMO. I agree with you as usual.

  32. Peter Silkov 06:50am, 07/30/2015

    Great article Ted.  My view on drug cheats has always been that if you’re caught bang to rights then you should be banned for life, no second or third chances, no little one or two year bans etc.

  33. kb 06:34am, 07/30/2015

    Thompson, on the back of the revelation has been banned for eighteen months by the British Boxing Board of Control, but one can only guess how Price must be feeling. He should be banned for life IMO

  34. KB 06:09am, 07/30/2015

    100% agree Irish. Any means tom an end.

  35. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 05:33am, 07/30/2015

    Ted Sares-Another great article, you really can get right to it. This is real Jekyll and Hyde shit….in a dirty “sport” this is as dirty as it gets…..but here’s a newsflash for you…. it’s not just the fighters and their enablers which includes promoters, it’s their fans who could give a shit less as long as their guy wins.

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