Anthony Joshua: From no. 1 to a steaming no. 2

By Paul Magno on August 22, 2018
Anthony Joshua: From no. 1 to a steaming no. 2
If Wilder beats Fury, he’ll boast a résumé that is, arguably, equal to Anthony Joshua’s.

There’s a real case to be made that the winner of Wilder-Fury should be rated top heavyweight in the world, above Joshua…

Yes, first of all, that was, indeed, a poo pun in the title.

I’m not saying that Anthony Joshua is about to become a heavyweight turd, but the signing of a Deontay Wilder-Tyson Fury bout should make him and his team feel a bit crappy.

(Yes, another poo pun!)

While Joshua readies himself for a defense against Alexander Povetkin—a bout that nobody was clamoring for—his two biggest and most essential rivals are about to fight one another in a contest that will upstage his efforts completely. Forget the monster payday, the jam-packed Wembley Stadium, and those three belts in his possession—Wilder-Fury actually matters and that’s something his people can’t say about his own upcoming fight.

Wilder-Fury will remove any and all shine from a Joshua-Povetkin affair because of the certain avalanche of headline-friendly drama sure to come from a bout matching up the sport’s two biggest shit-talkers and trouble-stirrers. Ideally, the Wilder-Fury organizers would schedule their fight as close to Joshua-Povetkin as possible, but even if the battle of giants (and giant mouths) is as late as December, media and fans will still be dealing with the Joshua fight in terms of what it means for the winner of Wilder-Fury.

And if “boxing’s next superstar” being upstaged and made to look like “just” a regional UK star is not bad enough, there’s a real case to be made that the winner of Wilder-Fury should be rated top heavyweight in the world, above Joshua.

If Wilder beats Fury, he will not only hold a win over the lineal heavyweight champ, but he’ll also boast a résumé that is, arguably, equal to Joshua’s. Wins over Luis Ortiz, Bermane Stiverne, and Tyson Fury would match Joshua’s three biggest wins and make up for the fact that “AJ” holds three alphabet trinkets to Wilder’s one.

If Fury beats Wilder, the “Gypsy King” will not only keep his lineal champ status, but he’ll also own Wilder’s WBC belt. On a résumé vs. résumé paper battle, it could then also be argued that Fury matches and possibly exceeds Joshua’s body of work.

Either way, the winner of the “other” heavyweight title bout can make a reasonable claim to being the rightful no. 1 heavyweight in the world. That would push Joshua to no. 2 and could force him and promoter Eddie Hearn to add some weight to monetary offers directed at Wilder or Fury next. Team Joshua will need to have their guy face the winner of Wilder-Fury and they’ll have to back up the Brinks truck to make it happen.

Meanwhile, don’t think for a second that anyone involved in the Wilder-Fury promotion will stop rubbing Joshua’s nose in the fact that the biggest, most consequential heavyweight title bout of the year won’t involve Joshua.

“This man (Wilder) has been trying to make a big fight with the other chump (Anthony Joshua), the biggest sh*thouse in boxing,” Fury said after taking a 10-round decision from Francesco Pianeta this past Saturday in Belfast. “They called, I answered. I said send me the contract, they sent me the contract, I said yes and now he gets his chance to fight me.”

Will Joshua care if he’s upstaged by two high-profile rabble-rousers after his eight-figure check clears and he’s done basking in the glow of a fully supportive, wildly enthusiastic Wembley Stadium crowd? If there’s the heart of a competitor beating inside his chest, it should bother him a great deal.

These are two guys HE should be fighting. It looks bad for him that they’re fighting each other and not lined up to be mowed down.

Forget who’s really to blame for the Wilder fight falling apart or the realities behind not pursuing a mid-comeback Fury. The buck stops with Joshua as a three-belt champ and the fighter hyped as a future legend built to bring glory back to the heavyweight division. A failure to corral his two biggest challengers, however, may have that buck stopping elsewhere.

And that should make Joshua feel like shit.

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  1. Kid Blast 05:41pm, 08/23/2018

    Willy has the beat

  2. Chico Salmon 06:04am, 08/23/2018

    Route de la Fureur !!!

  3. Pete The Sneak 04:00am, 08/23/2018

    I agree with Willy…lol…Peace.

  4. Willy Ayad 03:38am, 08/23/2018

    Josuha et OUT ,,Dans la vie ca ne marche pas toujour comme on veut ,ils va ce faire mettre ko par le russe ,et de la ils ne va plus interresser beaucoup de boxeur ,Wilder na pas encore gagner contre Fury ,je pense que Fury va etre le Holyfield de WILDER COMME au temps de Riddick Bowe -Holyfield ils va y avoir une grosse rivaliter moi je compte au moins sur trois match ,Josuha va essayer de revenir ,mais ils na pas assait de mordant et de coeur pour devenir vraiment le Nr ! chez les lourds ses ceinture ils les a eue par un concours de circonstance ,n importe quel boxeurs qui veut devenir le meilleurs aurais tout de suite prit le combat ;Josuha ne seras pas le grand grand poids lourds que l Angleterre attends ils na pas asser de coeur et de tripes pour ca lui et Hearn ne prenne pas de risque et ca ca ne payeras pas

  5. Your Name 01:30pm, 08/22/2018

    Well, they are saying that Lady Joshua will fight the winner anyway and I say just sit and wait until your buttocks turn to stone because neither Lady Joshua or her master Hearn want a fight with either Wilder, Ortiz or Fury because she will get her little nose bloodied.

  6. Akin 12:38pm, 08/22/2018

    The truth is, Joshua and his team must feel like the fools they are for chickening out of the Wilder bout especially if the Wilder-Fury bout comes to reality in Nov or Dec 2018. Little wonder, AJ granted an interview where he mentioned he is looking beyond the Povetkin bout and has his eyes set on April 2019 to fight Wilder saying the AJ-Wilder bout is the biggest; it clearly shows he knew he and his team messed up and fucked themselves up cos they never saw the Wilder-Fury bout, thinking Fury can’t be ready in 2018, a reason they treated Wilder with disdain, falsehood and totally without respect offering him peanuts. I would say 60% of fear and 40% of greed on the part of AJ and Eddie Hearn is the reason the AJ-Wilder bout didn’t happen. Hearn and McCracken, AJz trainer have sowed the seed of fear in AJ. He is now fighting with caution and protecting those 3 belts like they are his inheritance. Little wonder his fight with Parker was a glorified sparring and of course he needed help from the Ref to get the W against Takam. It is evidently clear that Whyte and Chisora beat Parker and Takam respectively far better than AJ did.
    I totally agree with this article that the winner of Wilder-Fury becomes the No. 1 HW as apart from Klitschko, what other big names does AJ have on his resume? Honourable mentions would be Breazeale and Whyte. In comparison, Wilder has Ortiz and if he beats Fury he has matched AJz record. Fury on the other hand has Klitschko and if he beats Wilder, he too would have surpassed AJz record.

  7. howie 10:27am, 08/22/2018

    Anthony Joshua is the cash cow. All you hooting and crying over who’s best don’t mean shiet. This writer just needed to make up some dumb shiet of an article to maintain his job. The fight will happen. Now FOH with all your nonsense.

  8. Lucas McCain 10:14am, 08/22/2018

    I like seeing the pot boil, and the argument here shows there are tasty days ahead.  You can only debate if a bout matters or not if you still agree that something matters, and that’s what’s happening among the heavyweights.  Plus, there are some willing competitors waiting in line behind these 4.  As for AJ himself, whatever potential he has, his successes have come faster than was good for him.  His last couple of bouts show he needs a little more seasoning.

  9. Chico Salmon 07:49am, 08/22/2018

    Putting aside the fact that Fury is the REAL CHAMPION, I would rank him behind Joshua. I don’t get all this hype surrounding Wilder, the guy is a clown. At the moment, I would say that Joshua is the man to beat and that he is the best heavyweight out there. Look for an all England heavyweight title bout which will be HUGE across the pond. Team Joshua is definitely playing this one smart. A Fury-Joshua bout will be a much bigger sell than a Joshua-Wilder bout, in England, it will be poppin’, breh. Gnomesayin’.

  10. Chico Salmon 06:25am, 08/22/2018

    tlig… You are right. Joshua is going to face the winner anyhow, and it will be a bigger fight, especially if it turns out that Fury is the winner. An all English shootout featuring the new champ taking on the REAL champ. For some strange reason this article had me thinking of San Francisco. Hopefully Tony Bennett only left his heart back there and not something else.  FURY ROAD!!

  11. tlig 05:06am, 08/22/2018

    I think people are making too big a deal about Wilder-Fury upstaging AJ’s next bout. AJ - provided he gets by Povetkin - will be facing the winner anyway. Let’s just savour these heavyweight times; people forget just how bad it was under Wladimir Klitschko.

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