Antonio Tarver vs. Roy Jones II

By Boxing News on May 15, 2013
Antonio Tarver vs. Roy Jones II
The rematch on May 15, 2004 at the Mandalay Bay was a shocker in more ways than one.

Antonio Tarver and Roy Jones fought three times. Jones won the first fight by majority decision in Nov. 2003. The rematch on May 15, 2004 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas was a shocker in more ways than one. Jones had a nearly perfect 49-1 record going in and was still considered a master at the top of his game. Tarver was 21-2, and while a respected if not scintillating fighter, he was never considered a world-beater, at least until he fought Roy a second time…

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2004 05 15 Roy Jones Jr vs Antonio Tarver 2

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  1. Michael Hegan 03:55pm, 05/18/2013

    I remember this one…..was invited to the Jamaican man cave….and it was packed .....I had to ask if my eye was hurting one of the folks crowded into buddy’s place…if my eye was hurting his elbow ???

    Smoke was down to the television level….and when Tarver landed that punch…....only I was happy…..all the rest of those present were RJJ fans….

    I was the visible minority…I was the only one who called the fight right…and I was a total asshole in making sure all those present knew that I chose Tarver..over RJJ…

    I still wonder how I got out of there without some punishment….

    Had it been an IRISH get together…..lots more booze…etc…I’d have been beaten ...just CUZ….

    The Jamaicans encourage smoke….with some nuclear powered rum chasers…but not drunkeness….

    I got home…and everyone paid up on their bets ....

    They still invite me back….hoping to recoup the monies lost ...(four to one) ...I bet on Tarver…they bet on RJJ…

  2. noel 12:39am, 01/16/2012

    I very much like to watch professional boxing preferably heavyweight

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