Any Press is Good Press? Not for Canelo-GGG 2

By Paul Magno on August 23, 2018
Any Press is Good Press? Not for Canelo-GGG 2
Usually, whatever works to keep you in the headlines is good for the bottom line.

“They’re trying to sweep it under the rug, like nothing happened. Look, we’re not idiots. The fans are not idiots. Something happened…”

Marketing people will tell you that there’s no such thing as bad press. Usually, whatever works to keep you in the headlines is good for the bottom line.

But that’s not necessarily true when it comes to a fight like the Saul Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin rematch slated for this September 15.

The last time out, Canelo vs. GGG generated 1.3 million pay-per-view buys and $27 million at the gate (making it the third largest live gate in boxing history, behind Mayweather-Pacquiao and Mayweather-McGregor).

It’s reasonable to assume that the numbers for the rematch will meet and possibly exceed those of their 2017 bout. What may limit the high-end revenue potential of the fight, however, is the copious amounts of “wrong” publicity being launched into the public discourse ahead of fight night.

There’s been a lot of rehashing of Canelo’s positive tests for clenbuterol, which led to the cancellation of their scheduled Cinco de Mayo rematch earlier in the year. And, yes, it was a big issue and one the media, especially, will bring up, but the promotion needs to put that issue to bed for the sake of business. Simply put, this fight needs to be about the FIGHT.

Team Golovkin, and especially Golokin trainer Abel Sanchez, have dwelled on this issue since it first became known and have been ready to pounce on it again whenever the opportunity arises. One can understand where this may be a sore spot for them, but the rematch is signed, the chance to exact vengeance is close at hand, and kicking around the issue in public over and over again is not going to help make any money.

“…they’re trying to sweep it under the rug, like nothing happened,” Sanchez said during a recent conference call. “Look, we’re not idiots. The fans are not idiots. Something happened. Yes, he was cleared by the Nevada commission, but something did happen. There’s consequences from that. People are still dealing with the consequences from that.”

It’s tempting to say, “the dirty tests will just add fuel to the fire when it comes to fans’ desire to see the rematch.” But this may not be the case.

Canelo-GGG is not one of those events with much crossover appeal to casual fans and mainstream boxing-curious. This is a pairing for the hardcore fans and for those already fully invested into boxing as a sport. Those who bought the first fight will probably buy the second fight—unless something makes these savvy fans doubt the potential legitimacy of the upcoming affair.

Dwelling on doping-related issues is not going to do anything but discourage excitement from the base and inject a heaping dose of cynicism into a pairing that has already been shrouded in cynicism to a great degree.

Nobody new is going to hop onboard, dollars in hand, won over by the fact that their first fight and scheduled rematch were blitzed with possible cheating-related issues.

Not to beat too much on Team Golovkin, but they’ve been absolutely burying themselves in buzz-killing muck since before the May rematch was cancelled. Some would even say that Golovkin’s own public outcry over these issues (and loud claims of all-around Canelo cheating) forced the Nevada commission to take the action that forced Alvarez to pull out.

Since then, Sanchez has also railed against Alvarez’s method of hand wrapping (which is legal in Nevada) and has complained about the Mexican fighter’s “running” in the first fight.

Add to all of this the laments over Golovkin’s supposed inability to get fair judges’ scoring in Las Vegas, and you essentially have one side of the promotion making the case AGAINST the main event’s legitimacy.

Sanchez is no dummy and he knows what he’s doing by hurling these issues in Canelo’s direction. He’s trying to get in the head of the young fighter and force Alvarez to abandon his game plan, lose his focus, and fight in a way favorable to Golovkin’s strengths. Most trainers would try to similarly tilt the playing field.

But at this point in his career, Golovkin needs paydays more than a tilted playing field and casting shade on his biggest possible payday is not a way to make this fight bigger and more salable.

Canelo-GGG 2, in general, seems too buried in the muck at this point, with just about three weeks to go before the contest. The savvy fans who make up the bulk of this fight’s target market may show themselves alarmingly indifferent to investing hard-earned money into something that has a good chance of being just as anticlimactic as the first time around.

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  1. fan 04:46pm, 08/27/2018

    Boxing should have more boxing rivalries like ggg alvarez.

  2. Koolz 04:38pm, 08/27/2018

    This time GGG will destroy Canelo.  And he catches him with aa Uppercut! 

    It’s the Uppercut that GGG will be throwing all night.  that is going to be the difference.

    No this isn’t going to be an Uppercut thrown from the knees it’s going come from the inside between the jab.  Canelo will have to move and move fast to get out of the way because GGG has been perfecting this before the Vanes fight.

  3. Kid Blast 08:06am, 08/24/2018

    The dirty tests will just add fuel to the fire—absolutely positively definitely. Clenalo Alvaroid adds spice to the stew.

  4. Kid Blast 07:58am, 08/24/2018

    Sanchez is the worse part of GGG—-just like Angel is the bad part of Garcia. Sanchez needs to keep his yap shut because he is a one trick pony who got very lucky when GGG walked into his gym. Just stfu and let them fight. Of course, luck can be defined as being ready when opportunity presents itself and I suppose Abel was ready. I’ll give him that.

    Hopefully, GGG can win again and make a trilogy unnecessary, but I smell another draw.

  5. Casanovita de Ahome 07:49am, 08/24/2018

    better version of Kovalev!!!!

  6. Casanovita de Ahome 07:47am, 08/24/2018

    This on you GGG….period! No one needs a Goddamned trilogy other than ODLH and Sanchez who is having way too much fun here! Start the first second of the first round this time….no feeling out for three rounds which are guaranteed give away rounds to Canelo in Vegas! If you’re all that you’re supposed to be and not just a better version of you should stop him this time whether he’s juiced or not! One knockdown will not be enough…not by a long shot..two knockdowns will still mean a close call….three will help your cause….but nothing guaranteed even then! You’ve got to KO him if you want your hand raised! If he comes forward don’t act as if you’ve been caught off guard!  Trade Goddammit! Punch when he punches! No taking turns! He ran for sure but by the same token you didn’t go to the body did you?! You say his punches didn’t hurt you…if that’s the case don’t be so fastidious about being countered here and there! He doesn’t have to do a Goddamned thing different this time and the fight will still be close….you’re the one that has to go balls to the wall! Sanchez may want a trilogy to pad his IRA retirement plan but you don’t need it…you need to get it right this and move on!

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