Arturo Gatti Litigation Update

By Robert Ecksel on September 13, 2011
Arturo Gatti Litigation Update
A divorce lawyer named Sylvie Schirm testified that Arturo Gatti had consulted with her

Most trials have days when it seems that nothing happens, and the trial in Montreal over the late Arturo Gatti’s estate is no exception.

But between endless waiting and numbing monotony, tidbits of testimony have emerged to wake the participants and journalists in the courtroom.

It was recently reported that Gatti might not have read the second of his two wills, the will he signed three weeks prior to his death that left his estate to his wife Amada Rodrigues. Gatti had dropped out of school in the eighth grade, so he presumably didn’t know what he was signing, or so the argument goes.


Another perhaps relevant bit of information revealed that Gatti had consulted with a divorce lawyer named Sylvie Schirm. Because of lawyer-client privilege her time on the witness stand was brief, but she testified that she spoke with Gatti’s wife on May 11, 2009, to confirm she had a lawyer.


In a different, albeit related, matter, an attorney representing Gatti’s five-year-old daughter, Sofia Bella Gatti, filed a wrongful-death lawsuit in New Jersey on her behalf, against Gatti’s widow Amanda Rodrigues.

The lawyer, Anthony Pope, says he filed the suit on Sept. 9 in Middlesex County.


Gatti had his wife Amanda Rodrigues sign a prenuptial agreement in Aug. 2007, just days before their wedding, that would have left her nothing—not even alimony— if they divorced.

Rodrigues said she signed the document without having read it and insisted she was unaware of what it stipulated.

Days after the wedding the couple went to the office of attorney John Lynch and, according to a witness, Gatti ripped the prenuptial agreement in half.

Rodrigues testified that she never pressured Gatti to destroy the prenuptial agreement. She said he did as a gesture of his love for her.

However another witness, Kathryn Appello, Lynch’s secretary, said that she had given Gatti a copy, so “He knew it wasn’t the original.”

According to Appello, “Amanda had a smirk on her face and they left.”

Appello testified that Gatti called her a week later: “He asked if I still had the original and I said, ‘Of course Arturo.’”

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