As We Wait

By Marc Livitz on January 14, 2018
As We Wait
Claressa Shields didn’t disappoint on Friday evening with a resounding victory. (Showtime)

We understand that the sweet science is about to regain its pace and once again come to our emotional rescue…

Social media. At times, we should ask ourselves if those who are out of touch with the world, whether by choice or circumstance actually have it easy. We, as in Americans, have a President who would rather ‘tweet’ than make a difference and in terms of the fringe sport that is the boxing world, we’re seemingly at times cornered by those who hear the bone hit the floor long before it’s even tossed. The first full weekend of 2018 is now upon us and if we’re the type to stick to tradition, then we understand that the sweet science is about to regain its pace and once again come to our emotional rescue. It’s already begun its customary ascension and one of the great stories in all of boxing, Claressa Shields, didn’t disappoint on Friday evening with a resounding victory over Tori Nelson in Verona, New York.

Let’s talk turkey. Two dates on the boxing calendar which don’t need to be circled in yellow highlighter ink are of course the weekends closest to the fifth of May along with the sixteenth of September. For some reason, the date in May means more in the United States than it does throughout Mexico, while the September date is actually what many of the uninformed believe the May date to be. Regardless, they each now belong, so to speak, to Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and last September, he was put to the test in the ring to a greater extent than he had been in the previous three years. September 16th recognizes Mexico’s independence from Spain, yet no date may ever commemorate boxing’s independence from controversy. Remember 118-110?

At some point in our lives, we realized that just because a bit of information appeared in printed form didn’t necessarily mean it was true. However, there will always be those who declare otherwise and sadly, social media has made such a point of view even more interesting. There’s no such thing as bad publicity, as we’ve been told, yet there is such thing as social media fiction turning into social media fact. A case in point of this has to be our desire to get Canelo back into the ring for a second time with Gennady “GGG” Golovkin. It will happen once the bell rings to begin the proverbial round thirteen, hopefully on May 5, 2018. Until then, we must wait for the horse’s mouth to open. Remember how their initial match was made public? It was already a done deal when we learned of it.

There have been reported snags, as reported by the Golden Boy Promotions camp from the side of Golovkin. Were we to ask the handlers of “GGG” in regard to the nature of the problem, then we’d likely hear that Oscar De La Hoya and his people haven’t been cooperating. There’s a reason in this day and age where breaking news in the sports industry comes with credit given to whoever broke the story. We should know that this is not always necessarily accurate as well. So, here we sit in mid January. Boxing will either surprise or stick us on May 5th. It’s not our place to speculate and tweeting only makes it worse for us all. But if that has to happen and everyone just has to run to their mobile devices, then it’s better than doing so while driving. There’s lots of action before then, should we care to notice.

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  1. Alfonso Bedoya 01:57pm, 01/14/2018

    Claressa beat up a Grandmother…..boxing nutz say at least it wasn’t her own Grannie….so it’s all good!

  2. Alfonso Bedoya 12:30pm, 01/14/2018

    Not to worry it’s gonna’ happen….the deck will be stacked with even more Golden Boy aces this time and you can bet your ass on that! To give the appearance of a fair shake there will be no Adalaide Byrd this time….maybe….but that base will be covered too because they’ll find someone even more fuk’d up! From here on out GGG has to run the table….all KOs all the time! If Abel Sanchez hasn’t drilled that into GGG’s head by now he’s not doing his Goddamned job!

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