Bad Chad: Weighty Matters

By Robert Ecksel on September 5, 2012
Bad Chad: Weighty Matters
"I've watched his tapes and I've been studying him, but I can't say that he's a dirty fighter."

Chad Dawson recently met with the press via teleconference call. At first it seemed that all anyone wanted to talk about was his weight. It’s not that weight doesn’t matter. It does matter, especially in a fight of this magnitude. Whether it matters so much that there was nothing else to discuss is something to address in a blog on herd instinct.

“The weight problem was not difficult at all,” the always polite Dawson said. “My weight is good. I’m ready to scale at 168 pounds…People are so wrapped up about the fact that I’m moving down to 168 pounds, when they saw me at a seven-pound weight difference, but I’ll make the weight comfortably.”

That should have been that, but as is often the case it was not. In response to a second question about his weight, Dawson said, “I definitely think I can continue to make 168…I’ve kind of got the best of both worlds. If I go down, if everything works according to plan and I win the title, and I’m looking for good fights in either weight class. I think 168 is a lot more loaded than the light-heavyweight division is. I also do think that those guys at 168, including Andre Ward, will be coming up to light-heavyweight real soon, so as I say, I’m in a great position. I could go back to light-heavyweight and wait for those guys or I could stay at 168 pounds and contend against the Kesslers and Froch and those guys, so I think it’s a great position to be in.”

Dawson is indeed in an excellent position. If he wins he wins. If he loses he wins. We should all have it so good.

“I came into training camp at 178 and 180 pounds…It’s not hard for me to make the weight.  I put another little bit extra mile on my runs and I’m dieting, and that’s something that I haven’t done in years, and that’s diet. When I was fighting in light-heavyweight I was able to eat what I wanted and still go into the weigh-in and make the weight. So this camp…It just made me a little meaner, the fact that I can’t eat what I want and have to diet, so I’ll be ready for the weigh-in. I’ll jump on the scale at 167, probably 168 pounds, and I’ll prove everybody wrong, the people who think that I’m not going to be able to make the weight, that I’ll be drained and dehydrated. That’s not the case at all.”

After answering a final question about his weight, ironically asked (not asked ironically) by ESPN’s Dan Rafael, the questioning shifted to more weighty matters, like Dawson’s last fight with the soon-to-be returning to action Bernard Hopkins.

“He’s so tricky and so crafty in the ring,” said Chad. “He’s very smart…and I did what I had to do to win the fight. But at the end of the fight I knew I could have done more.  The fact that I’ve been in the ring with Bernard for 14 rounds, I think it says a lot about me and how I can deal with different styles.

“I fought everybody from Tarver to Glen Johnson and Bernard and Tomasz Adamek, and those are all three different styles, so when they say that Andre Ward can adapt to any style, I’m saying, ‘Wait, I can adapt to any style and I can figure out how to beat any style.’ I’m a very intelligent fighter when I’m in the ring and, come the eighth, everybody is going to see that, and they’re going to realize that I am a better fighter than Andre Ward.”

No discussion of S.O.G. would be complete without addressing his infighting. Ward’s pugilistic gifts, like his pugilistic toolbox, sometimes runneth over.

“I can’t buy into something that I’ve never experienced. I’ve watched his tapes and I’ve been studying him, but I can’t say that he’s a dirty fighter. I’ll have to judge that when I get into the ring with him.

“You got to look at the fact that you got two young guys with a lot on the table and a lot to lose and a lot to gain, so I think that this fight is going to eventually turn into, as the rounds go on, you’re going to have two guys pushing and two guys that are determined. So I definitely think that the fight can turn into that type of fight, the fight that people want to see.”

One needs look no further than his first fight with Hopkins to know that Dawson can play rough when it’s called or. He’s not expecting a dirty fight Saturday night, but he won’t shy away from a dirty fight if that’s what it boils down to.

“This is a fight I wanted because I know what type of fighter that it takes to bring the best out of me and Andre Ward is that pedigree of a fighter,” Dawson said. “He can bring that and I’m pretty sure that he knows that I got the same thing in me to bring the best out of him. So that’s why I say everybody that’s down on the fight and saying that it’s going to be a boring fight, you can’t say that because you’ve got two guys that are on top of their game, two guys in their prime, you got two guys that are the best in their divisions, and we’re really fighting for something.”

Dawson and Ward are fighting for titles. They’re fighting for money. They’re fighting for pride. They’re fighting for their families. They’re fighting because they love to fight.

“I’m a warrior…I’ve been in a ring 33 times. I’ve been hit, I’ve been hurt, I’ve been down and I’ve gotten back up, and that’s going to always be my style of fighting. Whenever I get hurt, the first thing that pops in my head is to come back. I come back meaner and I come back tougher, so that’s just me, and that’s the fighter I’m going to try to continue to be.”

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  1. Pete The Sneak 04:43am, 09/06/2012

    Robert, I’m sorry to say that this article truly brought me down this morning. Why? The words “the soon to be returning to action Bernard Hopkins.” Man, please say it aint so. Looks like I’ll have to make another date with Mike Casey to go watch fresh paint dry on his fence on the day of Hopkins next ‘fight.’ Peace.

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