Bam Bam Meets the Press

By Robert Ecksel on October 30, 2013
Bam Bam Meets the Press
“We cannot go in thinking Manny Pacquiao is done, he’s old.” (Chris Farina/Top Rank)

In anticipation of his November 23 fight in Macau against Manny Pacquiao, Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios met with the press via teleconference call from his training camp in Oxnard, California.

The big question surrounding this fight is how gun-shy Pacquiao may be. He’s not the same fighter he was five years ago, but a knockout of the type he suffered at the hands of Juan Manuel Marquez can affect a fighter, even a fighter as evolved as Manny Pacquiao.

“We can’t go in the ring and think he’s going to be like that from the last knockout,” said Rios. “We don’t know how he is personally. We have to go in there and wait and wait and wait and see what he has because he is still a dangerous opponent. Pacquiao is always going to be dangerous, so I can’t go in there and jump on him to see if he’s done with. I’m not thinking like that. I’m going in there with a great game plan.”

In some ways Rios is the polar opposite of someone like Marquez. He’s not a counterpuncher. He initiates. He’s not a sharpshooter. He comes armed with a machine-gun.

“Everybody looks at me as a punching bag,” admitted Rios. “But that’s all right. Robert and I are going in with a great game plan and we are going to shock the world and show them what kind of a fighter I am. We are just ready, man. To be honest with you, I don’t care what people think, if I have a chance or not. I am just going to prove everybody wrong. And that’s good they are not giving me credit. That makes me train harder and gives me the drive to show them and shut them up.”

Not for the first or last time, Rios is the underdog. But he’s been the underdog all his life. He’s used to it. He likes it. He even relishes it.

“I love it. I love it when they doubt me and I can prove them wrong. I proved them wrong against Peterson. I did it again against Acosta. I did it with Antillon and I did it with Alvarado. So I’ll be ready.

“Everybody is overlooking me. I just want to show the world that, hey, he is in there with a live dog. He is not in there with a little puppy. He is in there with a live dog. I am going to show the world that he belongs with the best; he wants to fight the best. This is the guy that has heart and balls that gives everything in the ring, that’s what he wants.”

Bam Bam’s trainer, Robert Garcia, was reluctant to reveal his game plan. Boxing instead of slugging would seem to be the way to go, but a leopard doesn’t change its spots.

“I think if we were getting ready to outbox Manny it would be trying,” Garcia said. “Everybody knows how Brandon fights and nothing is going to change Brandon. That’s what we are going to do. We are going to try to make it into a brawl. That’s the only way Brandon fights and that’s the only way Brandon knows how to fight so there is nothing else we can do. That’s what we have to do.”

Garcia has a dog in this fight, as does Brandon Rios.

“I am a Pit Bull mixed with a Great Dane, mixed with a Rottweiler, mixed with a Bull Terrier, mixed with everything. That’s what kind of dog I am.”

Rios was asked which Pacquiao he’s preparing for, as though there’s more than one Pacquiao when the bell rings.

“I’m ready for the Pacquiao that was dominating the game,” he said. “That’s the guy I’m ready for. I am not looking at his last fight when he got knocked out by Marquez. That could happen to anybody. That could happen to me. We cannot go in thinking Pacquiao is done, he’s old. I’m not looking at that. I’m looking at the Pacquiao that was dominating the game. I’m getting in the best shape I can get and I’ll be ready mentally and physically for this fight. And if he looks old—great—that gives me more time to warm up. If he’s at his best—great—then I have to warm up faster.

“It’s going to be a great fight and it’s going to be a great fight for everybody around the world. You’re going to see two warriors go at it and they really do go at it.

“I want to say thanks for everyone that believes in me.”

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  1. BIKERMIKE 04:31pm, 11/03/2013

    I notice no footage from the worthy opponent…..‘bam bam’

    Selling the name…just like pbf..holding up the line…..both these guys know that there are better fighters than them…at this weight…but still ...they want to keep that cash rolling in…..

    pbf and pacman can choose their own opponents…so…wdf

  2. BIKERMIKE 04:07pm, 11/03/2013

    ‘bam bam ’ has as much chance did Leon Spinks….for the same reasons.

    Pakman is getting older…and doesn’t want to punish himself into shape….....The braintrust chooses ‘bam bam’.....and Pac shows up ...hopoing to finesse this highly rated club fighter….as did pbf with his ‘hand chosen opponent’

  3. BIKERMIKE 04:02pm, 11/03/2013

    Manny… Jack Dempsey…has become civilized….he no longer has that deep hunger….of young lions…Pacquaio is a Congressman…and property owner in his own land….he has distractions…..due to maturity

  4. BIKERMIKE 03:58pm, 11/03/2013

    Manny Paquaio has ‘made his bones’....multi WORLD TITLE HOLDER….truely a warrior

    THat match up with pbf ...just ain’t gonna happen

  5. BIKERMIKE 03:55pm, 11/03/2013

    I think it is time for Manny to put together an exit strategy… would be good

  6. Don from Prov 10:48am, 10/31/2013

    Not worried about food, not worried about getting to Macau and adjusting—

    I have a hard time thinking of Garcia as trainer of ANY year

  7. El Bastardo Magnifico 10:01am, 10/31/2013

    Believe me there was a whole lot of priceless that morning—but that is a story for another time. I will get to it.

  8. Pete The Sneak 09:48am, 10/31/2013

    ” two great fighters, a few days before pugilistic was, running the same track as the sun comes up- ” Bastardo,  i would’ve paid a grip to have been there to see that, or at the very least, see El Perro de Manny chasing along JMM…lol…Priceless…Peace..

  9. El Bastardo Magnifico 06:30am, 10/31/2013

    I met Sr. Manny Perro- cute little guy but he would be a pre-breakfast snack for Bronson over at our House. I did an article post Pac vs JMM fight numero 3 where Manny ( who had his time out of wack-  what else was/is new) and ended up running the early dawns light at the UNLV same time as JMM- only about 8 people around and about 8 military doing some exercise- ANYWAYS Sneak- Sr Perro was making everybody laugh because for a little bit he decided to jog along with El Grande Campeon JMM. This was Tuesday before the fight- two great fighters, a few days before pugilistic was, running the same track as the sun comes up- FANTASTICO for me I gotta tell you- I loved it- Nacho was a very serious man that morning

  10. Pete The Sneak 06:15am, 10/31/2013

    EBM, that’s some great stuff/insight. Yeah, I too heard something about JMM’s not partaking in the noshing of Mexican Bovine because of the very same trace issue thing. Rest assured that Pac Man will not be having those culinary setbacks, as he is famous for bringing everyone from his Chef to his dog for all his events. (although probably not the dog if the fight were in South Korea…LOL)...Peace.

  11. El Bastardo Magnifico 05:55am, 10/31/2013

    Sneak I read somewhere that trainer of the year Robert Garcia mentioned that they were not worried about the food when they get over there- for a fight this size they should bring their own chef and monitor very carefully where and how on the food- even a small trace amount of contamination can affect blood/pee pee test- love my Chinese and oriental food- but you are not doing home cooking here- you are on the road, and you react of course to different foods- example- I was told that JMM loves steak, but even in his own country he laid off the steak weeks before the fight because of trace issues on beef in Mexico….I would be getting over very early and bringing my Dear Old Mom or long standing Chef along with monitored location purchases on the food end.

  12. Pete The Sneak 05:14am, 10/31/2013

    Senor Bastardo Del Magnifico, that’s a great point. Hope someone on Rios team takes note…I tell you, I truly love Bam Bam. This guy talks the talk, and walks the walk…I’m going to enjoy all of Bam Bam’s fights, cause I honestly think he’ll have a short career due to his all out style. But still, one of the few fighters today I’ll lay down some PPV bucks to see, without question…Peace.

  13. Mike Schmidt 07:50am, 10/30/2013

    Having had the pleasure of taking a fighter over to South Korea for a title fight the real burning question is if Bam Bam is going to jump on a plane asap to get over there because the time zone plays a major deal on your body—he should be going over there in the next few days to do it big time fight right.

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