Berchelt and Miura Make Weight

By Marc Livitz on July 15, 2017
Berchelt and Miura Make Weight
Friday at the Fabulous Forum, each man registered an acceptable weight of 129.2 lbs.

There’s enough proof in the pudding to assure us that Saturday night in L.A. will be a fine one for boxing indeed…

Thankfully, there appears to be neither hang-ups nor apparent straggles standing in the way of tonight’s WBC super featherweight clash between champion Miguel “El Alacran” Berchelt and former titleholder Takashi Miura. On Friday afternoon at the Fabulous Forum in the Los Angeles suburb of Inglewood, each man registered an acceptable weight of 129.2 lbs. The HBO “Boxing After Dark” telecast (9:50 PM ET/PT) will showcase in its main event a surefire meeting of knockout artists who’ve ultimately found themselves in the ring in almost a round robin style of fashion.

Miura (31-3-2, 24 KO’s) took part in 2005’s “Fight of the Year” as decided by Ring Magazine as well as numerous boxing writers and pundits when he went out on his proverbial shield in a ninth round knockout defeat to Francisco Vargas. His first outing in the United States was also the fifth defense of the WBC super featherweight title he’d wrested from Gamaliel Diaz in the Spring of 2013. Vargas held onto the title for a bit more than a year and he managed to give us yet another “Fight of the Year” for 2016 (as judged by the Boxing Writers Association in addition to several other news outlets) against Orlando Salido in a twelve-round war that ended in a draw.

In January of this year, one battle too many may have caught up to him because he’d surrender his title by way of an eleventh round TKO loss to Miguel Berchelt (31-1, 28 KO’s). Neither man was the clear aggressor in that bout. They both held that distinction. For the most part, a technique known in the boxing world as “jabbing” was thrown to the wind. Uppercuts, hooks, body shots were on display until Vargas was stopped on his feet late in the contest. Luckily, the bout was held in Indio, California. In other words, it was close to Mexico because the two combatants gave us what we’ve come to expect as well as hopefully anticipate in terms of fighters from the land of the TriColor.

As fate would swing it, Takashi Miura was on the undercard that night and took part in the co-main event. He worked very hard against Miguel Roman. This was another back and forth, tightly contested bout that gave us more bombing and less pawing. Throughout the fight, Miura’s bodywork may have made the difference, as evident by the first of three knockdowns in the contest, the first coming in the tenth round. A well placed left hook to the side of “Mickey” Roman sent the man from Ciudad Juarez to the canvas, which was followed by a barrage of punches as he was up against the ropes one round later. This gave us knockdown number two. The last one came in round twelve by way of a thudding left hook to the head. Roman was counted out and Miura’s victory in the WBC super featherweight eliminator meant he’d face the winner of the next contest that night.

He’d get either a rematch with Francisco Vargas or a showdown against Miguel Berchelt. The rest is, as they say, history and there’s enough proof in the pudding to assure us that Saturday night in L.A. will be a fine one for boxing indeed. For the majority of this decade, the WBC super featherweight title has been in the possession of a fighter from either Japan or Mexico. It’s going to stay that way for a while, it seems.

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  1. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:51am, 07/15/2017

    Berchelt by KO and Castellanos to upset! Baranchyk needs to get the hell out of Oklahoma and learn how to throw some straight punches especially jabs! Chinea is half the fighter he could be with the right trainer! When he was warmed up in the later rounds he was bending his knees and actually throwing punches with authority!

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