Berchelt Outworks Miura in Inglewood

By Marc Livitz on July 16, 2017
Berchelt Outworks Miura in Inglewood
Berchelt has managed to beat two of the most dangerous men in boxing. (Sumio Yamada)

What many predicted to be nothing short of a street fight actually turned out to be a brilliant display of ring savvy…

Miguel “El Alacran” Berchelt has managed to beat two of the most dangerous men in boxing. First came Francisco Vargas earlier this year and on Saturday night at the Fabulous Forum in the Los Angeles suburb of Inglewood, it was Takashi Miura. What many predicted to be nothing short of a street fight actually turned out to be a brilliant display of ring savvy by the WBC super featherweight champion from Yucatán state in Mexico. Although Miura has not been called a bully by any within the media, the approach and strategy utilized by Berchelt may have made many think otherwise. You don’t trade fire with the knockout artist. Rather, you look to outbox and outfox him. In Miguel’s case, you also make him chase you.

The opening round was much a case of a determination of distance between orthodox champion Berchelt (32-1, 28 KO’s) and southpaw Miura. A quick left hook dropped Takashi in the last thirty seconds of the period. Miguel timed his right and followed up with the left. The story of the night was Miguel Berchelt’s left hand. It found a home all night long. He wasn’t going to allow Miura (31-4-2, 24 KO’s) to take him out. Although Takashi did find brief spells of success by way of hard lefts to the body of his Mexican opponent, Berchelt managed to weather the storm and often return the favor throughout the contest. Any time Miura appeared to be gaining any grounding, “El Alacran” would cancel matters out with his left hooks and superior movement.

Takashi continued to follow his Mexican opponent in the later rounds, who kept punching over Miura’s right hand. Clearly, the Japanese challenger was looking to connect with one big left and end the night. This wasn’t in any way like his epic in 2015 with Francisco Vargas because Miguel Berchelt wasn’t looking for a firefight. He wasn’t interested in banging away or trading hard shots. His approach worked.

Berchelt stayed busy all night long, as evident by his total output of 74 landed jabs to Miura’s 16. Power punches were also in his favor, 171 to 118. The bell ended matters and unless Max DeLuca, Mauro Di Fiore and Hubert Minn disagreed with their own eyes, Berchelt appeared to be the victor via unanimous fashion. The scorecards read 116-111, 119-108 and 120-109, all to “El Alacran” Berchelt.

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