Hopkins on Mayweather vs. Berto

By Joshua Broom on August 24, 2015
Hopkins on Mayweather vs. Berto
If Berto defeats Mayweather on September 12, it would put Tyson vs. Douglas to shame.

“When I look at fights of this magnitude and people are giving one fighter no chance— most of the time it’s legit…”

With their much-ballyhooed fight less than three weeks away, former two-time welterweight titlist Andre Berto (30-3, 23 KOs) will take on WBC/WBA welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather (48-0, 26 KOs) on September 12th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

The fight will be broadcast on Showtime PPV.

To say Berto is a considerable underdog heading into the contest is a gross understatement. Some bookies have Mayweather as prolific as an 80-1 favorite against Berto.

However, former two-division champion, all-time legend, and Golden Boy Promotions partner Bernard Hopkins is not completely overlooking the danger of Berto.

Hopkins recently spoke with Radio Rahim and had this to say about Berto’s chances against pound-for-pound kingpin Floyd Mayweather:

“When I look at fights of this magnitude and people are giving one fighter no chance— most of the time it’s legit. But I remind people, and I have nothing to do with Mayweather and Berto as ya’ll know—but I remind people before they bet something that they are going to regret…your mortgage, your personal hard earned money—that you have to go back to Mike Tyson and Buster Douglas,” Hopkins told BoxingScene.com.

“It ain’t what Berto is expected to do or not do, it’s what Mayweather do or don’t do. Mayweather is now in position to be his [own worst enemy] if he’s not taking Berto seriously. The burden is not on Berto, he has nothing to lose. But if Floyd Mayweather is not respecting who he’s facing, he becomes more vulnerable. As they say, the defense attorney doesn’t have the burden of proof—it’s the DA. Look at the DA as being Berto and Mayweather being the defense in defending his legacy, his title and his ‘0.’”

To compare just how much of a long shot many betting outlets view Berto, we need look no further than the 42-1 underdog Buster Douglas’ February 11, 1990 kayo of the seemingly indestructible Mike Tyson in Tokyo as a point of comparison.

While many believe Douglas’ shocking victory over Tyson to be the greatest upset in boxing history, Berto—in respect to betting odds—enters as a more meager threat to defeat Mayweather than Douglas did against Tyson.

The upset is the beauty of the game. Considering the seemingly insurmountable odds, if Berto defeats Mayweather on September 12, it would put Tyson vs. Douglas to shame.

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Mayweather vs Berto Fight Promo 2015

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  1. nax hord 06:27am, 08/30/2015

    Stranger things have happened.

  2. pug 06:44am, 08/29/2015

    As much as I admire Bernard Hopkins he has a tendency to get caught up in his own, spur-of-the-moment reasoning at times. Particularly when he’s trying to make an analogy as he did with Berto and Mayweather. First he said, the “burden is not on Berto” and that he has “nothing to lose”.  Then he contradicts himself by saying the burden of proof is on the DA whom he likens to Berto.  He describes Mayweather as the ‘defense attorney who does not bear the burden of proof.  He started out on one train of thought and confused it with another. Hmm, a sign of pugilistic dementia or Bernard being Bernard?

  3. AKT 03:37am, 08/26/2015

    Berto’s chances of hitting Mayweather with that big shot are slim to none. How can you be in the ring with someone who you obviously admire so much you tried to mimic his style, and still give a 100%? I reckon Berto will be more busy studying and learning to really be that involved in trying for a knockout!

  4. Aztec Warrior 11:55pm, 08/25/2015

    Tyson and his camp overlooked Douglas. Mayweather won’t make that mistake. Not now. He’s well aware his carrer and legacy are at stake. Plus, as we all know, Floyd is always in shape, always trains hard and is always prepared regardless of who his opponent is. Now, I’d love nothing more than to see Berto pull off the upset but it’s just not going to happen.

  5. Joseph 01:14pm, 08/24/2015

    Berto has only a mere puncher’s chance in his pathetically mismatched farce against Mayweather.

    Mr. Broom, I agree that if Berto were to reign victorious on this occasion then it wouldn’t just be the grandest of all upsets in the sport of Boxing; it would be the most improbable upset since David Vs. Goliath!!

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