Better Call Saul: Like It Or Not, Canelo May Take Over The World

By Paul Magno on January 23, 2019
Better Call Saul: Like It Or Not, Canelo May Take Over The World
By the end of next year, the then-30-year-old Alvarez could hold all the belts at 160.

Oh well…such is life…and boxing. Saul Alvarez will just have to console himself with worldwide fame and his gigantic stacks of cash…

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez catches so much flak from fans and media that when you post something positive about the guy, there’s a tendency to feel the need to qualify it.

“He’s gonna fight Daniel Jacobs next in a legitimately tough middleweight contest…but he’s coming off a Rocky Fielding walkover.”

“He’s fought some legitimately tough-to-decipher master boxers like Floyd Mayweather, Erislandy Lara, and Austin Trout…but he lost to Mayweather and maybe, kinda, shoulda lost to Lara and Trout.”

“He signed on to fight the much-avoided Paul Williams right before Williams suffered his career-ending motorcycle accident and also pursued a bout with James Kirkland when ‘The Mandingo Warrior’ was still a feared beast…but he DIDN’T fight Williams and fought ‘beasts’ Kirkland and Alfredo Angulo when they were spent bullets.”

There’s always something in the way when it comes to giving Alvarez full credit—and, to be fair, that “something” is sometimes of Alvarez’s (or his team’s) own doing. But, often, Alvarez is blasted just for being Alvarez—a kid fight fans (who often fancy themselves “hard” for following a hard sport) feel got fame too easily, got money too easily, smiles too impeccably, pouts too frequently, and generally doesn’t fit into the standard casting idea of what fighters should look like and talk like.

But that blanket cynicism has to end at some point, right? If Alvarez maintains a high level of opposition, performs well against that opposition, and stays away from any future positive drug tests, the sandblasting of his body of work will stop, right?

Well, putting up his WBC and WBA middleweight titles against Daniel Jacobs’ IBF belt in a160 lb. unification this coming May 4, during Cinco de Mayo weekend, should go a long way in making the pro-Canelo case. Jacobs is an undisputed top-4 player in the division who, many feel, did just enough to edge Gennady Golovkin in a March, 2017 bout and, most recently, defeated a tough Sergiy Derevyanchenko to take the vacant IBF strap. It could be argued that Jacobs is the best, most deserving opponent available for Canelo at the moment.

“I will unify my middleweight titles against Daniel Jacobs on one of the two most important dates that belong to me,” Alvarez recently told media. “I have no doubt that I will be victorious and that I’ll be one step away from becoming the undisputed middleweight world champion.”

And, after Jacobs, Canelo’s new broadcast home, DAZN, seems to be lining things up perfectly for a real run at turning their $365 million investment into THE star of this post-Mayweather generation.

The recently ordered Demetrius Andrade-Billy Joe Saunders bout could establish the next Canelo challenger, with the goal being the Canelo annexation of the WBO belt, currently held by Andrade and formerly held by Saunders. 

With a win over the winner of Andrade-Saunders, Alvarez would hold all four recognized world titles in the middleweight division. Then, throw in a win over a one-year-older Gennady Golovkin and, somewhere along the line, a blasting of David Lemieux as a requisite “gimme.”

By the end of next year, the then-30-year-old could hold all the belts at 160 and legitimately claim to have worked his way to the top by beating the best of the best in the division—and only Jermall Charlo, kept outside the Canelo paywall via his ties to Premier Boxing Champions and Showtime/Fox, could claim otherwise.

Although one would like to think that a legitimately impressive run to undisputed 4-belt status would win critics over and open the door for a full embrace of the ticket-selling former teenage phenom, smart boxing people know better.

In this social media age where winning an argument is more important than being right, none of the reality will matter when it comes to what Alvarez has done. Whoever he beats will be diminished as “too old, too limited, too handcuffed by pro-Alvarez judges.” New obstacles to full acceptance will replace the old obstacles as soon as they are hurdled. Those who criticize now, will criticize later, with the facts budging very few from their positions.

Oh well…such is life…and boxing. Saul Alvarez will just have to console himself with worldwide fame and his gigantic stacks of cash.

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  1. tetumbo 01:33pm, 01/28/2019

    pray tell, where is the evidence of Canelo’s “suffering”? is it confirming the richest contract in sports? or his fierce give-and-take struggle(?) to wrest control of Fielding’s 168lb title? meanwhile, I Agree. jabbing is indeed a fundamental part of boxing but NOT a defining element of the “Mexican style” that little Gennady promised but failed to deliver. fortunately, the one-and-only Mexican in the ring didn’t disappoint. as a result, Gennady’s constant backpedaling and desperate jabbing were dictated by Canelo’s hard-charging offense aka ring generalship. Btw, you might want to check out the post-fight pix of each combatant. the only apparent “suffering” was evident on little Gennady’s mug NOT Canelo’s, i.e., Canelo didn’t experience difficulty with consistently tagging little Gennady’s face throughout the entire bout.

    the Hope and Hype is OVER . . . (thank the boxing gods!).

  2. Koolz 01:42pm, 01/26/2019

    Pray tell us how you really feel.

    I think Canelo is still suffering from that last fight GGG.  His face shows the wear and tear.  Lucky for him Jacobs lacks that kind of power.  Some of the shots that Canelo took for GGG would have knocked out most Middle Weights.

    So you are boxing and not being able to stop the guy in front of you.  He keeps coming forward what do you do?

    You control the center of the ring and keep turning him making him miss as you jab his face.  Yes Jabbing is part of boxing believe it or not.

  3. tetumbo 05:00pm, 01/25/2019

    what’s not to like? Dedicated, Fearless, constantly improving fight game and expanding punch arsenal. Canelo is already the biggest thing in the boxing mecca of California where ALL fighters transplant IF they’re serious about improving their fight game. During 10 years of languishing at 160lbs, Duckovkin failed to accomplish what Canelo accomplished in three fights, e.g., MW supremacy and titles from 154lbs to 168lbs. only casual fan and boxing-ignorant fanboys continue to cling to the Hope and Hype of little Gennady. he’s DONE and Canelo Finished Him. meanwhile, anybody who hasn’t heard of the wealthiest contract in all of sports is an opera, tennis, or soccer fan NOT serious fight fan, i.e., IRRELEVANT. no less than the Canelo Haters who resent having their ring idol relegated to boxing’s rearview mirror and fading fast.

  4. Koolz 04:48pm, 01/25/2019

    Can’t see Jacobs beating Canelo.  It will be a close fight but I do see Canelo winning that one.

    I thought Jacobs last fight was a draw.

    Don’t worry about Canelo World Title Fame.  GGG is coming and he will come out of nowhere and the Boxing World won’t be able to shut up about him, who he signs, who he fights, what he eats^_-

  5. Thrashem 01:14pm, 01/25/2019

    I believe GGG is pulling a Marvin Hagler, like after the Leonard fight. A big fuck you to Vegas and their judges. GGG won both fights. Canelo changed his style totally in the 2nd bought by coming forward. GGG controlled the fight. If there is a rubber match it has to be on neutral grounds away from the corruption of Vegas. Same goes for Fury-Wilder, Pacman-Mayweather…

  6. Pete The Sneak 06:14am, 01/25/2019

    I like Jacobs. Classy kid who has overcome tremendous odds. However, he better bring his A-Plus game when he fights Canelo. I actually thought he lost his last fight against Sergiy Derevyanchenko (you don’t think Canelo was watching that?) and at the very least, should have been a draw. Still, I think this is a good fight and props to Canelo for making it happen. As for the whole cheating thing, tainted meat or whatever, my take is he fought GGG better in the 2nd fight (where he was tested more religiously) than he did the first, so not sure what the apparent juicing got him. By the way, has there been any GGG sightings of late?...Peace.

  7. Stanley Holloway 01:03pm, 01/24/2019

    Lotsa votes in them caskets!

  8. Stanley Holloway 12:59pm, 01/24/2019

    Jacobs already talking up a weak game! Wake the fuk up Miracle Man! Like you got an edge here an advantage there! You’ll need at least three KDs and it will still be close because the cards will be re-calibrated accordingly as the fight progresses! You need to come in at 185 and you’ll need the shittiness you showed against GGG in spades just to last!

  9. snowflake 09:43am, 01/24/2019

    I’ve always enjoyed watching Alvarez fight, he has a beautiful style and a mean streak that makes for a great watch when he’s in with someone good. I was pretty disappointed that he spent a year plus avoiding GGG while taking fights with Khan, Smith, and Jr. And while I think there’s an argument to be made that he tried to wait until GGG was showing signs of age, both fights, when they finally happened, we’re great. By my scorecards he lost the first and won the second, and I felt the “robbery!” narrative was oversold by GGG partisans who will probably never give Alvarez credit. The Fielding fight was a joke but Jacobs is about the best opponent that could be asked for right now and presents him with some interesting physical and stylistic matchu problems. So I’m OK with him again and will be as long as he continues to pursue meaningful fights. In terms of “what have you done for me lately?” his career right now is much more interesting and meaningful than boxing’s other young star, Joshua, who seems hellbent on selling us a trilogy with Whyte.

  10. Thrashem 06:31am, 01/24/2019

    Tainted steroidal Mexican beef doesn’t make him a junkie. Lighten up on the kid! He has fought the best and there is more to come. It is up to Showtime, PPV… to give the pugilistic society the best fights to view. Anything substandard people won’t pay, so it better be free.

  11. Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers 06:20am, 01/24/2019

    “worldwide fame?” There are only two active or semi-active boxers in 2019 who can even remotely claim to be known by large groups of people outside of their sport and native country, Pacquiao and Mayweather Jr. I could walk down the streets of London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, NYC, Memphis, Atlanta, Kansas City, Indianapolis, and a host of other cities, and would be lucky to find a couple of people who have heard of Canelo. The only boxer who ever achieved “worldwide fame” was Muhammad Ali and maybe Mike Tyson. We all found out how popular Deontay Wilder was in Los Angeles. “Who Are Ya?”

  12. Loren Marsh 03:33am, 01/24/2019

    He should have taken the world by now. But unfortunately he got caught with an illegal substance in his veins. His credibility went spiraling down.

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