Big Possibilities for the Winner of Cotto-Rodriguez

By Matt Andrzejewski on September 30, 2013
Big Possibilities for the Winner of Cotto-Rodriguez

Miguel Cotto faces Delvin Rodriguez on Saturday night in a pivotal crossroads fight for both men. With a win, either would be well positioned for a major fight in 2014. What are those possibilities for Cotto and Rodriguez? In the piece below, I will analyze what a victory would mean for each man.

Miguel Cotto has brilliantly maneuvered a way around boxing’s cold war between Golden Boy Promotions and Top Rank. Though he is fighting this fight under the Top Rank banner, it is only a one fight deal. So win or lose, he is a boxing free agent afterwards and can target fighters aligned with either company.

In my estimation, Cotto is targeting four fighters for 2014 with a win on Saturday night. In no uncertain order, those fighters are Manny Pacquaio, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Sergio Martinez.

A Manny Pacquaio rematch would be very good possibility for Cotto. They fought a very entertaining bout in 2009 that ended with Cotto getting stopped in the 12th round. As stated above, Cotto is a big name and a rematch with Pacquaio would almost certainly do very well on pay-per-view.

This also may be a very enticing fight for Top Rank. Pacquaio is still the star of the company but appears to be fading. However, Cotto himself is on the downside of his career. So on paper, this would still appear to be a very winnable fight for Pacquaio. A big money event that its star would be favored to win may be too enticing for Top Rank not to try hard to make.

A rematch with Floyd Mayweather Jr. is very possible for Cotto. Mayweather is clearly looking to fight opponents who bring something to the table in terms of marketability. Cotto is a Puerto Rican icon and a boxing superstar. Plus, he gave Mayweather some issues when they fought a little over a year ago. The fight sells itself and would do very well on pay-per-view.

The third possibility is a fight with Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. Alvarez is coming off a disappointing loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr. His handlers certainly will want to put him in with someone whose style fits him better than Mayweather. And Cotto’s style would seemingly by very conducive for Alvarez.

This fight would certainly be big but not quite as big for Cotto as either Pacquaio or Mayweather. So that would probably mean less money for Cotto. Why would Cotto go this route over a fight with either Mayweather or Pacquaio? Cotto may see Alvarez as vulnerable and may believe he can take advantage of some holes in Alvarez’s game that were really exposed by Mayweather. Also, Alvarez’s style may be just as good for Cotto as Cotto’s style is for Alvarez. Essentially, Cotto may see this as the most winnable fight and thus could parlay a win into even a bigger money fight down the road with Pacquaio or Mayweather.

Finally, Cotto may target Middleweight Champion Sergio Martinez with a win. Martinez looked very vulnerable in his last fight with Martin Murray and was lucky to escape with a victory. There are many people in the sport who believe that Martinez is seeking a big fight and big payday soon. And that may be with a fight with Miguel Cotto.

Cotto may see this as an opportunity to capture the recognized Middleweight Championship. As stated above, Martinez did not look great his last time out and the feeling around the sport is that his title reign may come to an end soon. If Cotto can win the Middleweight Championship, his marketability skyrockets. This may be the lowest paying fight of the four but the one that if successful reaps the most rewards.

Cotto has a lot of big money options with a win on Saturday night. As for Rodriguez, he will also have some interesting big money fights on tap with an upset win on Saturday night.

The first option would obviously be an immediate rematch with Cotto. If the fight is entertaining and Rodriguez comes out on top, there will certainly be instant clamoring for a rematch from Cotto’s side.  Rodriguez would then be needed by Cotto and have leverage of his own to negotiate a substantially bigger payday.

Another option for Rodriguez would be Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. Rodriguez would be instantly a hot commodity with a win over Cotto. Alvarez and his team may see him then as the perfect opponent for a comeback fight.

Stylistically, Rodriguez fits very well for Alvarez. He is not fleet of foot and stands in front of his opponents. This style suits Alvarez very well. Plus, with the fight presumably at 154, Alvarez would probably be the substantially bigger man.

Rodriguez would certainly be paid very well for such a fight. And it would be another major opportunity for him. Since Alvarez is not a mover, his style likewise is good for Rodriguez. Essentially, Rodriguez will probably earn by far the biggest payday of his career and see a really good chance of once again playing spoiler.

The fight between Miguel Cotto and Delvin Rodriguez on Saturday night will set one man up for something really big in 2014. It’s a classic crossroads fight and should be very interesting to see how everything plays out when all is said and done.

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  1. Darrell 03:11pm, 10/02/2013

    Yeeeaaaah…..I think Cotto’s projected fights after this one will be more likely.  Delvin is a pretty good boxer but not in the same class as Cotto, even now.  Delvin may get stopped lateish in this one.

    Delvin could be an Alvarez opponent even with a loss.

    I’d like to see Cotto fight Pac again, that’d be entertaining.  I don’t think Cotto would go down to 147 to do it though….catchweight?

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